Thursday, March 06, 2008

Salade Composee

Salade Composee When PB readers ask me where to eat in Paris I immediately think of Restaurant yaourt and Restaurant Salade Composee.Salade Composee You can pretty much depend on getting an excellent salad at most cafes.Salade ComposeeJette had this salmon salad at Cafe Journaux on on rue Rambuteau , 75003 in the Marais.Salade ComposeeAnd M. had this salade composee. But what is it?
Julia Child says, "A handsomely arranged combination salad can be the solution for what to serve at an informal spur-of-the-moment meal. The trick is to toss all of the elements separately in vinaigrette, letting some marinate for 10-20 minutes if they need to take on flavor.
Then arrange your work of art, each part of it is perfectly seasoned."Salade Composee Salad composee at most museum cafes is a work of art and tasty to boot. My salade at Musee Jacquemart-Andre. Just be sure to get a seat early! Like by 11:30. The line is horrendous :(
And a Thai prawn salad at the Musee Guimet cafe.
A salade Nicoise at the Salon du Chocolat, because a girl needs to cleanse her palate after multi lashings of 70% chocolate.
Salade ComposeeA fast salade composee at CO-JEAN'S chain of eateries.

My favorite salad in Paris is at Au Vieux Colombier Brasserie with a giant marinated artichoke tossed on top at 65, rue de Renne 75006.
This sounded interesting on the Delicabar menu at Bon Marche - Salade toute orange.
Salade Composee And turned out to be dreadful :(
Carrot scrapings on top of mushed orange lentils in an orange bowl!?
Oh and it cost ELEVEN EUROS too!
I thought this salad "shake" in Switzerland looked intriguing.
My sister just got back from Paris on Sunday.
"How was the dollar?" I asked, since I'm leaving in a week and a half.
A low moan came through the phone.
"TAKE PROVISIONS!", she said

"What?" says moi.
"Yes. Take smoked salmon, sardines.
TAKE APPLES!""OK" says moi
Wouldn't you just know I got this email from Fauchon today.
This is NOT what I will be eating in Paris -
Fauchon diamond Easter eggs, but I'll be doing plenty of looking and shooting, unless they arrest me - then I get to eat free French prison food.Eats, Shoots and Runs
Just forget the "Eats" part of the equation.
I think I'll be able to afford a l'eau mineral at Cafe Le Select..well I hope so.
If you care about
And if you want to make your own salade composee check out


  1. Ah the secret of why the French stay slim. Wish we could get Salads like these around here. Hope the Dollar exchange doesn't put a damper on your trip.

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Well...I guess it's better to want a plate full of greens for breakfast rather than a box full of macaroons..
    I almost put chockies :)

  3. Anonymous10:25 AM

    These do look divine and not that hard to throw together...
    If one just had the motivation.
    MUst think

  4. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I LOVE Nicoise salad!
    I could eat it 3 X a day!
    Somehow it's never the same in the US..
    They always forget the potatos or the anchovies or something...

  5. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Apples are coming your way VITE VITE VITE
    Any particular species of pomme required?

  6. The orange salad is frightening!

  7. I just heard a very interesting thing on NPR yesterday, that you should try while in Paris.
    A researcer said "taste" is actually all about "smell."
    When you're eating that apple, just hold some chocolate under your nose, and except for the texture, your apple will taste like (yummy!) chocolate.
    Who says you can't smell your dessert...and eat it, too!?
    ...or whatever.

  8. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Now you're talkin' turkey...or...well,...salads! I eat salad every day. Just love it--I have so many simple salad recipes that are delicious and unique. Yum. Send apples...;))you're a nut, Carol.

  9. I love salade composee! Last summer in Paris I bought a bagful of veggies from the organic market and made the most incredible salads. And as a quasi-vegetarian, they're the best thing on the menu. The Cafe Jacquemart-Andre is sooooooooo yummy, especially the desserts!
    Yum! Can't wait to go back! Down dollar, down!

  10. YUMMY!!! Love these. Still chuckling over the chocolate under the nose and apple switch trick...not that I will try that in a not me, she says walking toward the apples with Ghiradelli chips in hand...I like salads, love composed ones, especially with artichokes marinated... but I don't like to make!!! Any tricks for that?
    All best, Jan

  11. That orange salad looks scary. And with the exchange rate, downright repulsive!
    I'm picking up my Euros at the bank today, and am sooooo depressed. It cost me $485 to get 300 euros. Wahhhhhh!!!!

    Can man live on bread alone in France????

  12. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Would it help to light a candle for the Dollar? That exchange rate is the worst part of living in Europe on Dollars.

    The bakeries here make excellent sandwiches for around 3 Euros. Well, you know where to hitch a hike to, in case, do you? ;-)

    (I lost my wallet the other evening, well, lost, let's just say I had it at the supermarket, and then it was gone. I had just loaded up at the bank, 200 Euros and then 40 for stopping the Visa card. Somebody had a good day).

  13. -Oh MERISI!!!
    I was feeling so bad tallying up last trip's expense (for taxes of course). But that's nothing to having it taken from you before you have a chance to fritter it away. And you have so many goodies there to fritter away on...

    -Cassoulet Cafe said - TAKE APPLES and stuff with you..peanuts SOMETHING!

    -Janice, I do think no one can make a salad like the French. Did they invent them? Probably!

    -Sue - PULEEZE give me your salad recipes!!! I've been practicing making lentil soup here = a disaster :(

    -William - you please send along that chocolate for the apple test!

    -Wendy- do you think I can sue DelicaBar for that horrid orange salad? Or has the statue of limitations passed...

    -CRIS - I think the French stay slim living on ciggies and coffee and bottled water. I'm not sure they eat so much...

    Chockies or greens, the French do it all well...
    I love the bottled salad dressings in the supermarche - nothing fancy but they do taste GREAT!

  14. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Well, I agree the orange salad sounds perfectly awful, but I like that 60s psychedelic presentation!
    As for your sister's advice about food....was she adopted? Her taste seems rather unlike yours....
    I will send you the BEST lentil soup recipe ever, and don't tell anyone, but it is healthy, to!

  15. We have our own version of salade composee in Spain. We call it ensalada mixta. Very dependable.

    I am so excited to read your blog around Easter to see what chocolates you will be featuring... Can't wait!!!

  16. Oh, that salad toute orange made me laugh so hard! It's a dish! It's an obsessive-compulsive disorder! It's both! ALL ORANGE!!! :p

  17. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Yes Paris Breakfast, I vote CHOCOLATE! Such a happy and delicious symbol for Paris and for life!!
    Hope all is well in your world!

  18. Mmmm... I've printed the salad photos and now I know what my lunch will be for the next week. Yes, there are seven different and delicious meals.

    Paris is certainly one of the cities where you get real value for your money at lunchtime (as long as you avoid the ultra-expensive restaurants) but there are a myriad of excellent and affordable places for a good midday meal!


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