Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Salon du Chocolat - last bites

5 days out of 6 I attended this year's Salon du Chocolat. That's a record for me.
The chocolate fountains were flowing as always...
One of my favorite tiny chocolate boxes from Jean-Charles Rochoux.
The other small chocolate box is from Pierre Herme.
Herme was very much present at this year's Salon
Doing hot chocolate demos and giving classes. Lots of new people at the Salon this year.
Speaking of small, these little jars of tartiner in all flavors were awfully tempting.
A wall of flowing chocolate from Bonnet.
Lots of chocolate machines emphasizing the bean-to-bar process at the Salon.
The biggest column of chocolates from Belgian Leonidas.
Slabs of chocolate stacked like greeting cards. What a nice way to say "Hello!"
I've yet to get a good view of the annual chocolate fashion show without parking myself for an hour ahead.
The closest I got to the daily show at 4:30. Forgetaboutit!
Fortunately the outfits are on display as well.
Two of my favorite gowns.

Where would the Salon be without all the young student chefs helping out? Me, I'm ready for some serious detox and minceur/thinning teas bien sur.


  1. Your aquarelle is just DARLING.
    Perusing David Dewey's book yesterday..I thought what a telented artist..His buildings are out of this world..as I flipped the pages.. I loved seeing shadows cast on veggies etc..his seascapes..reminded me of your classes..
    You must have been a star student for him.
    Thanks for recommending this book..Way over my head at first peruse..but love it.

    1. Start out at the absolute beginning with one-color exercises of paper cups.
      Way to go!!

  2. I will .. it's my nature to fast forward.I won't:)

  3. Detox? I'd never want to see chocolate again! Too much!! Obviously, the fashions are not for those who have hot flashes.

    1. Never too much!
      I love the smell of French chocolate...
      Why is it so different?
      I've yet to figure that out
      I'm just enhaling these days...yum

  4. I'd need more than a detox after 5 days of chocolate expos. The choc painting is wonderful, full of inspiration

  5. Gazing longingly at all that chocolate (but not the white choc, which I can leave alone) makes me feel that I must have been detoxing all along. My tummy rumbles for a pound or two of everything!
    Great chocolate washes! My copy of Watercolor Painters Pocket Pallette arrived, but I so distrust color reproduction that I am considering doing all the mixes as an exercise. Considering. One at a time. now that would build character!

    1. I think the colors are pretty right on IMHO

  6. Well I love chocolate and I would have loved it !! Also love your chocolate artwork!!!!

  7. Holy Moly! 5 days out of 6? Lucky you - great fun. As for your tempting watercolours, the Salon should take you on next year for their artwork material. You rock, Carol.

  8. cyndi from SD11:23 AM

    Oh,I'm sad that I had to change my Paris dates,and miss the expo.It looked magnifique.
    Thanks for taking us with you.

  9. Well, Carol, by now I would have been in total sugar shock and 12 pounds more than I was before the first of the five days! It sounds just magnificent -- (That caramel looked mighty delicious!)

    1. Little bites Jeanie...not big bars.
      There's a difference
      But yes I do need to swim more...lots more

  10. Lynne C1:38 PM

    What heaven!

  11. Oh WHY do I not have any chocolate in my house right now?!?!

  12. Love the dresses. Thanks - so much fun.

  13. 5 of 6 days! That's a true endurance event. A veritable marathon of chocolate. Well done Carol. I'm very jealous. I can't wait to see the frocks.

  14. I LOVE this event - easily one of my favorites - and quite frankly what made me fall in love with food and food photography. The exhibit hall with the chef demos is my absolute favorite.

    5 days? Lucky you! I can't wait to go back.


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