Friday, July 04, 2008

Ice Cream Fourth

Old fashioned Sundae, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
YIKES When was the last time I had a Sundae.

The Fourth of July means eating all the ice cream you want, doesn't it?Ice Cream Trio, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
These days I mostly only get to "paint" ice cream. Though I did "cheat" yesterday...ahem I told myself I could have some and I bought a pint! HECK it was YOGURT ice cream. It even had LIVE cultures in it. Well that's what they put on the Hagen-daz carton. Hmm...why don't I believe them?

I was only going to have a "normal" portion - i.e. a quarter of a pint. Well you know how Hagen-daz tastes soooo much better when it's all melty. And who eats ice cream in a dish these days?
OK This discussion is gonna END right here!


  1. You are incorrigible, Carol. I love it. I never heard that the 4th of July was all about eating all the ice cream you wanted to, but if you say so, I'm game! Your paintings are wonderful, anyway--happy 4th of July!

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Have mercy I beg you! First you trot out all the strawberry shortcake for the 4th stuff, laden with whipped cream. Now it's ice cream and another trip to the store for moi! Heaven only knows what mischief the rabbits are up to while I'm busy following the dictates of Paris Breakfasts!
    Nice new ice cream minis!

  3. OKay, ijust noticed the "Slim Slack " pants over on the right and am chuckling...cause we are so having first strawberry shortcake and maybe even ice cream...hahahaha.. I will have to do double time on the Wii Fit. Happy Fourth!!!

  4. Oh Carol, How could you. Now I want an Ice cream sundae. On Brush with color's blog I wanted Watermelon. I better go back over there now. lol
    I cant believe the minis you have collected and the paintings you are getting from them. Fabulous.
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  5. Anonymous7:16 AM

    I might have to go have some ice cream now. We made frozen margaritas for today, and for dessert I'm going to do this!

  6. Anonymous7:17 AM

    ...who took a bite from that ice cream sandwich...

  7. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Could I have one please ?

  8. Anonymous7:18 AM

    That's a good one for the 4th of July, Carol! Looks great.
    I was going to ask if you ate it afterwords, but then I realized it must be a mini, of course!

  9. Are you MAD woman?
    you think I would allow a SUNDAE within 10 feet of me?
    I have a court restraining order locked in!
    NO WAY

  10. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Great paintings...oh how I wish I had one of these...yummy!

  11. Anonymous7:21 AM

    The cherry is amazing!


  12. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Where did you get all these items? Great collection!

  13. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Why can't I beam myself over there for my birthday treat??? Or better yet, a weekly treat-


  14. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Is the plastic flavored?

  15. Anonymous7:24 AM

    These are great.

    I'd love to know where they came from too.

  16. The minis are all from in Japan and you can find them on ebay at miniatures_D...
    or at

  17. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Why can't I beam myself over there for my birthday treat??? Or better yet, a weekly treat-


  18. Madame, you didn't?! *sternlook*
    Then again, you could have done worse, I guess. Participating in Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, for instance. Wait a moment! You were posting from Coney Island?

  19. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Yep, talking about the crazy old NY hot-dog contest, you could maybe train for an ice-cream one? But then again, a true Parisian soul always devours food, especially sweet goodies with paradoxical moderation.

  20. Carol,'When I was growing up, working in my father's store in S. Jersey, the Bryers Ice Cream driver would let me climb up into
    the very cold, very back, of his truck's interior. I was SURROUNDED by stacks of rock-hard ice cream containers!
    Your theme today brought back fond memorys. By the way; isn't that Sundae actually a Banana Split?
    Either way, it's a deeeelish' painting!

  21. OH I completely forgot about the fine points between a SUNDAE and a BANANA SPLIT!
    I stand corrected...must change titles etc.
    Oh fuss and bother :)
    THANK YOU!!!

  22. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Good Food to Eat

  23. Bear just called. He said I could come over and he would make me fresh ice-cream! He is such a dream!


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