Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pomme Granny 3

#152B Deux Pommes, original watercolor - SOLD, 9" x 11"

Particularly "Pomme Granny" green and not just in snack shop windows.. #153B Une Pomme, original watercolor - SOLD, 9" x 11"

The same color in the USA, would have to be dictated by the Color Council but rarely is...

Maybe colors are more seasonal...like Spring Green. Who knows how they come up with these choices? I'm just very aware of a lot of these apple greens tossed about in Paris...

Not really Apple green but still fun - this fleur de lis hedge outside the Petit Palace where the Marie-Antoinette exhibit was playing...

Granny Smith apple green top worn with a ripped scarf...

Greeny plates and purses...

Elves are always green right?
Apple green to make this pink piggy bank more prominante - think Euro Diet...
At Monoprix plenty of storage boxes and stacking stools in Apple green. You don't just wear it. You sit on it in Paris!
And you eat off of it - Apple Green silverware...
OK an Apple Green garbage pail. So far so good. Nice color etc. But selling for 268 EUROS!!! $428.80 for a kitchen garbage pail? Isn't that taking color trends a little too far?
What do you think?


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I just love that acidy green color and like to sneak a little bit into my wardrobe now and then. The trash pail is tres cool, but I don't think that's where I'd put my Euros.

    Eileen (passions to pastry)

  2. It's fabulous to discover Paris with you. You saw so many colors. That gave me a different view of this city!

  3. I like that green--wonderful post! Notice how that apple green is so much lighter than many greens, and so instead of red they pair it with pink. Good color sense, those French. ;))

    Love your apples, Carol--just wonderful shapes and washes here!

  4. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I LOVE that green!

  5. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Count me out. I love that green on apples or grapes, or any fruit or leaf. On anything else it sets my teeth on edge, cela me fait grincer les dents!

  6. Anonymous10:13 AM

    My favorite color! How on earth did I miss the lime green flatware in Monoprix? It would have gone home with me!

  7. Such sensous forms and colors in your painting!
    I think I have swooned a thousand times over that certain Apple Green, haven't I? So, be still my heart ...
    Anyway, tres chic, even le garbage pail. ;-)

  8. Your paintings are wonderful. and I love that fleur de lis hedge The green is great in small doses and mixed with Pink is great.:)
    Great post today.

  9. Anonymous10:45 AM

    That right apple with the gorgeous shadow right at the curve is lovely, and the left apple with the delicate filmy wash is just perfect.

  10. Anonymous10:46 AM

    A healthy snack that looks delcious - these green apples. This is my favorite painting of yours so far. I just love it!

  11. I love your site!

    That apple green garbage pail is cute. BTW, Annie's favorite color is green.

  12. Seems like a lot for a garbage pail, but if it matches perfectly into your apple green kitchen, well then...

    Had macarons in St. Louis over the weekend at a wonderful little French cafe called La Bonne Bouchee. They have them flown in from France!

  13. How do you manage this. If I go in search of a particular colour I find 2 examples then that's it :(

  14. Superb!!! Vibrant vibrant pommes. Beautiful washes and oh. look at those lines.... wow. Love these greens. Ohh la la. I could eat them up. :)

  15. OH Di!
    You can't go looking for a color.
    You have to let it find you and it will, everywhich way you look it will be there.
    Gotta let it beeeeeeeeee

  16. Anonymous8:45 PM

    When I have a desperate urge for a colour, it pops up the next season all over the place. In another life I think I was a colour forecaster ;-)

    I've seen some soft apple and lime greens this southern winter paired with ivory and soft grey. Very pretty, fresh and elegant.

  17. Anonymous9:21 PM

    $428.80 for a totally chic trash can? Probably not....but maybe for a great lapin stew!

  18. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Considering that it will go the way of the avacado green things of the 70's; I think the garbage can is strictly for those who don't know what to do with their Euros. Pomme granny's will always be in style, though.

  19. Anonymous8:39 AM

    This is the same green as in the glass I bought in Lofoten :-)
    Did you see that?

  20. Anonymous7:11 PM

    The apple watercolors came last week and I love them! They did NOT disappoint that is for sure.
    Thanks for making my day extra happy!



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