Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery
New York Memories, original watercolor, 9" x 12"
I'm back on the streets of New York. I'm on assignment - I'm researching cupcakes at MAGNOLIA BAKERY for a painting commission from PARIS.
Magnolia Bakery I looked in the Magnolia's window at 401 Bleecker Street at West 11th Street. It was Bedlam. Hands grabbing at multi trays of cupcakes. Was a bake sale going on ?
Do they mark down their cuppies after 4PM like at Eleni's NY? I better get in there and buy.
Magnolia Bakery First you grab a box.Magnolia BakeryThen you have to choose.Decisions...decisions.Magnolia BakeryThey brought out a fresh tray of cupcakes. YAY
I asked someone, 'are they on sale'?

They looked at me like if I was crazy.Magnolia BakeryMagnolia Bakery is full of signs -CAKE RULES. It's a little bit like going off to summer camp once you enter the bakery.ONLY 12 CUPCAKES PER PERSON!(Or off with your head)Magnolia BakeryORDER WELL IN ADVANCE FOR HOLIDAYS!Magnolia BakeryBE MINDFUL.
 Hey wait, these cakes are pretty.
Magnolia has very pretty Key lime cheesecakes.
Magnolia BakeryAND chocolate pudding mini pies.
Magnolia BakeryNot to forget this FAB peppermint icebox cake. Very traditional American old fashioned cakery going on here. You can make these if you get The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook.
Magnolia Bakery Back on the street I noticed the cupcake icer applying her pastry arts skillfully to each cuppie.When she saw me taking a picture, she shook her finger at me...just like in France. Hey, I'm out on the street? It's true that there are BIG cupcake wars in New York City. And everyone guards their secrets like diamonds.
Magnolia BakeryMy one beautiful cupcake. I don't even like cupcakes, cake or icing, but I admit I gobbled it down. J'adore Les Cupcakes! Temptation is rampant at Paris Breakfast.
What's a girl to do?


Cakespy said...

I used to work right on 8th ave and 12th street...possibly TOO close to Magnolia. I became very intimate with their Banana pudding with Nilla wafers. Oh man. They're a great spot.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go to Magnolia Cupcake Bakery..sigh
Thanks for the vicarious visit!
Almost like being there..
munch munch munch!

Janice C. Cartier said...

This Magnolia is my nephew Carter's favorite. He works for Lehman in NYC and I have heard these are THE BEST EVER. And they are sooo pretty too. Brava on the commission PB!! It will be a delight.
All best, Jan

Parisbreakfasts said...

Cakespy! As they say,
Location Location Location
You're whole modus operendi was formed by those years living near Magnolia Bakery. NO wonder you are now "Cakespy"!?
I would be to if someone was shaking their finger at me as they iced my favorite banana cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

All those yummy things.
Life is darn tough in New York City!
And then there is research...Hmmmm
I feel for you.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love the painting. Did you feel sorry for the lone yellow on on that tray? :) Good choice for painting. I like the way it peaks on one side. But This girl would have picked the chocolate one for eating. lol
Congrats on the commission work. Are you taking it to Paris with you?

Anonymous said...

Now THAT was a fun post, Ms. Gillott. I thoroughly enjoyed that. A commission for somewhere in Paris, eh?? Yippee! Congratulations, Carol! And we'll all benefit from seeing your work, too, I'm sure. Wow!

Anonymous said...

How come it's my fault if you happened to have majored in painting cupcakes in art school!?
Cupcakes, easter eggs, bimbos...they all look (and in fact, now that I think of it, taste!)

Anonymous said...

Love the post on Magnolia Bakery (aka Mecca).
When I went to the new and larger branch of Magnolia on Superbowl Sunday they had no less than 14 people just icing, not to mention the other employees baking and minding the store.
All of a sudden we have cupcake heaven here on the Upper Westside....Magnolia, Buttercup, and Crumbs.
But probably my favorite (after conducting many thorough personal surveys!) is the cupcake at Burgers and Cupcakes on 9th at 36th St.
The burgers are fantastic too.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you...not a big cupcake or any cake eater.
But, there seems to be cupcakes every where! Even in SW FL; at the end of the world, we have cupcake shops.
I just don't get it.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Burgers & Cupcakes - that's near where I work
In fact I've been there and they gave me a free cupcake!
It was evening
That would never happen at Magnolia I bet...

Veron said...

When I was in New York, TW of Culinary types and I wandered around the area looking for Magnolia bakery but we did not know the address so never found it :(.

Jill Smith said...

That lovely cup cake looked so lonley, buy a friend for it next time or two friends, it was so pretty being lemon with the little rose,maybe a little pink friend,

Anonymous said...

