Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ode to Printemps!

Last night French Girl and I went out to shoot the windows/les vitrines.

Au Printemps department store was celebrating La Fete du Printemps.

With giant floral bunnies... Floral swans.

In lavender no less.

And flower-headed Rockette Chorus girls.

Lined up.

In sumptuous rows.

A flower power couple even.
This flower girl succumbed to Spring Fever and fainted.

In a swoon from rose perfumes.

Hidden in ribboned boxes.

Suddenly behind us on boulevard Haussmann we heard a great WOOSH!

Hundreds upon hundreds of Parisien skaters took over the street in a woosh of Spring Fever!
One was decked out in blue lights!
Then they were gone.

Ah, the ever present French escargot in luscious pink roses...

Don't forget Paris is laid out like a snail with the 20 arrondissements curling around on themselves and #1 at the center.
Et voila!


margarida said...

Dear Carol,

this is as good occasion as any to say that yours is the most delightful blog ever!
Such wonderful taste, such fun remarks, always surprising us with such friendly walkabouts!
You are truly a great, wonderful, vivid, 'virtual friend'!
Personally, I simply LOVE Bear! :)
Big hug for him and all my best for you, that I find a lovely, lovely person!
Thanks for being this way!


P.S.: love specially dogs and chocolate!
wouf!wouf! miam, miam!...

K and S said...

beautiful vitrines!

Dianne said...

Bonjour Carol - I'm still laughing from seeing that poor flower-girl -fainted on the floor!!! Love your pics and all those flower-heads.
Keep safe in beautiful Paris

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

... lovely post ... beautiful pictures ... thanks

Miss Holly said...

One of my favorite places on earth! Love your posts makes me feel as if I'm there! The skaters..... Paris.....

A Brush with Color said...

Oh, those mannequins with the flower heads are aweseome, Carol--what fun are they! So pretty. I love your snail map. Have fun!

Patricia said...

I know that sound - that slow hum that comes from down the street and gets louder and louder then suddenly hundreds of rollerbladers go speeding buy for minutes - I loved it! It was exhilarating watching them! One more reason for me to miss Paris!

Merisi said...

So lovely, I am gonna faint like that flower girl! *giggles*

A wonderful weekend to you,

Foodwalker said...

Hey, love the colors of the clothes in today's blog and your darling snail. I wish all the large cites I've driven in had périphérique like Paris. It makes it very easy to correct yourself when you've missed a turn. Just wait and it will come around, again.

Anonymous said...

I love the fainted girl, so funny and sad.

And the escargot--what a beauty!

I agree, you blog is so joyful, just a pleasure. Thank you.

Grace said...

I am so jealous and so missing Paris!! I love Printemps...I ate there and had to go to tha ladies room because I saw they had PINK toilet paper...Bonjour!! hahaha Thanks for sharing Grace xoox

Nikon said...

I love that opening shot - the colors are fabulous!
All of the window shots are great, too.
The skater with blue lights is a one in a million shot! Nice job!

Bill said...

Wow! The real flower children! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Ahh so you are back in our lovely Paris. Gorgeous photos today and thank you for sending us some Spring. I have heard that the weather forecast is lovely. How long are you in the city of lights? X

Marina Mott said...

These flowers are unbeliveble !! So beuatiful!! Love it!!xx

Karen @ PasGrand-Chose said...

I love how Printemps lives up to its name in the spring, with such style! Loving all your posts, thanks!!

M said...

Gorgeous post, Carol!
Thanks for capturing flower-headed mannequins for us; I've seen many a fab window display in Paris, but never flower heads. Gorgeous.
Your post matches perfectly the weather this Sunday -- early summer already!
Apropos: time to get back out onto the terrace. With an aperitif, naturellement. :-)

Louise said...

Thank you so much for this post Carol. It's like being transported to Paris! If only. I'm so glad that I live in a world where even though I can't be in Paris to see the glorious spring window displays, I can glimpse their beauty through your wonderful pictures. I think I love the giant bunny best, and the fainting flower head girl. And how lucky to have all the skaters zoom past!

Harriet said...

The fainting flower-head is a riot. That swoosh noise also surprised me one night in Paris while out for ice cream...the first time hearing/seeing the event is a memory not to be forgotten. Your blue-light photo is great.

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Gorgeous and whimsical at the same time. They do such an amazing job! I too love the fainting mannequin......Maryanne xo

Parisbreakfasts said...

Evidently the skaters whoosing is a once-a-month event!
Who knew?
xx Carolg

jeanette sclar said...

Leave it to you to jolt me back to reality after a long weekend of partying and pampering at a family weding! However, I can honestly say I approve wholeheartedly of the floral bunnies! And of course, I LOVE the mannequins with their head in the flowers! I shall join them out in the garden shortly!

Amy said...

Those are gorgeous shots. I love the l'escargot rose!

Yesterday I was shopping in Minneapolis with my mother and I saw a big Easter bunny covered in tiny little white blossoms.

She wouldn't buy it for me.

Bad Mom.

Then she bought me dinner and made up for it, though.

Wayoh said...

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Kay said...

Oh what fun! We were at that store, too. I have a black cloth bag from that place.