Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Musee de la Poupee

 The dogs of Paris fascinate me endlessly and even moreso les petits chiens de Le Musee de la Poupee
This little musee is one of Paris' many well hidden secrets.
True it is hidden in a little cul de sac,
Impasse Berthaud
quartier Beaubourg  75003 PARIS
Metro - Rambuteau
It's closed/ferme on Sundays and Mondays
I went back 2 times before I hit it lucky but well worth the trouble.
Look! A Parisien chien in dire need of pup beauty salon
These two tres elegante hounds have just returned.
A French boy and his dog.
A petit French girl and her dog.
A rather unhappy bebe with his/her teddies.
Did he miss his train for vacance?
These French bebes did not miss their TGV. Pas de tout.
It's holiday time in Paris and lots of patisseries are closing their shutters to go au plage. 
Me, I'm going to the piscine soon as I finish this post. I've been remiss this trip, skipping the pool visits and it shows :(
Please don't skip Musee de la Poupee.It's adorable and no lines!



  1. Bonjour, Paris!
    Fascinating, so many adorable dogs! My favorite is the one you'd send to the hairdresser: I'd say she's wearing the Farrah Fawcett style with panache.

    Once upon a time there was a small Dolls Museum in Washington, DC, in an old Victorian house. A private collection, gone, I think, and I don't remember a single dog amongst those dolls.

    Morning greetings from rainy Vienna,

    1. parisbreakfasts3:10 AM

      Come to SUNNY Paris a tout a suite!

  2. Anonymous5:49 AM

    This looks like so much fun! Thanks, I never would have found this place. I am planning to visit Paris in two weeks and since you mentioned a lot of bakeries are shutting down I am not as happy about my visit. What is Paris without a really good baguette?

    1. Not to worry
      I'm sure there will be bread in Paris.
      Take a tour with PARIS BY MOUTH Tours if you want to find the good place open in August - you can't go wrong with them!

  3. Swimmie! I'd buy that doll just for the name on the box (having a doll that actually swims seems kind of creepy).

    Only in France would a baker go on vacation at the height of tourist season. Q: What is Paris without a really good baguette? A: It's a lot like Lille.

  4. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Was Bear a bit jealous or was he happy to play?

  5. I would have enjoyed that..

    Just watched a movie you might enjoy..if you have not seen it already..La Fille Du Puisatier~
    Loved it..Charming.

    1. It looks very good M.
      Hmmm...I don't think it opened in the US either..

  6. .. I have always wanted to go there, but time slips through the fingers .. next trip for sure. Very sweet.

  7. What an amazing Musee, Carol! I cannot quite work out whether I would think it charming or just a bit creepy. I guess I will just have to visit and find out my reaction seeing all those dolls face to face.

    Thank you for introducing us to this little gem.

    1. Truly it's magical Frances
      you become hypnotized by those doll's eyes
      I've yet to feel anything but delight in there.

  8. Oh I just read your last 4 posts, I really should have commented on each, but I just got caught up in reading and looking at all the photos I didn`t want to stop to write. This museum looks so fun, love all the animals, more then the dolls I have to say and oooo that candy shop in the previous post looks like so much fun. I think I would spend all my money there!


    1. If you spent all your $$$ at the candy shop you'd go home happy and rich (even if it isn't a penny each) :)

  9. With so much temptation, I am impressed that you make it to the pool at all!

    1. The pool is a great calorie bank.
      Plus it gives me more stamina to charge around town

  10. what a life you lead! if i spent too much time here, i get unattractively jealous! i would settle for just those supermarche aisles!

  11. Don't be jealous
    The heat is on in Paris!!
    It's not so fun for browsers
    Cold showers/pools are the way to go.
    AC n'existe pas ici

  12. That is almost too cute :)
    I love the photos!

  13. You have been mentioned at the David Dewey workshop. Alison from NYC is here...& a woman named Jean found out about it from PB. I'm the Baby of the group (by experience,not age) but David teaches on different levels & I'm learning tons. Re the doll museum: great photos & story. I went to the one in Colmar. There was a huge exhibit of Barbies ( loved it). Thanks again for spreading the word about David D. Fantastique! Is your French even more fluent now?

    1. I thought my ears were ringing...
      How fun that I have spread the word
      Is my French more fluent? I'm not sure, but people have no problem being fluent with me...
      Why do they think I understand?
      Is it the cut of my scarf?
      It's too hot to wear a scarf right now..
      I have gotten better mainly by listening to the radio ALL THE TIME.
      c'est comme ca

  14. I love the smaller, less well known museums too. I haven't been to this one yet, but am planning on Musee Carnavalet next year. Perhaps I'll get here too. As part of Paris in July I did a post last week on the Public Hospital Museum, which is a fascinating little place too.

  15. AWC Catering10:20 AM

    Thank you for that blog…..
    and all the rest…..
    But this one brought back a memory of a little hand puppet I had that had been my dad's.
    One of the doggie dolls in your blog had the same face and the texture of it's "fur" looked just like my puppet.
    I could feel it, again!

  16. These dolls are just enchanting! I love dolls -- did as a kid and now, too. In fact, at the yard sale I was helping at, they had a box of dozens of dolls from all over the world. I came home with one! How fun to see so many!


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