Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dans La Rue

Kathleen wrote to me...I sneak onto your site and dream of being on the streets of Paris. I try to imagine how delicious the sweets must taste and what it would be like to spend the afternoon writing letters or in my journal at an outdoor cafe. This is the Paris en Colours poster in the street for the Hotel de Ville exhibit. 
Is there anything more fun in Paris than watching people in the street? And it's free.
The French do it all the time. They even have their seats set up in the windows, like here at Fauchon, so they don't miss a trick. I followed their example.
I love this dog walker's leopard shoes...
The pompiers (fireman) are just practicing here on rue Madame so M. told me, when I excitedly showed her this shot...
I still can't get over how French people blatently walk around eating their lunch in the street. Has the sandwich replaced the cigarette?

La Maison du Chocolat was selling their very pricy Easter eggs in the street on Saturday, since the shop was jammed.
Scooters are EVERYWHERE in Paris.

Nice socks!

The "layered" look - several shirts hanging out under the jacket...

The scarf as cape?

The French for some unknown reason refuse to wear hats, no matter how cold it is.

Now this macaron cart should be out in the street, instead of at the Marie-Antoinette exhibit at the Grand Palais.

How nice to have a macaron to munch on discretely, while people watching in the street.

Ooops! These people caught me watching


  1. Anonymous2:19 AM

    Oh boy! Macaroon carts! Perhaps we can persuade the movies here to have macaroon carts rather than popcorn carts...or both!

    How about some photos showing the nifty way the French ladies tie their scarves? I've never mastered it and don't like to stare when I'm in town. However, since you're so good at sneaking photos, this could be my chance to learn. :)

  2. Anonymous3:25 AM

    I did the French scarf post and had to remove it. It was too detailed. I could get sued in France for invasion of privacy :(

    Ms. Anonomous

  3. For one brief second you capture the image,and interrupt the lives, of Parisians going about their business, eating on the run, getting on buses, sipping coffee on the sidewalk, trying to look stylish, walking their pets.
    Thank you for that brief, daily window on their world, Carol.
    So different than mine.

  4. Dear Anon,
    to avoid law suits, obfuscating the facial features should to the trick.
    Yesterday I had just finished the composition for a perfect shot when my target turned around. Oh, the loss! I didn't dear to push the button.

  5. Oh well, I didn't d-a-r-e!
    (How come my brain doesn't know how to spell????)

  6. Anonymous8:15 AM

    That was a fun post, Carol! People watching is never out of style. I enjoyed this one a lot. Scooters, eh?! How fun. I'd be a nervous wreck on one of those! Thanks for taking us along, as always!

  7. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Please let me know what kind of a camera you use. You seem to be able to take pictures of people everywhere (mostly without them suspecting)!

    I so enjoy your emails!!! Wish I were there, too!

  8. Thanks again (and again and again!) for allowing me to escape the daily grind and live vicariously through you in the streets of Paris! Bisoux, bisoux!

  9. It's funny the things that I catch in your pictures that make me wish I was in Paris. This time it was the street signs in the photo with the firemen. And of course the macaron cart, but that really goes without saying, doesn't it?

  10. We have always loved to people watch. I have old photos of my parents taken on the streets in LA in the 40ies when they were young it tells such a story of the times. I love the shot of the woman and her poodle.. I did see at least 3 hats on women in these. The smarter ones who don't let fashion dictate their lives to freeze. Thanks for sharing that bit of Paris.

  11. Thanks Carol for taking us along, I miss Paris sooo much you know.

  12. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Having spent a winter in Paris, I am looking forward to seeing what Parisians wear for the spring and summer when we return in late April. It must however be admitted in the interests of objectivity that while the French are the most stylish (if not the most original) dressers in Europe, they are also capable of producing the most horrific ensembles known to woman (I'm sure I have mentioned the sheer, lime-green stockings before), so I await with as much trepidation as anticipation! As we live mere seconds away from the Jardin du Luxembourg, I will have plenty of opportunity for spying on French fashionistas (or not) in their leisure moments...

  13. Bonjour Carol:

    Both my wife and I (who are in our mid 60's) enjoyed the below photo on your post of an exhibit poster mural on fashions from the 50's. (I assume.)

    It eminds us of the great days of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue and the photos of Penn, Avedon,, David Bailey and others. I am sure this was not shot by one of them - it doesn't have that "look."

    Ah, when fashion had some flair, style and taste! As opposed to the horrid layered look, etc. of the current clueless dolts.

    Do I sound like a elite fashion snob? Oui!

    Do I sound jealous? Am I jealous? Oui!

    Oh, my daughter will appreciate the shot of the pompiers! She lives near a firehouse in Chicago and always stops in when she is dog walking. Love those helmets! I understand the French pompiers are very friendly and throw the best parties.

    I, along with many other subscribers to your daily postings are sitting back here in the dreary US, either suffering from rain, snow, sleet, fog or flood run off.


    Stef in overcast Chicago, waiting for the arrival of the above weather.

  14. Now that I have only four months until I am in Paris--your pictures of Paris are heightening my anticipation. Thanks for that!!! Only four months until I can eat a Paris Breakfast macaroon.

  15. Funny, I was under the impression that everyone in Paris wore designer suits and killer heels and scarves. I guess that just teaches you not to believe everything you see in the movies!

  16. Anonymous4:15 PM

    They don't wear hats because they don't want "hat hair" ;-)

  17. I love people watching and this is just like if I were in Paris sitting on a bench watching the people pass by. I love, love, love the first phot. I wish we all dressed like in the 40s with hats, red lipstick and looking sharp. No sweat pants, please!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  18. It seems that you are having fun in paris. I want a Ladurée cat here in NYC!!!!

  19. I admire those women of style like the one that you commented on her tights. The posture, the air...That undescribable something that sets people in a class of their own.

  20. a delightful trip through france...i too, visited basque country and over into france - loved taking pics. so wanted to do photo ops of the wonderful style of french women...but just couldn't pull it off. darn. i did much more though as i meandered through the wonderful culture. it's all on the lylah blog - beginning in early january.

    i came your way by my new basque friend aran....blessings...lylah

  21. Anonymous10:53 AM

    A Laduree macaron cart? That's what I want for my birthday!! ;-)

  22. Read this a bit late , but quite enjoyed! I love people watching..particularly in Paris! I can study/assess the styles and wonder "where did she get those shoes?" and such! I like some of the purses aussi! Thanks for allowing me to people watch en Paris ...even if I am quite across the pond!

  23. Read this a bit late , but quite enjoyed! I love people watching..particularly in Paris! I can study/assess the styles and wonder "where did she get those shoes?" and such! I like some of the purses aussi! Thanks for allowing me to people watch en Paris ...even if I am quite across the pond!

  24. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Le poulet or the chicken?


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