Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tarte Tatin Collection

#154B Basket of Pommes, original watercolor,  
9" x 11"

There seem to be a lot of apples at PB lately...ahemMaybe because I got these cute little Re-ment suckers in the mail from Hong Kong yesterday...Along with collecting pictures of ice cream cones in Paris, I collect pictures (and only pictures for those of you who think I weigh in at 500 lbs.) of Tarte Tatins...Tarte Tatin was the first Parisian dessert I fell in love with... You never forget that?It's true I haven't had it much since though..
Going into a sugar coma isn't much fun, but it is the most gloriously glossy dessert in existance just about, and still fun to gaze at...
Did you know Tarte Tatin has to be made with firm dessert apples, typically made with Golden Delicious apples according to Wiki...nothing mushy will do. Does anyone make a proper Tarte Tatin besides the French? Well Aussies Test Crash Kitchen have a video on their site and they make it look awfully easy...Isn't this patient French Cocker Spaniel Tarte tatin colored? What about Tarte Tatin Chocolate bars for a nice change?



  1. Even little bluebird is enjoying the apples! Lovely! Tarte tatin is sooo good--of course, I like mine with a bit of ice cream melting on top, too. Such a simple but elegant dessert. An apple a day--I could have a tarte tatin a day...

  2. Carol, Your paintings keep changing into more glorious works. I LOVE this one. I think I have a favorite and you do something else fantastic.
    Love the Cocker Spaniel waiting for its master.
    Yummy post this morning.

  3. I'm using different paper the paint goes down differently maybe..
    Plus still life - plain old apples are an old number for me :)

  4. You are a devil and a wizard....wickedly tempting me. I love tart tatin. LOVE is too soft a word. For all the chocolate in the case, watch out if there is a tart tatin...I wrestle and debate...drool and wrinkle my brow...and say hand me those apples, yes ,those right there. Ahhh, And I have an incredibly talented friend in New Orleans who makes the most buttery rich tatin and renverse that you can imagine. So fie on you...I could eat a whole one now as I drool over your painting!!!!
    Hmph! Fairly well organized textures going on here if you ask me. :)

  5. Those cute little miniature boxes of apples are so darling, I coils use them as hearings!

  6. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I love your blog! I look at it whenever I get the chance…Love your work!

  7. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I love these little apples! I wonder if I will be able to get them myself someday. You can never have too many apples!

  8. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Totally delicious!

  9. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Those minis should keep away the doctor for, say, twenty-two days.

  10. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Tarte tatin, major yummers!!!

  11. Anonymous6:00 PM

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  12. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Well, seeing is NOT believing! That snappy little blue sign in front of the sliced tarte tatin: phooey! only 350 calories for one part and 4200 calories for the whole tarte? Where do these people learn math? The same goes for the sign in the photo just above: for one tarte shared by 2 or 3 persons it's 1200 calories apiece and for one tart shared by 8-9 persons it's 2500 calories? Not since new math! What? Euros? oh, never mind.
    PS What paper are you using now? and what was the old paper? It has a lovely soft hand.
    PPS Tarte Tatin shall always belong to Julia Child. She introduced me to it in her trailblazing TV show. Wonderful, wonderful woman- 2nd on my personal list of favorite roll models.


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