Monday, November 18, 2013

Paris Xmas Windows

The gorgeous girl in pink in all of Galeries Lafayette Metro posters is no where to be seen in the actual windows. What happen?
Still I loved this giant cat with clocks for eyes.
Clocks are the theme, "Once upon a time" 
In all the windows.
Is it about the tick, tock before Santa arrives?
I have no idea but the kiddies were lapping it up as always and that's who it's for.
There is always a splendid feast scene in Galeries Lafayette's vitrines.
Tick, tock.
Natch the chef is loaded with lobsters for the grand fete.
Other GL windows have giant hour glasses and floating bunnies.
You tell me what it means but at least it's very pretty, dreamy.
Printemps has joined forces with fashion house Prada
Dancing bears doing a Moulin Rouge routine

And snow bears on a glacier jumping about.
But most of their windows are full of Prada fashions...
A slightly different feast scene...ahem

I have no idea at all what this is about.
Wolves in sheep's clothing at Printemps. Look at the shadows - a giveaway.
I'll take these clock-shaped lemon meringues inside Printemps from Hugo and Victor thank you very much.
I'll be missing Bergdorfs windows this Xmas.


  1. What very sharp eyes you have - you are so right about the sheep shadows!
    Clock faces and hourglasses hold great nostalgia for me…one of the last generations raised in the pre-didgital age. I wonder if today's kids "think" in terms of the clock hand locations. If not, those who join the military will have to learn what they mean when they say something is "at your 3 o'clock"!
    And don't think I missed those longears! I am merely showing uncharacteristic restraint.

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  3. Lovely! I have to decorate a shop window for the season so this is wonderful food for thought. J'adore les ours "cancan" - ne pensez-vous pas qu'ils viennent du Moulin Rouge et non pas du NY? (les Rockettes? Jamais! :-)

  4. What fun..I really should try and get into Montreal..and see the lights..and windows..where I big windows..quaint charming lights..but nothing of this scale.

  5. Such lovely leche-vitrines. Those sheep. Hysterical!

  6. Wow, such lovely windows. One day I'm going to see the Christmas windows for myself. I must say that the H&V is my favourite.

  7. What fun! I love clocks. I had to go back and check out the wolves in sheep's clothing. Your the best.

  8. I like the feast scene, GL window, because they even did a window view of moon & stars...nice details...the Rockettes seem more American Disney than European...

    Different subject: Have you seen Les émotifs anonymes (2010)? about a chocolatière and a patron d'une fabrique de chocolat?

    1. I didnt see that! But it's repeated in the two other scenes as well.
      Sharp eyes ;))

  9. Carol, merci for this tour of the festive windows. It seems as if Paris is more attuned to New Year's clocks than to Christmas. (Perhaps the seasonal baking and other edible treats will shower us with Christmas tradition?)

    In my recent midtown NYC forays, I noticed that many of The Big Stores have had their curtains drawn while visual elves get the windows perfectly displayed.

    I promise to do a post about these windows...and remember what you said about taking photos after dark.

    Not yet so cold over here (still some green leaves on the trees) so it might be possible to take those photos without chilly fingers on the camera's button.


    1. Fingerless gloves to the rescue!
      It will be interesting to view NYC from over here...

  10. The floating bunnies remind me of the rabbits in the Wallace & Grommit animation, "The Curse of the Were Rabbit"! The windows at Le Bon Marché are understated but nice: trains, and icicles and piles of gold chains rising and descending...

    1. I must do Bon Marche! Thanks for the reminder.
      There didnt seem to be a cohesive thread in these windows or is it just me? Other than the time theme...

  11. You're feeding my craving of all things Christmas...and Paris!
    Love this!

    Manda from Eat Cake

  12. Love the holiday windows. Check out Grace's blog Pink in the City (NY) in Dec for Bergdorf's windows she usually posts about the windows.
    Well it seems the holiday countdown has begun in Paris.

  13. Looks like Santa has lost a bit of weight this year! Must take the kids to have a look but not feeling quite Christmassy yet but they're already discussing, bien sûr… Bonne dégustation!

  14. Meh...although a couple of the Prada dresses appeal to me. The winner is clearly the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing! In Paris, there's no need to step on Thanksgiving. The earlier the better!

  15. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Noël est à notre porte... Chez moi aujourd'hui la neige tombe...
    Dans vos multiples photos je suis attirée par celle des moutons et par les douceurs au citron de VH... J'aime beaucoup la tarte au citron.
    Mais pour être chauvine je vais dire que celle que je fais est la meilleure !... je vous invite même à venir la déguster !

    Gros bisous à vous.

  16. cyndi from sd11:22 AM

    Why is it that I sigh when I see your beautiful postings...or is it swooning?LOL
    I did not realize that they start as early as we do in the US with the holiday décor.I AM NOT COMPLAINING.
    When do they turn on the charming strings of holiday lights spanning the streets ( I loved the Eiffel towers on rue St Charles) ?
    Have a wonderful holiday season

  17. Oh, be still, my heart! YOu are getting me right where I live! I could look at Christmas windows all day, every day. We don't have many here so these are like a present. Oh, to be there at this very time!

    1. Come to Paris
      It starts early and ends late here.

  18. Interesting & I agree, there seems to be no cohesive theme other than clocks. Do love the wolves in sheepsclothing, but not sure what the connection is to Christmas.

  19. So much fun! I love the cat with the clock eyes, & the sheep. Everything looks fantastic :)

  20. I love Dancing bears.

  21. Vicki N3:22 AM

    Magnificent post, Carol! You really took us right into this beautiful action. I think the clocks/watches/hourglasses were about either passing time or a countdown to Christmas and the need to shop quickly! More likely the latter as this is all about retail, isn't it? Loved the sheep. Did you take all the windows at night to avoid the glare or has it been so dreary that that wasn't a problem. Thanks, too, for the Bergdorf link. I loved it!

    1. I should have mentioned it's called
      'Once Upon a Time'
      Il était une fois Noël… »

  22. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Well Carole, after looking at so many of your Parisbreakfast posts I have resolved to do nothing but visit the best patisseries next time I am in Paris. With Paris having so much that's amazing I am surprised to realize that the Christmas windows of the Myer department store in Melbourne, Australia are possibly second to none. There's got to something that we do better I suppose. Gwendoline in Australia.


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