Friday, April 01, 2011

Poisson d'avril !

In Venice BEAR was dreaming of fish.
But everyday the plat du jour was poisson.



Today in Paris it's Poisson D'Avril and the plat du jour is.
You'll see signs all over town.
It's the day you play a trick/blageur on your nearest and dearest.
And secretly attach a paper fish on their back...ahem
Plus you MUST eat FISH!
Specially in season are ganache-filled chocolate 'sardines'.
Sachets and baskets of them await you.
Or marzipan fish of all ilk.
And species.
You can always settle for a giant chocolate fish filled with friture (even more tiny chocolate fish).
Poisson d'Avril is the day to get fish out of your system by eating as much as possible. A good place to get your fill is La Mere de Famille.
So get out the fish plates and glasses.
And put on those fish shorts while you're munching away...


Nisrine M said...

I had almost forgotten about Poisson d'avril. Thanks for reminding me. It's tme to think of some mischief now.

Carol said...

Hi. I just pass by to say that, although I don't come in to your blog frequently I read all your posts through RSS feed, and I love all! Thanks!!

Oltra Bitácora said...


cocoa and coconut said...

Oh my goodness I forgot about this holiday almost! I just looked at the date and it is the 1st of April. Dear me! I must go and stick some fish on the backs of unsuspecting Parisians in the métro ;)

Giulia said...

As early as yesterday afternoon, la gattina was looking devilish. So far so good, but it's only 8.24am.


Amy said...

MUCH more fun that coming to work and finding that someone has hidden your chair, your pencil cup, your stapler, your tape dispenser...

sillygirl said...

I want those shorts!!!!

Justine said...

So many yummy CHOCOLATE FISH!
Ordinairily I don't care for fish but this time I will make an exception!

Patricia said...

Love your recent posts, and seeing dear Bear on his various adventures!
He is really something.

Your posts makes my heart ache for Italy, and always, Paris!

More sil vous plait!



Accord Parts said...

Wow it's great..Fish can be use in a innumerable way..I like the chocolate fish specially..It's looking just awesome..

Anonymous said...

I did not know this French tradition. How fun. May Day in Paris is still my favorite though.

Irene said...

Nice post, well researched as always! Love it!
Je vous souhaite un joli mois d' Avril, et ce n'est pas un poisson d' avril!

Marina Mott said...

Hi, Carol!! That's great!! I didn't know about this chocolate fish april's first thing!! It's funny!! Here in Brazil april 1st is the lie day! We play jokes! have fun!!Kisses and Hugs!!

Merisi said...

Big fish, little fish, April fish,
and chocolate at that! Merci :-)

Nikon said...

Living in The Ocean State, I love seafood! Those shots of the plates in Venice look delicious!
The chocolates look great, too.
As for those shorts.....:)
Happy April!!

Diane said...

Thanks for writing such a great blog for the chocolate community.

Jill@MadAboutMacarons said...

My goodness, Carol. Great photos as ever. Lovely to see you back. Hope you had a good "rest" in Venice - or rather, a ball! Take care and here's to a great springtime. Speak soon, Jill xo

jeanette sclar said...

The Italian chocolate fish are incredible!!! Dare I say they are the equal of the French?