Friday, March 14, 2008

Dalloyau Opera cake

Opera cake watercolor
Dalloyau Opera cake, original watercolor

It's "Chocolate Friday". Shall we discuss classic Opera Cake or gateau.
Opera cake Dalloyau has happily taken on the mantle of ownership of the multi-layered CHOCOLATE Opera Gateau.
Opera cakeI just happened to by passing the Bastille Dalloyau. And in the name of research bla bla bla, all for your benefit bien sur, I felt I must taste Dalloyau's, considered by pastry chefs in the know to be the best. Dalloyau is pronounced doll-why-oh by the way.
Opera cake They do have lovely tea salons at each of their shops, so why not?Opera cake Firstly you must see the Opera Garnier, namesake of the famous Opera Cake.Opera cake And it just so happens that Dalloyau was celebrating the 100th anniversary of this cake and making a great to-do over it...Opera cake Et Voila!
The new special version of the cake with their sketch imposed on the top layer!Opera cake They've also got a pink or raspberry version called,
Opera cakeFor those of us with smaller appetites, an entrement or side dish in 3 versions.A look inside.A closeup of THE OPERA CAKE!
4 layers of kahlua-soaked joconde
3 layers of coffee buttercream
with chocolate ganache in between
and glaze on top
which makes up all of 8 layers!

As described by Bozzacafe on Flickr, who was brave enough to make this.
I aim to please but I have to please myself too and this beehive of caramel was calling me - the Torbillon Caramel.
Opera cakeSo I indulged and ordered the two of them. Pas de choise.
Opera cake
Not a big fan of creamy things I demolished the outer layer of caramel and dissected the rest. If only you'd come along and help me out here.
And an entrement of my own -
I was pleasently surprised by your responses yesterday at mentioning my last minute fears of leaving home. I feel much better now. BIG MERCI!
In this morning's NYTimes I found this salient quote that should inspire us all to get out there and see the world. This said by Barack Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng on their mother:
“She felt that somehow, wandering through uncharted territory, we might stumble upon something that will, in an instant, seem to represent who we are at the core...That was very much her philosophy of life — to not be limited by fear or narrow definitions, to not build walls around ourselves and to do our best to find kinship and beauty in unexpected places.”

Opera cake


  1. Brilliant use of that quote. We do..go wandering , exploring and met up with none other than ourselves. Fortunately, along the way wiht get to meet some pretty nifty people and have some keen adventures,,,and some really good cakes! Good morning PB. Yummy Operas and love the caramel.
    All best, JAn

  2. Gosh, way to early for me to be typing. Sorry for the typos above. >>where is MY Tea? Jan

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I don't know why a kind of patisserie is called Opera but you have found THE real opera-cake !

  4. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Have a safe trip and keep on blogging.
    I Love Paris too-in the Springtime or any time--
    a totally romantic city.

  5. Another lovely posting. And I really liked the quote. I'm starting to suffer from separation anxiety. Promise to post while you are away!!!

  6. Ahhhh yes; "Kinship and beauty in unexpected places."
    Sounds like the initial experience most people would find when encountering your always delicious blog, Carol.
    Everyone should jump on the next wave,'cause ya' never know where it'll take ya'.
    Perhaps even to Paris!

  7. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Wasn't that a touching portrait of Obama's mother in the Times today? She sounded like a remarkable woman. Those caramel hives are incroyable, Carol. When do you leave for Paris? Have a wonderful trip!

  8. Lovely painting and post. But how do they get the pictures on those cakes?
    Have a fantastic & safe trip. I will be looking forward to your blogging about it.
    Don't forget your cameras. Like you would.:)

  9. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Bon voyage et surtout, go OBAMA!!!!
    not that I would think to enter politics into a french conversation, hah, au contraire, the French are passionate about politics and it was always at the core of any dinner party. they must think we are entirely fou-fou with this primary.

    Eager to hear all about Paris (and how any dollar-based person can afford to venture there at present)...
    I so miss Dalloyau on St. Honore---my go-to place for any special occasion meal, not being a gifted dessert-chef myself.



