Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jour du Macaron 2008

JOUR DU MACARON Today is JOUR DU MACARON day created by Pierre Herme.
The only day a year you get FREE macarons from master macaron maker, Pierre Herme + with a charity donation to FMO (La Federation des Maladies Orphelines)
JOUR DU MACARON At 9:00 AM no one is waiting yet.

JOUR DU MACARON Explanation in the Pierre Herme's window.Jour du Macaron is perfect if you're on THE EURO DIET. At least for your pocketbook if not your waistline.

JOUR DU MACARON 9:55 AM - a short line. I join it. Someone asks me are you an amateur of the macaron? Oui.
The first FREEEEE macarons come out the door!

JOUR DU MACARON Which one do you choose?

faster, faster Faster, faster!

JOUR DU MACARON33 flavors to choose from!

JOUR DU MACARON The charity mac-chocolate-raspberry.

JOUR DU MACARONOH HELL I missed the two-toned macarons.

JOUR DU MACARON The prize waiting to be eaten.
JOUR DU MACARONThe donation box - toss in what you want.

JOUR DU MACARON Waiting to get in. The line is now around the corner.
Over at Jean-Paul Hevin they are celebrating JOUR DU MACARON too. There are 2 other pastry chefs celebrating today. I'm off to check them out and report back. It's a race against time - As I raced to post I wolfed down my free macarons. I MUST replenish supplies at once. I forgot to taste them!
A bientot


  1. Ahh, Free Macarons!! Not Whole Foods but a start. :) I saw caramel in your bag I do believe.

  2. OMGosh. I would be hard pressed to just pick 3. But your three looked scrumptious. Plus the Raspberry one. :) Happy first day of Spring.

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    These Macarons look super delicious.
    Please tell me the Paris address. I'm coming in October !!!!


  4. you are so lucky to be there!!

  5. You are so luck to be there. I just posted about this on my blog...I'm going to link this post of yours...since you have the actual pictures of the day!

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    amateur >>> lover of.... :)

  7. Anonymous2:51 PM

    All of those fabulous macaroons. Be still my heart!

  8. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Tell me...was there hazelnut and praline macarons?? Sigh...

    Karen @

  9. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Carol, I've been busy getting ready for my last trip and didn't realize you were diligently posting even from Paris, so I was delighted to read this today. Looks delicious and you totally captured the day's excitement. Those macs look delicious!
    Happy Easter!

  10. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Long time reader, first time writer to you. Day by day, I get more and more excited to read your posts because on 24 April, we will be going to Paris!! I cannot wait. We will be staying in the 6th and will be in the beautiful city for 9 days.

    Anyway, my mouth is watering from the macarons you keep posting. Bon Appetit!

    So until April... au revoir!!

  11. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I am going to write these down.
    I think I have my gifts for next time picked out!

  12. Anonymous4:18 PM

    ONLY macarons for sale at Pierre Herme today!
    Wonder of wonders!!!
    And 33 different flavors..?
    How many is Bascan Robbins for heavens sake?
    Can you come back for seconds..
    Or wear a wig?

  13. It would be so difficult to pick just 3!! I posted some for the occasion too. You are one lucky gal to be able to document this for us!

  14. Free food for our starving artist!
    What more can you wish for? Did you manage to get a second helping? Free burgers at chez MacD tomorrow?

  15. I have a silly question. How long will these delightful macarons stay fresh? When I am in Paris next month I would like to bring some home (gifts & for my pure enjoyment). The problem is I will leave Paris on Monday 14 and stay in London overnight and come back to LA Tuesday evening. Will they stay fresh for a couple of days at least? I know it's a silly question :)

  16. Oh Carol.... Now I know why you came back to Paris!! For Macaron Day - I had NO idea there was one but boy did I miss out today... Next year! Must get to Paris next week for some macarons... I haven't had one in months.. YUMMMM... Enjoy et Bon Printemps... et Joyeuses Paques, aussi.. while you're at it!!
    Ciao, Leesa

  17. Anonymous9:23 PM

    1. Orphelines? Is that like our orphan diseases, the ones that drug companies won't research because so few people suffer from them that a drug would not be very profitable?
    2. You? an "amateur"? Hardly! I would call you a "professionel" of les macarons! No less!
    3. And advise Karen to do her own "research" and buy a batch of macarons on her arrival, let them sit for the requisite 3 days and then taste!
    4. Finally-Please don't photograph any more dangerous things like French people till your last day in Paris. I'm not really interested in shots of French jails.

  18. they don't even look real, perhaps like something in the nutcracker or some other delectable fantasy world!

  19. Anonymous12:39 AM

    What is your site about??? I just stumbled upon it while I was Googling "little white dogs".

    The one and only time I was in Paris was 40 yrs ago when I was 24 yrs old. I spent the most fabulous 7 days there and had the BEST Parisian room of my entire 4 month European trip. The small/tiny hotel was quaint and our 2 windows overlooked a beautiful narrow tree lined street and there were outdoor cafes with their umbrellas open. Our room had 2 double beds with chintz and floral bedspreads, window drapes heavily laden with the same material...the room was a dream come true. We met 2 American students that were studying there and they took us all over and we ate the best food and drank lots of wine. It was an extremely romantic experience.

    As you can tell by my memories I've never forgotten those days or the sights in my memory...and it's been 40 years.


  20. I love those beautiful red macarons. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  21. Ah thankyou so much for showing so many pictures of those fabulous Parisian Macaroons...I was in the beautiful streets of Paris three years ago and I had the pleasure of tasting a couple of these most amazing delights...ah bliss!

  22. Oh I'm so jealous! Happy macaron eating!


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