Saturday, November 30, 2013

Philippe Apeloig - Les Arts Décoratifs

Take a deep breath of relief PBers. NO desserts in this post. Invited to the opening of TYPORAMA - Philippe Apeloig at Des Arts Decoratifs. 41 rue de Rivoli

Des Arts Decoratifs is my all-time favorite Paris musee. I would never say no to any exhibition there.

Plus they have one of the best gift shops in town full if toys! Anyway Philippe Apeloig has worked with all of Paris' top musee and everybody else whose anybody.

Remember I took you behind the scenes at SAUT HERMES at the Grand Palais? Apeloig did the smashing graphics.

He not only worked with YSL in his heyday.

But did all the graphics for the YSL retrospective at the Petit Palace a few years back.

If you've been to le Louvre you already know Apeloig's work.

Walls of sketches and preparatory drawings show you how Apeloig dreams up concepts.

He's designed endless type faces, some made up of just punctuation marks.

They gave us gorgeous posters in black and white natch. There was a mad scramble.

What to wear to TYPORAMA. Black of course + a graphic hqndbag to liven things up.

You can't go wrong with Marimekko ever in the design world.

A petite bouchée of color here

Apeloig was getting congratulatory bisous right and left.

We go off for our 'dinapoire' at Les Climats. That's what you call an apero mini-tasting btw. We passed a little hole-in-the-wall building that  Apeloig would have loved to go to town with don't you think?


  1. Liza M.11:02 PM

    Love when you show us what THEY are wearing in Paris!!!

  2. Oh I love this. I'm a serious font-ophile.

  3. Oh the Philippe Apeloig sounds fabulous---and the musee des arts decortifs is my all time favorite Museum

  4. Great, colorful graphics. Very nice close-ups of the people & their expressions.
    Nice store front :)

  5. Will we be seeing some new fonts sneaking into your posts ? Thought the day would end up with a petit bouchee somewhere :)

    1. I couldn't figure out how to translate that one.
      Believe me I tried ;))

  6. This would be fun to attend...of course there has to be a pastry or two afterwards....

  7. Carol, I know that I would like this exhibit very, very much. Graphic design always amazes me, and the typography division ... fantastic.

    Thank you so much for this tip...exhibit, artist, and museum.


  8. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je ne sais pas si mon message a été pris en compte !!
    Alors je recommence !

    Je vous écrivais que Paris nous offre chaque jour la possibilité de participer à une exposition. Vous avez beaucoup de chance et nous également grâce à vos merveilleuses publications qui ne manquent pas d'intérêt.
    Un véritable régal des yeux et des sens. Je vous envoie de gros bisous.

  9. Souvent, Il semble comme ça Martine mais c'est pas exactement comme ça...
    J'espere que OUI


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