Thursday, March 13, 2008

Paris Cafes

Paris Cafes A Paris cafe story today because I have a gazillion things to do before I go off, none of which I feel like doing..
And as usual, I have cold feet and I don't feel like going at all to Paris...
Paris Cafe Call me crazy, but it always comes 2 - 3 days before a trip, like clockwork.
I decide I do not want to go.
That's all.
Not going.
Go in my place please. I'll pay ya!
Paris CafesNo matter how much I've traveled and I've traveled a ton, it's always the same story.
I don't wanna go the last minute.
Paris Cafe But I've yet to miss a single plane...
Or a single macaron for that matter...
Paris Cafe It's the awful tearing around the last minute to get blister pads or memory cards or Gawd knows what?
That must be the cause of last minute cold feet don't you think?
Paris Cafe Of course these cafes do look awfully tempting...Hmmm
I rarely sit down in a cafe unless I'm meeting someone...
Paris CafesLike here at Cafe Le Select with Corinne or was it M.?
There's a terrific new book out on Le Select -
Paris Cafe: The Select Crowd.
Paris CafesI do love to catch the quiet moment at a cafe as I'm breezing by onto somewhere else...
Paris Cafes You do know that your coffee will be much cheaper if you stand up at the bar or le zinc... You're paying rent when you sit down at a table don't forget.
At least they don't charge you more if you sit by the window...
Yadda-yadda-yadda - a cafe is like an after hours party.
Yackity-yack. Doesn't matter if a trillion people are passing by.
No one is distracted from their intense conversations...
Paris CafesOooops this cafe sitter noticed me...
Hmmm...I guess I am warming up to the idea of going off to Paris after all.
If I didn't have to post I'd be moping around instead of tearing off to the pool, and then the bank, and then the camera store bla bla bla


  1. You'd PAY me to go to Paris?!

    You drive a hard bargin... but I ACCEPT!


  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I want to go...I want fresh, hot croissants and sweet coffee. I want to sit in the breakfast room of our favorite little hotel and plan out a day visiting wonderful mmuseums and cafes. I want to visit the street markets in Monmarte and find inexpensive treasures. I want to sit in a colorful cafe chair, sipping tea, watching the world go by...
    Have a wonderful time!

    All expenses paid PLUS you get PAID to go.
    Can you take pictures Mark?
    It's in the fine print...ahem
    Gotta take lots of pictures oh and paint a few too while you're at it.
    Also in the fine print of our offer...
    Never forget to read the fine print!

  4. I get the same problem before I go away. Even trips I've saved up for years in advance, daydreamed about, packed for...about the day before and even on the plane I start to wish I was home in bed. This goes away once I've arrived at my destination. I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

    Gotta keep these pics around for next time...

  5. Anonymous9:46 AM

    How well I know that feeling too...
    First the trip is like a carrot on a stick and it's the only reason you can bear to exist at all.
    But as time draws nye, that all goes out the window.
    Here take my ticket not my wife please.
    I know it all too well..

  6. I would love to go in your place, Carol...but then it wouldn't be any fun...'cause you wouldn't be there. We all know you're gonna' go, and do all the fun and aesthetic things only you do, and who knows? This time, you may meet that "special someone" (you'll know me by my red scarf, and I'll be sitting at the far table.)

  7. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Last year, when Tech Hubby and I went to Cabo, I bought this little thing that looked like a mini deodorant but it was to prevent blisters. You rub it where ever your shoes might rub on you and it creates a barrier. Not one blister. It's in the band aid aisle.

  8. "Finally there's only one day before I leave. And that's when the horrible pangs of homesickness begin. ..... "I don't want to leave," I cry.
    .... ´That last night, I sit up in bed feeling so maudlin and nostalgic that I eat up my whole box of travel raisins and read most of the books I'd packed, just to comfort myself. I go for a last stroll in the moonlight to think my melancholy thoughts."

    "Leave-Taking", from Bailey White's "Mama Makes Up Her Mind and Other Dangers of Southern Living.

    Now go and pack your stuff or go to the bank, whatever! *stern look* We will sit down at a window table, order a cappuccino and check on your progress via cell phone once in a while (or whenever we run out of Euros).

