Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Historic Photos of Paris

I should be doing my taxes, but instead I made doodles from a new book.Historic Photos of Paris Historic Photos of Paris is full of evocative images of Paris you can dream about.Historic Photos of ParisThese figures look to have stepped out of Balzac or Guy de Maupassant's novels.

Historic Photos of Paris
I'd rather be strolling under the
Eiffel Tower on a Sunday than doing...taxes
Historic Photos of ParisOr fishing along the Seine...
Historic Photos of ParisA human Eiffel Tower in the Tuillerie gardens...
Historic Photos of ParisAudrey and Fred...
Back to reality :(


  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Your drawings are magnifique! Like your new inspirational book too.
    Sorry about the taxes! ;-(


  2. What a gentle way to start the day! Little value studies; a bit of "film noir" and Fred and Audrey meandering. Makes me want to dance the day away!

  3. Oh! I love your little "doodles"! I also really love that book that you received in the mail, "Historic Photos of Paris"! I will have to look for that book (at Amazon.com, perhaps?). Merci for a lovely look-see this a.m.!

  4. Hi Carol,

    Your drawings are lovely ~ the ladies with their parasols are especially pretty. I'll definitely have to check out this book; we are kindred spirits in that this is a book is one in which I would daydream, too!

    Smiles...Bebe :)

  5. What a lovely looking book. The photos around the Effle Tower could be wonderful paintings of someones fantasy as they dont seem real.

  6. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Terrific Paris photos..
    Love all the black and white
    And your darlin' doodle

  7. I love your little drawings and who wants to do Tax Return? If you lived in the UK and worked for someone else then your do PAYE - pay as you earn, so much simpler but us self employed have to fill in returns - BIG PAIN!

  8. Anonymous11:25 AM

    OOooooohhh--Wonderful! Your sketches are magical, Carol, and what an exquisite book. Looks like elegant photos. Love the elegant woman in the Tuilleries with the young children, and Audrey is tres chic, comme toujours. Thanks for sharing that book and your sweet sketches.

  9. Love the doodles! More of these please...Lovely book...soooo much better thatn taxes...ugh. A black and white macaron would be just thing right now too! Yum.
    All best, Jan

  10. wonderful sketch Carol...have you seen the Parisenne women book?

  11. Anonymous2:44 PM

    love these, Carol!
    My favorite kinds of sketches. They make me think of Sargent, or Childe Hassam, or Berthe Morisot.

  12. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Perhaps you should get those taxes done: the refund might come in handy on your next sojourn in Paris! Of course, I should talk, I've been putting off doing my mother's taxes for at least 3 weeks. This weekend, for sure! Unless the weather is gorgeous and I can work in the garden. Oh, or the Sketch Crawl might be this weekend, but if not, taxes, for sure! Unless I need to do laundry or grocery shop or iron. Or bake, maybe try to do a brownie pop like the one I had from Dean and Deluca today. It was round, on a lolly stick and coated in chocolate. Thoroughly satisfying. Now, what was it I was going to do this weekend?

  13. Lovely images!!!
    and your doodles are just as lovely carol!

  14. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Carol, your sketches are hardly "doodles" - they are exquisite. I say forget the taxes for another day.

  15. Doesn't Paris look wonderful.......
    one longs to go there.

  16. Beautiful drawings... so romantic... and that last photo of Audrey and Fred... lovely!

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  18. I love your pictures
    especially the one of Audrey and Fred.
    Thanks for all that you share.
    Love Jeanne

  19. I love Funny Face, I have 5 weeks to wait before I go back to Paris for a brief jaunt, the photographs are fantastic, a book worth tracking down.

  20. Anonymous12:26 PM

    If I was more centered and if anyone would read it-or even if they didn't- and if I could hide away for a short time between three children, soccer practices, school and three cats, two dogs...then I would have a blog such as this.

    Perfect, stream of consciousness, strewn with dreamy pictures and lovely art, each of your blogs envelopes the reader and brings them into your minds eye for a moment. This is a sort of mini-momentary vacation that I can immerse myself into for a few minutes. Thank you for that! Of course it helps that many of your passions are mine, too.

    I am especially fond of anything teacup, teapot and coffee related and love all your watercolors that so beautifully capture each cup and setting. I would love to see a more ornate, patterned or floral cup-something you could do wonderfully. (hint, hint)

    I look forward to all you see, do and experience in your upcoming trip to Paris!--Karen @ brodiemojo@yahoo.com

  21. Carol

    somehow months ago I stumbled onto your ParisBreakfasts bog and have been hooked every since-- I look forward to what you post and as all kindred spirits or folks of like minds that tune into daily from around the globe -- I too should be working but somehow I am lost in your doodles and enjoying the simple pleasures of art photography
    Annie-P-town Oregon

  22. I love your blog! Went to Paris last 2007 and I instantly fell in love with the place. It's cliche but what the heck. Paris can send one to one's knees. That's how powerful the place is.

    Here's sharing a few Paris photos I took during my trip. I hope you enjoy what you see. ;)




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