Monday, June 25, 2007


Have you been to Dalloyau, a quite traditional Parisien insititution?
(Pronounced Dall-why-o or however you like it...)
The Dalloyau family has been making gateaux, ice creams and bread for over 200 years for French royalty. I went to Luxembourg branch at 2, place Edmond-Rostand 75006
There are 7 Dalloyau boutiques around Paris
I got The Works!
*Have you noticed how the French like to drink their OJ through a straw...

Exquisite jams too. You go upstairs for petit dejeuner at Dalloyau.

There's something about a messy table...

Do take a look at Dalloyau's splendid dessert catalog.

Some Dalloyau factoids: They have 97 cooks, 100 pastry cooks, chocolate makers and confectioners, 4 ice-cream makers and 4 bakers. In a year they make 55 tons of macarons, break 1,300,000 eggs, bake 1,500,000 Viennoiseries, and create 50 tons of chocolate candies !

You often ask me about Paris restaurants...

Since I mostly exist on breakfast, pastry and salads in Paris...

I thought you might like to check out the restaurant recommendations of David Lebovitz, who not only lives in Paris full time. He actually eats dinner.
I have eaten lunch at one of David's favs, Christian Constant's Les Cocottes, 135, rue Saint-Dominique, 7th and if was formidable.


  1. Oh, everything's so lovely once again! And that book of yours should have the title "Paris on 144 Euros a day", in order to get people into the right frame of mind. :-) I would buy it. Plus, right now, I am finishing off that croissant, if you don't mind. I am drinking home-brewed cappuccino right now (made with my little old Alessi, and IKEA manual milk frother, mind you: I am saving the fanvy Espresso-machine money for a breakfast or two in Paris! *g*). And thank you for tearing off both ends of the croissant, I really prefer to fat soft middle of it. Merci beaucoup with love from Vienna!

  2. barbara10:58 AM

    Congradulations on the success of your sale and your imminent
    trip back to Paris for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Bon Voyage!

  3. chris56511:00 AM

    Delicious watercolor today!

  4. Foodwalker11:01 AM

    My cuppa and hard boiled egg is looking very sad this morning...

  5. madame grey ears11:31 AM

    Sometimes I think you are really unfair! :-)
    Looks so wonderful!
    Do you ever find a small roll called "pain au lait"?
    It used to be available when we had a French couple baking in town.

  6. fiction~writer11:33 AM

    What a lovely place to eat!
    The breakfast doesn't look bad either.

  7. follies showgirl11:36 AM

    Oh, did I say croissants are my downfall?
    Chocolate is my downfall!
    So is jam...

  8. Love that crockery. Did you keep trying to pick up the little pieces?
    What's this with liking messy tables?
    Gorgeous painting today - go to the top of the class

  9. Do they serve porridge in Paris for breakfast?
    We have a lovely deli here in Poynton that serves Industrial Strength coffee with wonderful cake. If you buy a scone, you get charged an extra 80p for the jam so the ones in the know just order it with butter!

  10. I love the factoids- it's so much fun reading your blog posts. I think your watercolors would look so lovely in a book...I'd be first in line.
    Thank you for your comments last week :)

  11. So beautiful~ and do have a wonderful time back in Paris~

  12. Carol. I love the watercolor!!!

  13. Chanteuse12:24 AM

    Love this post, most especially the miniature white confiture jars. Do you know if they're available anywhere to the general public? Would love some for my own petit dejeuner table.

  14. Cherry Mason8:23 AM

    You always show us the prettiest places...tell me have you ever been in a cafe or pastry shop that looked boring?

    I think you bring us the best! Thanks for teasing us and spoiling us all at the same time.

  15. I never knew how to say this word. Thank you for cracking the code.

    Your painting appeals to me more than the real life example.

  16. Carol,

    There was a Dalloyau shop close by to our house in the 15th arrondissement, and my youngest daughter would always dither along when she passed it on her way home from school, and beg me to come with her to get their scrumptious macarons! Hmmm... memories!



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