Friday, November 29, 2013

Les Fees Patissieres

Some weeks in Paris are full of lovely culinary surprises...OK most weeks. Here's an amuse-buche aquarelle of today's sweeties.
Une petite bouchee perhaps?
These little darlings are called "bouchee"
This one has THREE kinds of vanilla; Madagascar, Tahiti and Indian. Perfection for those of us trying to get a grip on French vanilla.
Did I say they are made by, Les Fees Patissieres
21, rue Rambuteau 75004 Open every day 11 - 8 pm
Two girls, Deborah Levy et Sarah Harb became obsessed with creating the perfect little bite(bouchee). You're gazing at a mini version of a religieuse in café and chocolat.
A mini Paris Brest (praline et pomme vert) on the left and a mini Fraisier on the right with a touch of pistache.
Tarte au Citron is an incontournable/a must-have in any patisserie. This one has a divine touch of Yuzu
I asked owner-creator Sarah how do you eat these gems? Are they like a 1-bite sushi? Not at all. They entail a 3-steps. She  demonstrates.
This Nutella-noisette bouchee requires you to eat the bobble on top first (looking much like all the bobble knit hats everyone is wearing in Paris right now).
Get ready. Set. Go!
The décor of this tiny shop is decidedly girly. I was smitten.
Top pastry chef Eddie Benghanem of the Trianon Palace at Versailles has made these girls dreams come true, They had the concept and he did the creating in the cuisine so they are perfect.  There are 12 designs in all for the winter collection.
Le Bonhomme de Neige is Benghanem's Holiday buche de Noel filled with vanilla mousse, poire, noisette biscuit and milk chocolate.
Lovely caramels for another mini bite in an array of flavors.
I got a mange-passion caramel I planned to save but forget about that happening.
More minis - these perfect tiny pain d'epice bites definitely made by fairy pastry chefs - very hard to stop eating these.
There is also guimave in the much-loved kid's candy flavor  fraise Tagada
With a matching bouchee to boot...
Les Fees Patissieres is on a street (rue Rambuteau in the Marais) loaded with tres delish pastry shops. Everyone was peering in with envy watching us tasting bite after bite. Do drop in.


  1. YUM! -not a very sophisticated comment but a heartfelt one!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Ok. I will have 1 Nutella Noisette, and 1 Fraise Tagada s'il vous plaît, Carol. Is it just me or do the first photos show a creative spin on American-style cupcakes? The concept of bite-size (and the cute name,) are definitely "dans l'air du temps," and perfect for les Parisiennes who watch their weight and believe in portion control… "Manger de tout, mais aver modération…" It seems your clever new friends are a hit. They must have gotten something right… I will try and pay them a visit next time I am in Paris. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. Love minis..and you aquarerelle of the petites even more-

  4. Oh I think living in Paris would be dangerous to my self control. Everything looks so Delicious. Now I am craving something gooey, sweet and creamy. :)

  5. oh..forgot to mention how much I love the drawing you did. :)

  6. Wow. That all looks so fabulous Carol, lucky you getting to experience all that. It all looks so amazing. Mini Paris-Brest? Yes please! Yet dare I say it? This is sort of a cupcake mentality isn't it? I think my heart just about stopped when I scrolled down to those pain d'epice bites! I will definitely hope to find those a year from now. I must say that Tagada was one of the few disappointments I've had in Paris, perhaps I'm just a few decades too old to enjoy them? Rue Rambuteau was already packed with deliciousness- it's a destination in itself.

  7. The minis all look delicious :) I love the shop, too.
    Your last shot is a great photo - the people, the dog, all looking into the shop :)

  8. Carol, your watercolor painting just sets the mood that those photos and text develop. These delicacies do look rather delicious.

    (I keep wondering, as a baker who would never, ever, attempt such minis, what sort sort of oven thermometer must these bakers use? The precision required to create this visual and taste splendors...I cannot imagine it.

    Note to self. Please do book a trip to Paris next year. Seriously.


    1. Think LAYERS
      These jewelettes are layered affairs
      Many steps to the finished product

  9. I am completely convinced you have died and gone to heaven. This just is too good to be true on earth.

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  11. Diane DS4:50 AM

    OH...the Rambuteau patisserie is now the top of the top. So modern so charming so fresh and sized just right and makes everyone else now seem dated and boring don't you think. This one now will be the favorite, this is one of your best ever

  12. Bouchée, sounds so much nicer than mouthful. The French do have such romantic sounding words, & yes ! dare I say it, some of those darling little bouchée do look like a high class cupcake. Love your aquarelle, give me more.

  13. Miniatures! I love them---aren't there a couple of miniature chou pastry shops as well? Are these the size that would work on a cafe gourmand plate? So many questions, but this place goes on my list. Thanks.

    1. Totally the same size or smaller
      3-bites worth. Like sushi almost.
      They would be perfect at tea parties, cafe gourmand, for the little girls in all of us.

  14. All I can say is OMG OMG OMG...absolute heaven!

  15. As soon as I saw your painting I knew that I would love this post! Oh, my! These are fabulous photos. So delicious!

  16. These bouchees are perfect for trying a little bit of everything! Brilliant idea!!

  17. Lot to be said about mini versions. Love them! That way would love to taste as many as possible. Looks a super address, Carol - thanks for telling us!

  18. delicious! i ve been there yesterday and it was amazing.


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