Friday, March 28, 2008

Marie-Antoinette exhibit

Marie-Antoinette Rose, watercolor,
Sometimes you take a step in one direction and it leads you to all sorts of unexpected places you never dreamed of.
I went to see the Marie-Antoinette exhibit at the Grand Palais last week. I'd learned to love the movie after watching it in French, so visiting the exhibit was a must.
The museum gift shop was full of roses pink roses.
  Pink, pink, pink
More pinkerie with a touch of raspberry.
Inside the exhibit there was a wall of hairstyle prints - more roses here too.
And Marie-Antoinette's exquisite china - with roses bien sur.
 On Easter Monday I visited the Louvre, and was more excited by Bernardaud's window display of special edition "Marie-Antoinette" china.
And the silk roses were to die for. Perfect for painting still lifes. But where to find them!!! A friend sent me to the wholesale hat district in the Marais = zero, nada, no silk roses. Finally I just walked into Bernardaud and asked them. So simple and they could not have been more kind. They got on the phone et voila! Their silk roses were from SIA and quite close by.
I went to 3/5 boulevard Malesherbes, 75008 near the Madeleine. LOOK Right in the window = my roses!
Mission accomplished.
SIA is a chain of home shops founded by Sonja Ingegerd Andersson in 1963 in Sweden. Now their main offices are in France.YUM and not just roses, but stunning vases and china and furniture... But the silk flowers are sensational - almost more beautiful than real flowers... And they have scented versions if you are so inclined.. Thank you SIAThank you Bernardaud

And most of all Merci, Marie-Antoinette!


  1. This post is right up my alley!

  2. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Such exquisite subjects in today's post! The silk flowers are to die for...and I'm sure the prices are too. And I love the macaroon "tree" in the unusual wine color - tres chic.

  3. Anonymous4:17 AM

    Lovely romantic story and adventure for you in Paris..
    Thank Sophia too!
    We all should :)

  4. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Oh Carol!
    A big, rosy Merci!
    pour la beaute that you are so kindly sharing with us.
    Just beautiful.

  5. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Well, with your silk roses and miniatures, you'll be set for life, Carol! Beautiful! They've made such strides with silk roses--sometimes I see them in stores and just can't believe they're not real. Scented ones, too!? Wow. The shots of the china are wonderful, too--spectacular! Your painting is delicate and lovely.

  6. LOVE this post. The roses look so real. Love the tea cup with the ram on it with the rose and macaron in the shot. Beautiful post and painting.

  7. Anonymous10:27 AM

    How do you find time to paint with all that you are doing for us? You are working your fingers to the bone. (Paris is so wonderful.)


  8. Your pictures make me soooooo want to go back to Paris! Beautiful!

  9. Finally got a fast internet connection so I am visiting your blog...and you make me miss France so much!

  10. I know it's REALLY far from where you live, but the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA has a fabulous Marie Antoinette hall that people can rent for weddings/anniversaries/various parties. It's stunning, so gorgeous. I've wanted to have my wedding anniversary there FOREVER.

  11. Anonymous12:42 PM

    The roses are BREATHTAKING!!!


  12. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Oh Oh Oh! I am breathless right now! LOVE TODAYS POST!! Are those Marie A. pink boxes from Laduree or the gift shop at the exhibit??
    Merci Merci

  13. Anonymous2:43 PM

    love goats!!
    Do you know how much that cup costs??


  14. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I've seen silver cup holders that fit on a saucer in "The Chocolat Girl" by Liotard, 18thC.
    Can you tell me what they are called and where I might find an online link to purchase one?

    Just love "Paris Breakfasts"--it's like being there.
    Thanks so much!


  15. Anonymous2:48 PM

    This is one exhibit that I REALLY wanted to see. We don't arive in Paris
    until Aug. 26, do you think the gift shop will still carry some of the books and treasures from the exhibit?
    Thank you for the tip on SIA store.
    Just ONE MORE stop in my sea of plenty that I"ll have to make sometime during the 2 weeks.
    The list ever mighty grows!!

  16. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I follow your photo blog religiously. I discovered SIA a few years ago and cannot go to Paris without stopping there. Their flowers are represented in my home in many places and they certainly pack in a suitcase very well. I think that the new home store of Galeries Lafeyette sells their flowers too. They are truly beautiful!
    Have a great time in Paris,

  17. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Do you know in the United States where I could order some sia silk flowers?
    Thanks, keep sending these beautiful images on your trips to France.


  18. Thanks to you today I have walked in Paris.

  19. How delightful! I feel like I've been on a mini-tour of feminine loveliness!

  20. Just been catching up and it's all too much, all of those gorgeous chocolate Easter creations and now so much Marie beauty - sigh!!!

  21. Seems the "Romantic" in you has finally risen to the surface, after all those cold, rainy days.
    Your intro image/watercolor is one of your elegant, beautiful, and I bet before you get back in the US, coveted, of the many you've painted.

  22. Anonymous8:46 PM

    What serendipity! And what luck that yo shared the whole adventure with us! My all-time favorite shop display is the goat cup with macaron and roses....How ever will you get the roses home?

  23. Anonymous12:31 AM

    l LOVE this post!!
    The fourth picture down....marie antoinette candy bars?
    or mangets?
    or what are they?
    from Laduree or the gift shop??
    thanks for your postings!

  24. We actually have a SIA here in west palm beach and everything in the store is 50% off! I just walked by it the other day but didn't go inside. I should right? Thanks for inspiring me!

  25. I don't like false flowers but i LOVE those of Sia, I just can't resist buying them and putting them in darkish corners where nothing can live, they do shine there

  26. aahhhhh...

    thank you ever-so for bringing a touch of france
    to my little
    north-east florida neighborhood!


    i can always count on you!

    {{ why do french paintings
    of pink roses speak to my heart,
    without fail, why? }}

  27. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Such beauty you share here at your Pinkery cg! Thank you! Hope all is well in your world today!! I am in Tx with my mom, thats why I haven't been by for a while.

  28. Sia roses and Laduree colours - YUM

  29. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Thank you thank you for this gorgeous pink and rosy post. It's like being there!

  30. Oh gorgeous!!!! What amazing flowers....oh just glorious!

  31. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Hey I am having a really hard time trying to find Sia's flowers. I want to order some but I can not figure out how. I can't find her store online or anything. Would you know how to order some like a web site? BY the way your paintings are awesome.


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