Thursday, November 14, 2013

What to wear - Paris Photo Opening

Yesterday was the 1st day for the Dior exposition at the Grand Palais. It's always a good idea to hit these potentially popular expositions the first day before word is out and you have to fight the crowds. More about Dior tomorrow.
Just around the corner a great gathering of people lining up for something other than the Dior. Any event at fabulous Grand Palais I'm game for, so why not go inside? Paris Photo is opening today through Sunday officially - 136 galleries displaying all manner of au current photography.
The classic archetypal Paris Eiffel tower photo greets you at entry.
Luckily I was wearing black last night.
This space is huge so there's a lot to see. Does it really matter what you're wearing? Even if tout Paris has shown up for the vernissage/opening?
If you have Rapunzel-like long hair (preferably brown) your IN. But really the fun is looking at everyone else IMHO.
Ex-pat Adrianne Leeds was dressed de rigeur head-to-toe black.
Boots matching jeans? Sure even if they're not black.
Head-to-toe red will work with masses of hair.
Masses of hair and leaves in this Italian photo. Why didn't I shoot the name placket?
Big dead leaf bouquets - perfect for a Fall expo.
A giant photo by a British photographer.
Still life photos caught my eye.
Joel Meyerowitz got permission to shoot Cezanne's painting objects and even take them down off the shelf.
Cezanne's studio by Joel Meyerowitz. Ah to be in his shoes.
One whole stand dedicated to Robert Capa's photos caught my eye. This riveting of shaved, shamed French women shot was shown at the Branly's Hair exhibit.
Another classic photo by fashion photographer Horst P. Horst.
The range is exhaustive here. I just dipped a toe into the viewing possibilities.
Big globes inside reflect the full November moon outside. If you're a fan of photography, people watching or the Grand PalaisParis Photo is a don't-miss.


  1. Very interesting events and outfits, indeed!
    Love the dreamlike quality of your last image.

    1. Hahaha
      Thank the iPad for the fuzz and blurr

  2. Paris Photo does look like a wonderfully huge exhibit. Thank you for giving us a chance to have a peek at the chic folks and the exquisite photographs...via your own excellent photography.

    I also really enjoyed learning a bit more about vanilla's origins and the many places to discover the precious pods all around Paris. I do bake, but have never actually used vanilla beans/pods. Perhaps I will cross over the flavoring street this coming baking season, trading my usual extracts for a more direct approach.

    Carol, you continue to inspire us! xo

  3. Just wanted to let you know, that the photograph that you were unable to identify, is by the amazing TIM WALKER.
    I never realized that the pile was of hair (?) and not leaves.

  4. So awesome! Wish I was there in person but thank you so much for sharing this with us!!!

  5. The perfect black coat/jacket to hide whatever is underneath!

  6. I was at the Paris Photo two times (the first time it was still at the Carré du Louvre) and had a great time. The Grand Palais is such a beautiful building! The perfect place for this event. I'm looking forward to you your photos of the Dior exhibition and have already put it on my to-do-list for my 5 days trip to Paris in December.

    1. Unfortunately Vreni,
      The Dior exhibit is just on for 12 days.
      Who knows why since it's quite elaborate - 15 artists homages to Miss Dior perfume plus Dior's personal artworks collection

  7. Capa. Meyrowitz. Such favorites. Dior -- well, I don't exactly fit in there...

  8. Great shots of the crowd outside & in.
    I wish I was there to see that exhibit!

  9. Bonjour,

    Une incroyable exposition... merci de partager avec nous ce merveilleux aperçu...
    Gros bisous

  10. Deborah10:30 AM

    I enjoy your posts for the "fashion" of Paris as much as the desserts. Interesting to see the photo of the boots matching the jeans. I am in Boston and every woman under 30 is wear brown boots with skinny jeans. The streets are a sea of women wearing this combination on the weekends--it's almost comical. We need a new trend around here...

  11. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I can't imagine why but I have always wanted to walk the streets of Paris. I wasn't raised with my siblings but I discovered that all 3 of us had bought the same painting-Carriages and people on a rain swept street with misty lantern light-and we all had a feeling of absolute familiarity and a sad reaction to the image. One of those experiences one ponders.


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