Does your cupcakes come with a caffee latte.......Oh, they are too tempting.

Unknown said...

I don't know, Madame Carol...
That final picture of the yellow cupcake (or so you say) looks an awful lot little yellow chickie, pink beak and all!
What mini-magic are you indulging in your studio/kitchen these late nights...?
I'm gonna' call Mr. Spitzer!
whoops...too late!

Anne Corrons said...

It's 5 minutes from home, but I still prefer macarons! Do you know that March 20th it is the Journée Macarons at Pierre Hermé? I wish I would go there!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aaaah my painting coming to fruition! I love it Carol :) see you next week in Paris with my paintings!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful "research assignments" you get....cupcakes, Paris, NYC, chocolate, etc. Hmmmmm. Love it Carol, and thanks for daily sharing with all of us. Your watercolors are always a treat.


DebMc said...

Tempting pieces of edible art. My problem would be stopping at only twelve.
Lovely painting.

wahdi said...

U make me jealous!!! ;)
its hard to get cupcakes in my country, btw thanks for sharing !

Anonymous said...

Proof yet again of the wonderful taste of the French: They have employed our very own Paris Breakfasts for their art!
I, too am a bit bewildered by the cupcake craze. I like cake just fine, but please keep the frosting! As for the temptation, I think you know just what to do!

Merisi said...

Limiting the number of goodies you may purchase in a pastry shop? Can bread, er, cupcake lines be far behind? ;-)

Anyway, they do look good, and if you'd serve me one with a little Tiffany box, I wouldn't mind getting only one cupcake.

Merisi said...

The milk hazelnut chocolate in the purple wrapping jeanette mistress of longears is looking for is made by MILKA. It was created by the famous SWISS chocolatier SUCHARD at the beginning of the 1900s, who wrapped it in the distinct lilac wrapping paper it has become known and loved for (the milk for the chocolate is produced by the lilac-spotted Milka Cow, grazing in some mystic valley high in the Alps *no kidding*).

The Suchard company has since been acquired by KRAFT. Unfortunately, for some years now their milk chocolate does not taste like the one I remember anymore, apparently due to the addition of fats other than cocoa butter.

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

Last time I was in NYC, I went straight to Magnolia Bakery. Got myself a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing and sat outside on the street by myself enjoying every morsel of it. I looked around when I was done and I noticed about another 10 people doing the same thing as me! Delicious!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

This all looks so yummy, but i adore the watercolour of the ribboned package!

Anonymous said...

Why is it I feel so full after I read your updates.
I love the water colors.
No wonder Paris wants them.


Merisi said...

Posts like this one should have to carry a warning, "Abandon hope of a balanced diet all ye who enter here!. Thanks to you and two other bloggers, I already accumulated a craving for cupcakes, macademia-lemon-lime-bars and orange-cranberry cookies. I mean, how much does one have to suffer for surfing?

Jeanne said...

How sweet and special is all that you share.
Love everything~

Anonymous said...

I went to Magnolia Bakery with a friend last week and asked for a bag for my box which contained one cupcake and one mini cheesecake. When the manager noticied that we went into the 'tearoom' area to sit and eat the cupcake, he came in and asked me the bag back so it could be 'reused'.
Quite strange.

Anonymous said...

I owned a lovely little bakery and coffee house called "The Baker's Cottage" over a decade ago. It's inception arose from my love affair with lovely cakes, pastries - and the excuse to use and display as many beautiful tea and coffee cups as possible! Reading this post today brought me back to my little shop, always filled with pastel cupcakes, cakes, french pastries and cookies. Like Magnolia, I even had the lace curtains on the two front bay windows of my shop.
I can smell the sweet buttercream icing!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your assignment! This is GREAT!! Marvelous! YOU GO GIRL!

I love the name Magnolia Bakery, I like the concept and the mystique they've built around there business, but I don't like there cupcakes. I didn't finish mine.

Congrats again You deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Magnolia is a must-see attraction in NYC. I'm always amazed by the long lineups. It's also in a nice area of the city, isn't it?

PS - Next time you're in NYC, you should get Constance of Rochambeau to bring you some of her cupcakes and cookies. Now THAT woman can bake! They not only look amazing but they taste sooooo goooood!

rose said...

I tried Magnolia cupcakes- thought it was superb But I was frustrated. It was way too sweet and so much icing. I tried six flavors- too much commercialism. I also tried Crumbs- used to love it but not anymore. Perhaps- I need to discover one cupcake shop here in NY that is good. I prefer homemade, no preservatives and fresh. do you have any suggestions?