Sunday, November 24, 2013

Salon Coqs d'Or

I read somewhere that some tasting salons can be just a ton of foie gras, giant fromage, saucissons plus wine, so I was a little unsure yesterday about attending Le Salon des Coqs D'Or..

This was definitely the very upper crust of French producteurs starting with the much-prized breads from famed Jean-Luc Poujauran, no longer available to the public and only served at Paris' best bistros

I did a mini faint when I saw the blue label on a brown paper bag.

I got to chat with Poujauran and asked him if he would be at any other tasting salons since his bread is near impossible to find or buy.
"L'annee prochain", he responded (next year here).

Another exciting find was the Maison Conquet
Le Salon des Coqs D'Or is made up of a very select group of carefully chosen producteurs from all over France - la crème de la crème in their specialties.

At restaurant Les Climats, I noted chef Julien Bosous was from Aveyron (a department in the north-east Pyranees). Plus we were served saucisson from Maison Conquet from Aveyron.

When I saw the same mark at the salon I was ready to dive in.
I'd bought some hazelnut sausage at another salon and found neither hazelnuts nor much flavor. Mostly salt in fact. I asked Geraldine of PPP if they carried flavored sausages since the idea of fig or chevre is appealing to a recently turned vegetarian.
Geraldine responded,
"We only have pur porc", with a bit of a sniff.
But now I get it. There's nothing extra in "pur porc" like tails or toes (ugh). If you buy from a highly regarded house like PPP or Maison Conquet you're getting le vrais chose. No mucking about, plus you can put on your own table what Les Climats serves. I got a rosette and a Roquefort saussicon at the salon. Miam miam. End of story.

I was dying to try some huitres/oysters from producteur David Herve in the Charante-Maritime.

They were offering a plate of 9 oysters + wine + bread and butter for 14 euros

But you could only get one kind of the many oysters offered and I wanted a tasting plate so.

There was a big crowd at MOF Fabrice Gillotte's chocolate table.

I'd heard raves from Louise that his tartiners were the best. Just my luck they were not taking carte bleu. Only checks and euros. It's probably a good thing I didn't get this...and devour it on the way home...probably.

Exquisite caramel-filled chocolate champignons.

To-die-for teddy bears with lunettes!

I love green olives with a passion.

And these Lucques du Languedoc are like no others.

They are pointed at both ends and taste meaty and sweet. I may be going back today for these.

Of course there were confiteurs to taste at le Salon des Coqs d'Or

and of course miel/honeys to taste.

Baguette dipped in flavored olive oils

Everything in France seems to be a "limited edition". There's a BUY-BY-DATE instead of a sell-by-date. Get it while you can or it's too late. This is not just Pierre Herme's Ispahan collections but includes honey! 

Always divine walnuts in every form to taste and buy.

I love the French graphics and packaging.

Speaking of packages, these pretty Burgundian snails were calling me.

Not the world's prettiest packaging but certainly the most highly desirable  and both from traiteur Famille Girardeau.
No child gets left behind in France. Kids under 12 get in free to Le Salon des Coqs D'Or.
It's open today until 7 pm at Hotel Marriott Rive Gauche.
17, Bd Saint-Jacques 75014


  1. Michele6:14 AM

    I'm salivating here...
    How did you resist ANYTHING?

  2. Foodwalker9:59 AM

    Gorgeous looking hunky bread as is the baker.

  3. Patricia10:15 AM

    No wonder french children grow up to be gourmets ... they're tasting the best of the best at an early age.

  4. Love your little sketches of it all, Carol. Sounds like it must've been fun to browse and nibble along the way!

  5. Fabrice Gillotte - Carol Gilott…..did the Americans corrupt the spelling of your last name and you are indeed truly French….which would explain how easily you fit in there?

  6. You've just proven why omnivores have more fun! :-) what a tasty photo essay.

  7. This would keep me in the poorhouse.....everything looked out of this world.....

  8. Love the girl in your art:-)
    I'd love an outing like this.

  9. I'm very hungry today, so this post didn't help!
    I could eat ALL of that bread, sausages & oysters!
    I love olives, too, green or black :)

    1. It made me hungry posting it.
      Fortunately I did go back and blow more dough.

  10. I have never eaten a snail. Our the ones in green above re-stuffed with a mixture of something? Dare I ask what snails take like?

    1. They are stuffed with a mix of garlic, butter and parsley or shallots. The texture is a bit rubbery but not noticed because of the trés delish butter sauce

    2. Escargot recipe (instead of turkey if you live in France!)

  11. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Tout est là pour éveiller mes papilles ! Les escargots ! Hum j'aime tant ça... et puis avec les truffes nous nous rapprochons petit à petit de Noël !
    Gros bisous et merci pour les très jolis dessins...

  12. Wonderful news about Poujouran -- j'attends avec impatience! And I always love learning about new Aveyronnais products!

  13. Oh, Oysters, Escargots, yum yum yum!!!!! Love it all.

  14. Annabella10:36 PM

    Dear Carol, excuse my confusion but do you say above that you are a 'recently turned vegetarian'? which would be slightly at odds with the devouring of oysters, pork sausages and snails......! If it is wishful thinking only, i quite understand the near impossibility of resisting these delightful animal products a la francaise!!

    1. Caught out.
      Yes Annabella i have given up my pristine lentlle/quinoa regime for whatever in France.
      Impossible to not taste everything (well almost everything) here.

  15. I'm astonished at how many of these glorious events you find, and manage to get to attend. But oh, I was so sad to see the tartiner that got away. Quelle dommage.

  16. R U kidding
    I am one lucky duck they weren't taking la carte bleu
    Think: potential Tartiner Addict just waiting to bust out

  17. Hoboken bedhead4:33 AM

    Nice one! I like the outfit of the characters. Wish i could do the same thing too but im not that techie.i like the outfit of “from farmer to warden”.. really interesting


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