  10. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I discovered your blog while blog-hoping...
    Your watercolors are beautiful and your pictures of Parisian cafes made me sooooo homesick [I am a French-born girl, married to an American guy, living in NJ and working in NYC...]
    Did you try the "Opera" at Lenotre too??
    Have a wonderful trip,

  11. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Now, that Opera pastry would be enough to get me on a plane, reluctant thoughts, or not!

  12. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Here's to a fantastic trip. Can't wait to live vicariously through you
    for the next few weeks!

    Loved that you picked up on that quote from Obama's sister (on their
    mother) today. It is so perfect.

    viv xx

  13. THANK YOU everyone for you kind wishes on my trip :)
    You keep me on my toes so I won't miss a trick in Paree!
    No way jose!
    I'll be back on board by Monday (lundi) latest Tuesday (mardi)
    A bientot!!

  14. Anonymous7:12 PM

    What a wonderful attitude that woman gave her children! As for L'Opera, you reminded me that, after you MADE me buy Dorie Greenspan's book, I made L'Opera for Christmas dinner and I'm still tired, but it was worth every painstaking layer!
    Have a wonderful trip, and know that I will, once again, PREPARE. You will not catch me drooling over your Parisian post with an empty larder. In fact, you might consider cutting back on those visits; they're so much work for me to keep up.....NAH!
    Happy travels!

  15. Chocolate Friday, love it!

  16. I want that caramel thing...NOW! Oh man, it looks so good.

  17. jeanette mistress of longears - I'm so glad I MADE you buy Dori's cookbook! Now where's my slice of Opera Cake? Gotta taste test it don't I?

    Wanderlusting we both have the same wonderful taste!

    Dear Aude I did NOT taste the Opera Cake at LENOTRE! Lordie! my work never ends!

    Carol I see nothing wrong with mixing politics and pastry. The French certainly wouldn't mind.

    Cris in Oregon I just added a new camera to the mix so not to worry :)
    And I got a gazillion memory cards on sale at Radio Shack - So get ready for the onslaught!

    william thomas ternay I'm not a surfer but I agree about jumping on the next wave :)

    Dear Heaven on Earth To not fret. I will be back here, if not on Monday then Tuesday AND on the WEEKENDS too! So you get "extras" from Paris!

    Janice I'm glad you all liked the quote. An enlightening story I thought...

    A toute a l'heure

  18. Thanks for capturing the most beautiful cake, opera! One of my favorites!

  19. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Do you remember when Lenotre had a shop on 59th Street in Manhattan or am I the only one that does? He also had a lovely shop in Las Vegas, in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, that's closed since I was there about six years ago. I guess he doesn't do well in the US or he panicks when it's slow. Perhaps he thinks we don't get him??

    Have a wonderful time in Paris. Think of me while drinking those amazing teas and eating more than amazing pastries. :-)

  20. Anonymous9:23 PM

    The Opera cake was excellent today! I am gaining weight just looking at it.
    Please do get back to Paris asap so you can send us who cannot go wonderful stories like this!
    Au revoir,


  21. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Oh YUM! That Opera Garnier cake is something else! And the beehive-shaped cake looks incredible! I would order it just out of curiosity.

  22. yummmm...i have missed so much recently...hope you are well...thank you for your support...hugs and happy st. paddy's day...rebecca

  23. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Ah the Paris Opera Cake...the ultimate chocolate dessert. I have made this several times. It takes time, patience, love and great baking chocolate (I use Callebaut). Many steps but well worth every delicious bite.

  24. As an avid reader of your posts, I thought you might like to check out MY Paris Opera Cake on facebook at La Belle Epoque Couture Cakes and Chocolate...coming to you all the way from Australia. It's a little bit of Paris in a career! Thanks Carol.x

  25. hi, i was wondering what flavours the opera rock gateau was??

  26. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Such a great post that beautifully showcases the iconic Opera Cake from the renowned Dalloyau bakery in Paris. The tantalizing description and stunning visuals make it hard to resist the temptation of indulging in this exquisite dessert. The post not only celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of French patisserie but also ignites a desire to experience the rich culinary delights of Paris. A delightful read for food enthusiasts and lovers of all things sweet. TW


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