Friday, July 18, 2008

Quelle Wreck 2

#156B Paintbox 2, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
Time for another visit to my chaotic studio.
This is my paintbox - not at all like the pristine box in the watercolor above. But then the model posing is teeny, tiny from Rement Queen...ahemSo I'm back in "Get Organized" class for a 2nd go round, hoping for some major improvements...ahem *Note frog peering behind my laptop - a gift from Cousin Bill and a reminder to reread EAT THAT FROG! so I can make more progress this time. We've been requested to take some studio show what our office looks like. Shhhh Do not tell! I am not showing these. Just you get to see them. One improvement from last studio visit is this pile of notebooks, inspired by Janice. Now if I could just take them down occasionally and update them, life could be wonderful. This improvement I came up with by myself... All my watercolors are now filed chronologically by month and year and so much easier to find, then when they were in a mixed-up pile on the shelf. YAY! Course the rest of the desk needs serious work Darlings. Well that's why we're back in class don't ya know...ahem And it may take a few more re-dos to get some order in this place. And the other desktop has had some improvements, even if not visible to the naked eye. Do any of you watch SUPERNANNY? Supernanny comes into your home and organizes your brain and your family ( with games and structure and to-do lists etc. If you misbehave you go to the "Naughty Chair".Well worth watching for those who live in chaos. Time for a little sit down in my naughty chair don't you think?


  1. I must say, I am VERY happy to see your studio photos. You do such amazing art, and now I'm delighted to see that you are HUMAN!!! :-) These shots are simply evidence that you're a very creative person. So, don't get too organized, and keep up the great work!

  2. OH THANK YOU Linda!!!
    yes I am all too human...believe me
    No doubt about it :)

  3. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Ok ~ I don't feel as bad about the state of my studio at the moment :-)

  4. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Carol, you would do well to remember that old adage that goes something like this: A clean studio may show efficiency, neatness and organization, but very seldom provides a worthwhile surprise.

  5. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Physical disorganization is the sign of a busy mind! My mind is as busy as yours...

  6. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I can see a circle on your PC it photoshop first steps ?
    I don't understand here you have written bonjournee and on your blog bonne journee (the last is correct of course)
    I ignore the reason why bonjour is in a same word...
    Pas mal..

  7. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Wonderful watercolor !!!

  8. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Think of it as organized chaos....ahem...J

  9. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I LOVE THIS!!! Makes me feel a bit less guilty when I look at my "activities" room!!

  10. Supernanny is a genius!
    Your paintings are lovely :)

  11. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Looks like somebody is about to have a lot of fun..!

  12. I am so chuckling brave soul. So glad it is just a few of we insiders who get to see this...organized chaos. :)))))
    Actually it looks like a great place to work. BUt finding things again...not so much. Hey you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette. And you make beautiful omelettes.
    Thanks for the shout out, darling! Absolutely fabulous you are.

  13. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Chaos = yes
    Organized chaos=ahem...
    Yeah how do you find anything?
    Do you get lost amidst this turmoil?
    Very brave of you to show all and tell all...
    Your delicate minimal paintings reveal nuttin of this chaos..
    Who knew?
    Something is working right if you can pull that off amidst this!

  14. You are a riot, Carol. I think you might need a live-in organizer. You do the creating, and let someone else handle the organizing. When someone's as creative as you, they shouldn't have to do both, right? Is that a Vuillard book I see under your laptop screen? Love Vuillard! I have a print of his over my desk that I love. Anyway, looks to me like creative genius is bubbling in that work zone.

  15. Carol you truly are perfectly perfect!!! Not only do you make me smile give me "hope" :D

  16. I wish EVERYONE here would please send me some pictures of THEIR work space...
    Misery loves company ya know...

  17. Anonymous3:17 PM

    I love the little paint tubes, but the No. 2 pencil is my favorite today. It is really rendered wonderfully.
    How you do this EVERY day is totally beyond me.

    I've always wanted to take ballet lessons, play piano, and

  18. You make me feel NORMAL... I have projects piled too!
    I have stacks and stacks of paintings... good idea to organize them... now will I do it?
    I love all your little minature items... cute!

  19. well,

    i am afraid to say

    i know all about the Naughty Chair
    Colored Outside The Lines
    as a child
    sometimes in my sweet hurry
    to Not Sit Still

    but now i think it was
    a reward really.
    not Everyone got to sit there,
    you know....

  20. Anonymous9:06 PM

    The sight of your real paint box makes my heart beat faster....those gorgeous slugs of color!!!! If you just leave that open on a desktop, who's going to look anywhere else?
    I did skim briefly over Janice's organizing methods...sounded like Sooooo Much Work! Besides, I defy you to tidy up and then find anything! Perhaps I will cheer you up and post some shots of my "workroom" (why do I never call it a studio?) on Flickr.

  21. OK...I feel totally normal now :)

  22. I'm in your organizing class too. Organized chaos is a perfect term - I too have an organized chaotic "studio".

  23. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I, too, am in your organizing class. I honor your authenticity and applaud you for showing what's so in your studio.

    I work mainly with photography and writing, so no art tools AND lots of papers, piles, random and otherwise. I don't (or didn't) have the nerve to show my spaces. A long-distance friend asked me to use my new FLIP mini video recorder to show. I said, "No," and you are inspiring me. We'll see...

    Thanks AND I love your art.


  24. Oh come on Sheila!!!!
    Bite the bullet and SHOW us yr stuff..a video would be FANTATSTIC!
    I wish I could do that...dont know how :(
    I'm open for lessons if you do it..
    Carolg :)

  25. Why waste time "oranizing" when you can create instead? This looks very much like the workplace of a creative genius! :-)

  26. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Thanks, Carol! I think some of the people above miss the point. Yes, creativity requires a lot of messiness and you certainly don't have to be a neat freak. But obviously you're not comfortable with your current set-up or you wouldn't have signed up for the class. I wonder what your BIGGEST frog is. ???

  27. Oh good, it's not just moi. You have more courage, but I have just as much mess............. At least. Maybe more. Yeah, more.

  28. Hi,

    My work space is neat and organized. You would find it very boring. But I do love to paint and that where I get messy!

  29. Worry not. I always find the messiest studios churn out the best work. People who spend too much time tidying up aren't being creative. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  30. Boy, I sure and thankful that it wasn’t me in this situation, I’d have to call my local Los Angeles personal injury attorney and get them on the case, there’s no doubt about that.

  31. Oh, what treasures you have in your room, besides the ones you paint! I loved our peek inside. Your paintbox #2 is a beautiful painting...and your real paintbox is wonderful!


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