Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Snack Time Paris

I thought I'd shake you up this morning.
It's not all Petit dej' and hot chocolate at Hotel Meurice. Unless independently wealthy, there are times when a quick snack between posh joints is essential.
Columbus Cafe is the French version of Starbucks. A muffin is considered "dessert" A Coke is boisson fraiche
Owner Philippe Bloch says,
"We completely gave up china cups in 1995 and now only offer paper cups"
On the other hand they do have quite nice salades.I've had the Nicoises.And they do have free WI FI
You don't expect an ardoise/black board menu for a take-away chain.SNACK TIME is by ODEON Metro station 97, Bd St Germain 75006Their fare looks fresh and pas cher/not expensive
COJEAN is the newest Paris fast food chain and the most chic.

Wraps, toastes, baguettes, quiches, boissons, desserts etc. All very chicly designed and displayed. I've yet to try.
Carottes rapees one of my fav Paris snacks - Shredded carrots with a teaspoon of lemon juice.YUM! so simple..why does it never taste the same at home? Waiting at LAFAYETTE GOURMET ground level.

Another frequent snack is salade composee from Monoprix. I was fascinated by these lemon meringue at LAFAYETTE GOURMET. I didn't get one though.
Do you have a favorite Paris snack?
Tell me about it!


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Oh! I thought you would show the best soup in town too? The one you introduced me to, and that I keep on hand in our frig!

    Fast food doesn't seem fast in France.

  2. TICA is referring to the best Gazpacho I ever tasted..
    And you can buy it in any supermarche.
    Made by Tropicana (!) in Spain.

  3. I should learn by now, never start a diet then tune into your blog. Life is food and your blog is so full of life. Thanks for the treats!

  4. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I love that inexpensive Parisian street food, like the crepes, mini quiches, baguette sandwiches (especially the ones by Paul -- covered in poppy seeds!), etc. My most recent trip to Paris was two years ago, and I was so depressed when I came home because it just highlighted how hard one must work stateside to eat healthfully AND inexpensively. Our culture here in the U.S. really works against us for remaining healthy and developing a palate for very good food, while not breaking the bank. Of course, I came home depressed for more reasons than just that ... !

    I was in the southern French Alps last November (to visit my friend who is lucky enough to live there) and discovered VIOLET yogurt at Monoprix. What a marvelous, beautiful, delicate thing! I brought home the face of the cardboard container -- it is by Mamie Nova, which makes other wonderful, unusual flavors, too.

    *le sigh*

    Thank you for your daily breakfast treat, Carol. It's one of my favorite reasons for rolling out of bed.


  5. Cojean! I miss that place. You are right, so many better options for "fast food" in France than in the US!

  6. Tabouleh! The couscous-based kind you can get for 1 euro at any grocery store, not the 25 euro/a kilo kind you can get at Fauchon. I love it and we have been lamenting the inability to find the same thing in the U.S., now that our trip has reminded us of all the things we miss.

    Violet yogurt at Monoprix, Marsi? I wish I had seen that! I am fascinated with the fashion for flowers in Parisian food right now.

    And I agree with Maris about the healthy eating U.S. vs France!

  7. Anonymous11:54 AM

    That was my first thought when looking at your post today. That the French seem to do snacking and fast food's much healthier then State Side and their presentation is more Chic and artistic.

    I'm surprised tho.. that you didn't save the paper cup from Philippe Bloch' shop.
    Cris in OR

  8. I can't wait to get to the Auto Grilles on the motorways to have one of their salads with a baguette and a cup of real french coffee. Our motorway stops should have a health warning - YUK!

  9. A wrap and carottes rapees, please! :-)
    Unfortunately, I have no Paris tips to offer. :-(
    I would like to add though, I asked, I could share some great food sources in Washington DC, because in my experience there's a food revolution going on there, more and more fresh foods are being offered at stores and cafes.

  10. Anonymous6:36 PM

    You did shake me up this morning.!!! Imagine, vending machines in Paris.
    What next?? Have a wonderful day.
    My heart is there with you. Salut!!!!!!!

  11. Beautiful and delicious blog!!!

    Thank Roch for letting me know you were out there.

  12. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Well..if I have to pick..

    #2...berthillon ice cream or amorino gelato
    #4...Falafel in the Marias!

    Now I am hungry Carol :)

  13. Hey! You forgot to show the big Starbucks 2 doors down fron Snack Time! What I loved the most was the candy vendor that would set u shop right in front of it on the opposite sidewlk...I dunno why but he always won my sweet tooth! Great post.

  14. Anonymous11:33 PM

    I love your Blog just as much as i love the Falafels at Chez Hannah on Rue du Rosiers in the Marais.
    I took everyone who visited me in paris to Hannah's and each and every person loved it.
    It's best eaten whilst walking around and window shopping but the most special Falafel i had was on Fete de la musique night...that's coming up non. You should check it out.
    Before i go must mention Titouan(4 year old French kid i babysat)and my favorite after school snack of carrot rapee with fraise et un bon vinagrette du maison...yum yum yum

  15. Anonymous12:52 AM

    My daughter and I spent two weeks in Paris last summer. Our favorite snack on the way home from a day of museums and a bistro dinner was a crepe from a vendor outside the Jardin Luxembourg.My daughter always chose sugar and cinnamon, while I had Nutella on mine. A warm crepe in hand while walking through the garden on a summer evening? = perfect

  16. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Toastissimo (sandwiches, salads, sweets...). Can't remember where it stands exactly.

    One day,when we visited le Centre Pompidou in Beaubourg, we ended up in an unusual bar Γ  fruits - which suited my tastes, as if made for me !!! ("Le paradis du fruit" or "des fruits"?).
    In my memory: A nice little place serving delicious fruit or veg salads (to which you can add fish, chicken... ) and gorgeous fruit cocktails .
    This is the one I would pick as my favourite snack-place!

    A tip for you-
    Last March, there was a "European snack show" in Paris. See their site:

    If you missed it, try it in march 2008:

  17. Anonymous3:04 AM

    PS -
    As for the bottled gezpacho, you and TICA are right! My family and I loved it BUT I haven't managed it round my home area...
    Paris privelege???

    Shall we all meet at next year's EUROPEAN SANDWICH & SNACK SHOW on March 19-20 as Marie-Noelle suggests?
    One of the great Paris alternatives is: if you can't get in at Mariage Freres for tea, you can always walk 2+ blocks to rue de Rosiers for the best sandwich in the world!

  19. Lovely everything you post.
    Everything looks delicious!

  20. @ DI OVERTON:
    That's so good to know, that French Auto Grilles are such a delight! Thank you.
    Should any of you ever venture on the Italian Autostrada, I can recommand their Auto Griles too. Last May my daughter and I travelled from the Austrian border all the way to Rome, and we couldn't stop marvelling about their great coffee and snacks, presented in a pleasant atmosphere. And they offer great souvenirs, too. What a revolutionary concept, quality and great prices at highway stops! The Austrian versions are not too bad either.

  21. I know that Snack Time and as we passed in on the No. 63 bus, I said to my husband, "Wish we had one of those in our neighborhood."

    Next time, I will visit!

    So much food, so little time!

  22. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Boulangepicerie (Be) is a fabulous place for a 'gouter' or a quick lunch. It's in the 8e arr. & uses Eric Kayser's breads...


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