  9. I get the homesickness feeling before I leave too, although mine starts weeks before. I am reluctant to pack, and feel like I might never make it back. I check the will, make sure all the necessary papers are easily accessible for whoever will have to deal the 'estate'. And then have a wonderful time while I am gone.

    We are all looking forward to your trip, and not feeling the least bit anxious that you won't have a wonderful time!

  10. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I alllllways feel the way you described, right before a trip, Carol. I can totally relate. But Paris...I dunno-sounds pretty darned nice, especially in the springtime! have a wonderful time! We'll all be thinking of you,

  11. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I subscrbe to your wonderful daily blogs on Paris and I am so enjoying them.
    I lived in Europe years ago and still miss it terribly. Thank you so much for all the wonderful photos, it takes me back and makes me long for that life I thought I would have but instead went a different path.

    I had to laugh, I too dread a flight, but always seem to make mine as well and of course we all want to go to Paris. Have a safe flight and I'll be anticipating more fabulous photos and comments.

  12. I get the same exact feelings before a trip - be it three hour drive away or an ocean. Inevitably the feeling quickly is forgotten once I reach my desintation and start enjoying everything around me. Have a great trip!

  13. It seems to me there are enough folks here to start a:
    Pre-Traumatic-Trip Syndrome Group
    We could help each other out by taking each other's trips...

  14. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Safe travels Paris Breakfast!! And a Bon Voyage too! I'm very much looking forward to all you are yet to discover and share!

    Just thinking about your trip makes my tummy growl and my cheeks burn with the color of a Laduree macaroon!

    Bring on the paintings and all the other beauty!


  15. Oh I always feel that way too. I always thought it was odd, but now I think maybe it is normal. But, I think if I was getting to go back to Paris, I might not feel that feeling. Eat some macarons for me. Bon courage~

  16. I can't read your blog every day because it breaks my heart!!!!!! Of course, I miss all these Parisian Cafés. I had one close to my appartment where I used to go, Le Tourville, place de l'Ecole Militaire, wonderful!

  17. Anonymous5:30 PM

    How strange-I always get cold feet before departure. Then I start planning all the brilliant things I am going to do with my life once I get back from this damn trip. Then I go, and think, what was I so afraid of? Then I get back and never do any of those brilliant things which I planned to do after that damn trip. Then the restless feeling sets in again; I plan another trip; and the whole thing begins all over again. Mad.

  18. Have a great trip. Another idea is we could all meet you there!!!

    I have never been to Paris, but the more I have read and seen I want to go!!!

  19. Sign me up as another reluctant-at-the-last-minute traveler.

    I am always glad when I go, and enjoy being there while I'm there (though I long to be home, on the last day....), but the closer I get to going somewhere, the less I want to go.........

    I'm always afraid I've forgotten something critical...... It does help to remind myself that as long as I have the passport and the credit card, I'm probably covered.

    I think it's SO important to go, despite these feelings -- otherwise I would shrivel up and disappear....... When I go, I am reminded that I like going different places, AND that I am very good at navigating in and learning new places.......

  20. Anonymous9:43 PM

    WEll, I hate to admit it, but I NEVER have any second thoughts whatsoever before a trip. Does that make me strange?

  21. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Now that smoking is forbidden in restaurants and cafés (it's been so since Jan.1), you might walk into them more willingly - and even enjoy it...

  22. hey!

    I really love your blog! Just that you know.. I added your link to my food-blog! Hope that's ok!!

    greetings - ann


  23. My Friends left for France yesterday and they were last minute nellies but they got off alright. You will to. Enjoy the antisipation as thats part of the trip. :)

  24. Ashtrays how strange to see ashtrays in public! The UK has only been non-public smoking for about a year now but already it seems the norm.

  25. Very interesting! I thought I was the only one who felt that way! I will be so excited about a certain trip, and then shortly before the trip...I think..ah...I think I should not go after all, but rather stick tight and read a book in bed or some such! ha! But you know as well as is always glad one went...especially to such a place as Paris!!! And how!

  26. Anonymous10:30 PM

    I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO GO TO PARIS! Sorry, didn't mean to yell at you. ;p But really? Cold feet for Paris??! C'est impossible?!


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