Sunday, March 23, 2008

La Grande Chasse aux Oeufs

French Easter Eggs I'd love to know how many miles of ribbon are used on French chocolate eggs this Easter.French Easter EggsIs this the biggest chocolate egg in the world? At Marquise de Sevigne on rue de Seine it's 2,800 kilos of chocolate (6,160 pds) and only costs 180,000 euros.French Easter Eggs Some choc eggs are decked out in pale green ribbons for the holiday.French Easter Eggs An egg within an egg at La Maison du Chocolat on rue de Sevres. The tiny boutique was so jamed-packed with shoppers they were selling chocolate eggs in the street as well. Never happen in New York :)French Easter Eggs My favorite old fashioned candy shop, Les BonBons on rue Brea had eggs up the whazoo and the shop was packed. Well every chocolate shop was packed on Saturday in Paris.French Easter Eggs Patrick Roger had giant a "Stone Henge" of chocolate eggs in his window.
Plus he used the shells as containers for even more chocolate eggs.
French Easter Eggs A miniature tableau of a mini chocolate shop on Ile St. Louis.
French Easter Eggs Fauchon, always the innovator, showed faux egg yolks in a verrine looking much like prairie oysters.
French Easter EggsHere they are.
French Easter Eggs Your everyday egg crate filled with some of the best chocolate in Paris at Patrick Roger and costing a tad more than the average dz.
French Easter EggsJean Rachoux had little Piu-piu/chicks hatching in his window.
French Easter Eggs More hatchery going on in a children's boutique - non-edible this time.
French Easter Eggs A very sweet egg on rue de Rivoli - a Faberge enamel egg.
French Easter Eggs But perhaps the sweetest eggs of all.
The eggs these children found in the grass at the egg hunt at Chateau Vaux le Vicomte today!

French Easter Eggs 


  1. Happy Easter, Carol!
    This is a wonderful Egg-O-Rama, no wonder people stand in line. Nice to see that Laduree's chocolate eggs were decked out in the same pale green that's my favorite Easter color. ;-)

  2. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Happy Easter! And it was a very happy one indeed if you spent a part of it at Vaux! Did you know that it was built for the finance minister or secretary of the treasury (you get the idea) and when Louis saw it, he had the man jailed! Confiscated it and then hired the 3 designers who built Vaux (architect, painter and landscape designer - this was a very successsful collaboration) to do Versailles? Be careful NOT to outdo the king!
    I remain, your humble servant, and mistress of a much more modest domain....

  3. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Will you be back in time to take pictures of the flower show at Macys?

  4. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Thanks for the wonderful "taste" of Easter in Paris through your great photos. Do the chocolatiers still feature village Easter scenes in their windows, all in chocolate, or is that passe? I've exhibited much self control today not to sample any chocolate eggs but after seeing these mouth-watering goodies all bets are off.

  5. What a chocolate heaven! Thank you for sharing the sweets of the streets of Paris. Fabulous photos!!

  6. so fun and festive, Happy Easter!

  7. Anonymous10:32 PM

    A Sunday post~ and Easter at that, what a
    very lovely surprise~ like finding an egg
    in the grass. Thank you.

    Happy Easter

  8. Anonymous2:01 AM

    This is the kind of "egg on my face" I wouldn't mind a bit!
    Lovely array of eggerie

  9. Anonymous2:03 AM

    What's inside of those eggs is what I want to know?
    Solid chocolate?
    Other eggs?
    A live chicken?
    Some bunnies?
    A live elephant in one case?
    Tell us? :)

  10. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Where egg-actly can I find French eggs in the US?
    I looked in the jardin and zero..?
    Maybe in the parc..?

  11. Anonymous5:07 AM

    La Maison du Chocolat thought THEY had the biggest, priciest chocolate egg!
    Wake up Maison to the news!
    Un oeuf géant en chocolat de 160 kg, vendu $7,210.

  12. I really want one of those pointy eggs from Patrick Roger. They will all be gone when I get there :(


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