Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Restaurant Le144 Petrossian

When life gives you caviar.
You’re probably at Petrossian.  Restaurant Le 144 Petrossian has a new chef Julien Violet, new décor & new menu.

Last night was bloggers tasting night at Le 144 Petrossian.

New York was never like this.

Les oeufs de saumon sauvage, baratta, fleurs et feuilles.

Le Crabe Imperial.

L'Oeuf caviar. Oeuf de poule, fleurette au celery, caviar Alverta.

Miam Miam!

Meet Parisian blogger Caroline of The click

Though no longer a vegetarian I'm not ready for le boeuf tartare even if dotted generously with caviar.

Desserts? No problem. On the left a mini-Pavlova meringue filled with chocolat Guanaja, perfume de the plus a fraise. In the middle a mini-Napoleon. And right a mini fig-quince tartelette inside spun sugar with a bergamote coulis.
A favorite pastime in New York was tea and a tarte and sketching at Cafe Petrossian.
Et voila
And back in 2006 I had a watercolor desserts exhibit in the café. Remembrances of desserts past...
Last night Caroline, Sollie and I walked home after the tasting at Petrossian on 144 rue l'Universite 75007.
Three Cinderellas returning to our tiny Paris pumpkins.
Have a wonderful pumpkin pie tomorrow PBers!


  1. Foodwalker1:23 PM

    Looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Are you still leaving the delicious crusts now whilst living in Paris?

    1. Hmmm...ce depends
      C'est trés dificile beaucoup foie(sp),

  2. Paté sablée in Paris has become a Danger zone...hard to resist French beurre.

  3. My favorite crust-
    How I love your shadows:-)
    The cork is so perfect..How enjoyable to meet bloggers too..going to peek:-)

  4. Thank you Carol for mentioning me :)
    Try Synie's cupcakes and tell me what you think about their sweet cakes !

    1. That's a tough since I never ever liked cupcakes or even birthday cake...same thing but mini version non?

  5. I love the photos of the blogging photographers :)
    The whole post is a great people-watching display - great candid shots, Carol.

  6. It was very nice metting you yesterday!

  7. Wonderful photos....Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a wonderful event! I agree…love the behind-the-scenes shots of bloggers taking photos. Looks like a network of lovely fellow food-lovers.
    Happy Turkey day, Carol! xx Katie

  9. sigh :)
    i just realise that i haven't had lunch yet - boy, am I HUNGRY now
    lovely, lovely post - made me happy just to read
    .... and I would have - exceptionally - even tried the tartare, it looks SO good!
    bisous, je vais me faire manger quelque chose!

    1. Oh I wish you were along to encourage me to try and taste Kiki.
      I've gotten much better but still could use a push now and then to try something out of my comfort zone.

  10. Bonsoir ma chère amie,

    Comment ne pas fondre devant vos dessins, les merveilleux amuse-bouches ?... et les douceurs des pâtisseries ? A cause de vous mon tour de hanche en a pris un coup ! Tant pis ! Le plaisir des yeux me fait saliver...
    Une superbe publication et bravo pour oeuvres somptueuses.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  11. That was a really beautiful post, those sketches are wonderful.

  12. You know, I've been subscribed to your emails for a very long time and it never occurred to me until now that I could reply! I just wanted to thank you (and what better day than today) for these lovely enjoyable for those of us who, so far, only dream of going to Paris!

  13. Le Bonbon au Palais4:44 AM

    Merci pour me maître l'eau à la bouche!!!
    Caviar HUMMMMMGeorges

  14. Happy Thanksgiving.

    What a wonderful caviar treat!

  15. Lucky bloggers! Always wanted to go there. One day...


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