Monday, July 21, 2008

Rement Book

 French Treats , original watercolor, 9" x 11"
Sometimes you're willing to make a "Faustian Bargain" (i.e. a deal with the devil) to get a prized book.

You'd even consider giving up your left elbow for said prized object of your desire. When I first laid eyes on Pierre Herme's Mini Dessert Collection, I've become an ardent collector of miniatures.

I finally got my paws on the MUCH sought after mini Croquembouche and I can't wait to paint it!

This is just a mini portion of my ever growing collection.

 The book all Re-ment Addicts dream of.

THIS is our Holy Grail. We dream about THIS book. It came out in 2005 and is in Japanese - all 130 pages of it.
It's called Re-ment Book by the way.

It's basically a soft bound catalog of all the miniature sets Re-ment brought out since they started producing these fabulously detailed wonders. Did I mention Re-ment is in Japan. The minis are made in China.

All sets are 'blind-boxed' so you never know what's inside. In Japan you walk into your local grocery store for stacks of Re-ment boxes. Each set like the French Treats Set in the watercolor is a 'limited edition'. After a bit, Rement breaks the molds, making the set a collectors item and more valuable. There's a hot biz on Ebay for these minis.

 You can go to Rement Queen, pay a set price and know exactly what's in your box and be assured of getting it quickly. Most ebay dealers are in China.
Now you know another of my obsessions, along with shooting ice cream cones and...I forget all the obessions I have. Anyone read Japanese here?


  1. You are going to seriously need a 12-step program soon, cutie. They do look like fun. Still life set ups for the rest of your life. I think they ought to give 'em to you especially since you're promoting them so much! hilarious

  2. Your whole life has gone mini!

  3. OMGosh. What a hoot. I didnt know there were that many people who collected minis to have a catalog like that. I got a chuckle at Brush with colors comment. lol
    But what grogeous paintings you are making with them.
    I have to admit if your going to collect something minis do take up less space.
    Of course it depends on how into this you are! :):)

  4. WENDY!
    There's one thing that refuses to go "mini" DAMN IT!
    The maxi bit I'm sitting on :)

  5. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Hi Paris,

    wow,so the secret is out???I was missing out on Spunky grind secret about the the Godmother of all Rement ..what a great collector's book!!.Spunky and electricbarella are gonna be so,so,so jealous!!!


  6. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Have you a link for where you get all your small stuff as I'm going to buy some for my girls dolls house,

  7. I just eat Japanese!!!!!

  8. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Lovely aquarelle, Carol!
    Like the serving piece leaning in to it like that and the spoons pointing in from their direction, too.

  9. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Oh my gosh.
    I love your obsession.

    Please don't make be hooked as well.......

  10. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Oh My! I love your Re-ment! Can't believe your wonderful collection, so wonderful, thank you for sharing with us.

  11. Uh oh The Re-ment book is like one big CHOCOLATE MAP!!!! Danger danger... goodies to be had!
    Amazing. Pop netsuke, don't you think?

  12. Reader Emi from Japan, just helped me with the title...
    The book title is (puchi sanpuru bukku )"Petit Sample Book".
    YAY niv\ce to know & Arigato Emi

  13. WOW, the mini's are adorable Carol, and A Brush with Color had an excellent point -- they "should give them to you!!" or at least a GIANT discount since you're promoting them like crazy and turning their products into "masterpieces"!! The only other thing I have to wonder your New York space situation will fair eventually - ROFL :D

  14. Another way the minis save my life is they don't take up much space RISA..just a couple of craft supply boxes is all.
    A stroke of very good luck for messy ole me :)

  15. Anonymous9:32 PM

    you're little faster, I'd like to offer you if you need this book ;)
    please tell me which pages do you need to know...however I'm not good at English...
    your pink champagne...always in my dream!

  16. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Love your yellow bird.
    A song just kind of drifted into my mind but I can't remember the name of the song (yellow bird up high in a banana tree .....?)

  17. Wow! I actually picked up a set of these in Tokyo. Unfortunately, what was on the box was not what I got! Funny that you are collecting something I found. Wow!

  18. Are you sure you aren't just a giant?

  19. That's the trick about Re-ment
    You never know what's inside the box..but there should have been a relating picture on the outside of the box no?
    I love it that they treat us like 6year olds..with the piece of gum inside too. Someone is having a lot of fun over there...

  20. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Where on earth did the name Re-ment come from?
    REal exciteMENT?
    RElease judgeMENT?
    REview sentiMENT?
    REnounce impediMENTs?
    REceive enlightenMENT?
    REduce MENTal stress?
    REcurring sentiMENT?
    REverse enticeMENT?
    REuse lineMENT?
    RElax MENTally?
    I just don't see how you get obsesses with things..
    REmake developMENTs?
    REfer to developMENTs?
    REsist elopeMENT?
    No, this obsession just eludes me...
    REstore MENTal health?

  21. Anonymous7:52 PM

    REceive endorseMENT?
    REclaim exciteMENT?

  22. How cute these minis are... these I definitely don't need... I would have even more clutter... and these would be so easy to buy... I have to hurry and get off this post.

  23. Not a lot of clutter since they easily fit in shoebox or a sandwich bag Fifi :)

  24. Re-ment means =
    Reform The Entertainment
    Now what the HELL does that mean???
    Go figure...
    Tanks Jeanette!!!
    You are BRILL

  25. Anonymous10:52 AM

    That's true... they are so darn cute!

    They look wonderful in your paintings too!

  26. Anonymous6:19 PM

    where did you come across the "puchi sanparu"?

  27. Hello! I know this is an old post but we have a NEW rement community/discussion going over on Reddit and would love for you to join us! Hope to see you there! :)


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