Friday, March 21, 2008

Jour du Macaron 2008 part 2

JOUR DU MACARON Vienna for Beginners said...Free food for our starving artist!What more can you wish for? Did you manage to get a second helping? Well a girl has to do her research doesn't she?

JOUR DU MACARON Yes, I admit it. I went to Pierre Herme's other boutique on 185, rue Vaugiraud to report on the JOUR DU MACARON goings ons. Here I'm checking my watch. How long will the wait be? Not long but the tension is palpable!
JOUR DU MACARON We even had a traffic director at the door.
Inside, it looked like pandimonium.


It wasn't. Perfect order. You even got a list of all the flavors to help you make your choice. Young people, old people, chic people. Everyone was there to taste the free cookies - sweet!The prize, plus a ribbon to wear for La federation des Maladies Orphelines.
JOUR DU MACARON Admiring glances from the street.
The kidsBack outside the kids, tons of students wait excitedly.JOUR DU MACARONThe happy faces tell the story.
ARNAUD LARHER's patisserie was also participating JOUR DU MACARON, on 53, rue Caulaincourt in the 18th.JOUR DU MACARON Beautiful bins of macs filled the windows.
A rainbow of colors.JOUR DU MACARONdegustationThe tasting or degustation at ARNAUD LARHER. Just me and 2 students, gobbling up delicious samples.
There is something genuinely heartfelt about Pierre Herme sharing his incredible goodies with all the world who come to his door on one day a year. True, it's for a very good cause, but the generosity of heart and thought is touching - a giving back to the people..


  1. ok-now THAT was a great story. Merci to you too!

    I see why you have the Buckminster Fuller watch - so you don't miss that once-a-year date (I bet your wrist clock spits out a tiny Lavender mac every year on this day)

  2. After 2 "daze" of almost orgiastic overload on people queuing up to wolf down all those mulicoloured
    macaron treats, I found your final pic kinda' summed it up.
    All macaroned out! (urp!)

  3. Oh Carol... So, so jealous... i bet it was worth every second of the wait!

  4. Anonymous7:29 AM

    I ate a Pierre Herme macaron last winter while walking over the Pont Neuf. Perfect!!

  5. Now that is my idea of a PERFECT day... :)How long will these last you? Or is long DID they last you? lol

  6. those look amazing, ive never tried one but i've always wanted to, and wow you had a whole day to eat them. =]

  7. Anonymous10:33 AM

    It really IS nice that they do that. I know they benefit from all the publicity, too, but it's still great they help out. I love the photos of the folks you got, Carol. Great color. Wish I had one right about now!...sue

  8. Ah ha!!! The heart of Pierre Herme is a tender one!!! Love this Post!!!!!! I am sure macarons have essentials nutrients for sustaining life. :) The faces tell it all.. so exciting.
    All best, Jan

  9. Great post as usual...fantastic colours. I really must find some and try them. :-)

  10. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I really enjoy seeing pictures of the people of France along w/the other delightful photos.
    I especially like viewing the chic French women.
    Keep it up!

  11. The lady with the cane really touched my heart. What spirit for a woman of a certain age to stand in line with all those young people clamouring for a few macarons. I wonder what else she ate that day. She may well be the one who will remember those macarons as a gift from heaven.

  12. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Have a great time in Paris.
    Your pieces are wonderful and "eau a la bouche."



  13. Ah, the macaron!

    I want some now


  14. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Ha! You tried to blind us with all those glorious macarons, but I SEE that fantastic bracelet!!! Now the score is 2 : 0 , your Pylones and your dice! Perhaps a jewelry retrospective is in order....after you're back in boring old New York.

  15. Anonymous3:11 AM

    I concurr with Merisi...
    The old lady going off with her free macarons - what a treat for her!
    And the glee on the kids faces as they wait expectantly...
    It's not about the delicious macarons.
    It's about giving.
    THAT'S the story!

  16. Anonymous3:51 AM

    This time it's about the PEOPLE not the cookies!
    You have to love the kind gesture of Pierre Herme!

  17. Oh, to be in Paris, eating delicious AND beautiful junk food. Great pictures to make us all jealous. =)

  18. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY MACARONS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  19. Omigosh!!! What a gorgeous sight they are, aren't they?

    For the World Gourmet Summit this year, the great man himself, Pierre Herme will be in Singapore in early April to present a dessert dinner AND give a cooking masterclass. Not sure if he'll present his famous Ispahan though. I'm soooo tempted to get a ticket for the event and maybe meet this demi-god.

  20. in my heart
    i am standing in that line,

    way up front,
    if this is a dream,
    i get in FAST!

  21. May you have a Macaron filled Sunday! Blessings and hugs to my favorite breakfast gal!

  22. Mmmmm…looks so yummy! Sounds like so much fun! Beautiful!

  23. I think I'm going to time my visit to Paris on macaron day!

  24. See how every cloud has silver lining? A starving artist in Paris gets a free Macaron

  25. Why didn't I know about this, I wonder... Oh well, next year!!! I could've polished off the entire plate, mind you!! Biz, Leesa :)


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