Friday, November 01, 2013

Salon du Chocolat - the color Orange

Project: match the orange of this hatbox...
It took several hatboxes (filled with macarons by the way) to get the color right...
I thought it was just Frederic Cassel who was mad for orange...but there was orange everywhere I looked at the Salon du Chocolat.
Orange is a color well-loved by chocolate makers including Arnaud Larher and Henri le Roux..
Orange is the perfect backdrop for caramel au beurre sale evidently...
Doing a little color research I found out why the prevalence of orange
Orange is also stimulating to the appetite.
If you love having people around the kitchen table, orange will keep them talking and eating for a long time. Many restaurants use pastel versions of orange, such as apricot or peach or deeper versions such as terracotta, for their décor as they are more subtle than red, yet still increase the appetite and promote conversation and social interaction, which in turn encourages patrons to have a good time and to eat and drink more.
The color orange is obviously the worst color to have in the kitchen if you are trying to lose weight!
Ah ha!
More on Orange
Enthusiasm: Orange is optimistic and extroverted - the color of the uninhibited.
Rejuvenation: Orange helps to restore balance to our physical energies.
Stimulation: Orange is not as passionate or as excitable as red, but it is stimulating, particularly to the appetite - the worst color to have in the kitchen if you want to lose weight.
Courage: Orange helps us to take account of our lives, to face the consequences, to take action and make appropriate changes, and then to move onward and upward.
Vitality: Orange has a more balanced energy than red, not as passionate and aggressive, but full of vitality
A preponderance of orange makes perfect sense since all this chocolate is made with oranges.
Are you a fan of orangettes?
Chocolaterie Bellangers very long chocolate-covered orangettes were calling my name but the purse was empty. Georges says I should come to the Salon with no money and no carte bleu...Hmmmm
This is my second helping (in 2 days) of Basques Paries tres delish home-made ice cream (flavor pistachio. What else?). They have it in their Paris store as well...uh oh.

Orange-flavored pain d'Epice makes perfect sense...
The sign of a true chocolate aficionado are all-orange pants no?
Does your orange ginger cat want to go to Paris?


  1. Carol, I am gradually returning to some wonderful New York City pursuits, and it's been a joy to get caught up with Paris Breakfasts.

    Bravo on those Fontainebleau pastry paintings! And, as always, bravo on the excellent reporting of places I am not actually able to visit myself ... this week, anyway.


  2. Orange! Well, THAT explains my hips. Time for a redo! But oh, how pretty those bags are! And I just love your paintings as always. Orange and chocolate -- I'll take them both!

  3. So happy I subscribed to your blog. Love love love Paris and miss it so much. Planning on visiting again in 2016 and your great blog makes me feel like I'm there already.

  4. Orange is a cheerful color, especially on the long, dark winter mornings!
    Love the color matching challenge you faced. Did you start with New Gamboge as a base, or cad orange?

  5. Cadmium orange always + cad red + yell ocre +. + +...

  6. I know I've mentioned this before, but it is so gratifying, so encouraging to see attention paid to making things beautiful. Yes, I know that it's part of the selling mechanism, but these vendors know that if they do not make their packaging appealing, their intended public will not respond. Bravo for their beauty-loving public. It's not simply the packaging, of course. The displays, the vitrine, tout! Attention is paid.
    I use your blog as a pick-me-up and an encouragement. (Love the orange cat!)
    Thank you,

  7. And I just read today, students who ate an orange or tangerine before a test, scored better.

  8. :) wow - after all, i am still amazed with myself - how come i still haven't tried maison du chocolat. I think i've tried everything, but then there you go - time to set a reminder!! :D ( need for that one - chocolate is my water. But seriously, I have to try these chocolates. )


  9. I think you take a pic of orange pants just for me.

  10. I love the color orange and your Parisian cat is marvelous.

  11. My front entrance hall living room and dr is very close to that orange. Love the color..would love to eat the goodies in the boxes...

  12. They really go all out on the packaging! Everything looks so good.
    I love the closing watercolor.

  13. I've never worn orange pants before, but I'm willing to give it a try if it increases my chances of getting some French chocolate!

  14. Bonjour,

    Je serais heureuse comme un coq en pâte dans un tel univers !...
    Un véritable régal pour les papilles. Merci pour ce partage... J'adore vos aquarelles, elles sont tout simplement affriolantes...
    Gros bisous

  15. wneWalker1:43 PM

    Thanks for the photos. Good to see our little town recognized. Your blog on the color orange is v. gd. Made me want to repaint our kitchen

  16. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Beautiful....thank you.

  17. I love burnt sienna, too, Carol. And love all your orangey paint tests. These sweets are a thing of the past for me so I can live vicariously through you. Of course no gluten and sweets has definitely let me lose weight, I'll give it that...but I'd give that up to have at some of these treats. Love orange! Fun post.

  18. I love that colour of orange, Carol. It's so classy. Hm. I should have used that colour instead of sunflower for the new laundry. Hm. Living room, perhaps, with plenty chocolate... love your first shot with the paints.

  19. beautiful pictures. my son bought a box of those caramandes - sooo good.

  20. Totally charming. The Orange is great and the cat is fantastic. You know how much I like seeing your sketches:-)

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