Sunday, November 17, 2013

Marches des Producteurs

Saucisse sautéed on the spot - the aromas put you in the right frame of mind.
Crowds form when there's cooking going on.
Onion beignets frying up.
But I saved my euros...
For this gorgeous bottle of vinagre a la framboise from la Comtesse de Chateau Merle. The look was so enticing, jam-packed with berries.
I bought a bunch of Laurel/Bay leaves too. I better get a French cookbook soon.
I did make apple compote and tossed in a vanilla pod today. Perfection.
Vin chaud. Tis is the season. It will be everywhere but I'll end up on the floor out cold if I down half a cup.
The Raspberry lady from Pari Fermier was here too. These farmers make the rounds on the weekends and produce like crazy during the week on their farms.They come up with endless variations on a theme whether the product is honey, walnuts or raspberries.
Sheep yogurt in a wide variety of flavors including chestnut. I meant to go back...
A sheep from the Alps-Pyrenees at Salon Saveurs, another food fair.
Salon Saveurs was at Porte de Versailles this weekend.  There are farmers but more distributers, so more polished and less hay. Still very fun.
I almost got vanilla pods from Tahiti (2 gousses for 10 euros). They were so much more delicate and fragrant than the Bourbon beans. regret not diving in.
Duck/canard at both food fairs in every form under the sun including almost life size chocolate.
At both marches the tastes are endless. The French are discerning from an early age.
Shopping is much more fun than the high-end department stores at the marches too. And the interchange is informing and friendly.
You won't find these big home-made nut tartes at l'Epicerie or at these prices.
I got my snails last night.
They were delicious. A PBer from Australia said, there's an awful lot of food at Parisbreakfast these days. Heading into the holidays, which begin much earlier in France, it will be difficult to avoid. I'll try for balance but preparation for holidays/fetes commences here with passion.
The next Marches des Producteurs will be on Square des Batignolles in the 17th arrondissement December 7 - 8. Don't miss it if you want to sample fresh foods straight from the farm in the city.
The Christmas windows on PB tomorrow.


  1. Foodwalker12:50 PM

    So much variety for each product.

  2. A mouthwatering post, indeed. I would kill for some of the snail and sheep yogurt! You picked right, Carol. Keep showing us all these goodies, please. I miss France even more this time of year, and your blog will be the next best thing to being there. A bientôt. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Snail yogart!
      The French never cease to surprise with their innovations ;)

  3. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Yummy! A BIG Merci! I would love a recipe for the Nut Tart! Its all so beautiful. Thank You for such great posts.
    You keep Paris fresh in my mind.
    Fan from Rural Oregon

    1. If I see them again I'll get one. They looked like a big cookie with a pate de sablée base to me.

    2. Anonymous12:06 AM

      Great! They sound wonderful. Have a nice French "Thanksgiving". cheers!

  4. Great opening watercolor, Carol.
    As for the rest, I think that those are some of the best photos you've ever taken! The available-light shots are fabulous; starting with the laurel bay.

    1. You did feel like you were down on the farm not in the middle of Paris, that's for sure

  5. Your aquarelle collage is a sheer delight.
    I would love to sample such great quality products..everything looks good..and different..

    1. Yes since the venders were from all over France though particilarly from the Limosine/Corezze everything tastes different and interesting.

  6. Carol, everything looks really enticing...and the atmosphere seems very welcome. I loved seeing the children getting acquainted with good tasting specialties.

    Your initial watercolor is a gem!

    I definitely enjoy seeing these recent foodie posts, and would love to see many more. But...did I read that soon you'll begin showing us holiday windows. That's fantastic news, toon.

    (Those chocolate ducks are unlike anything I've ever seen. Were they dark or milk chocolate...or a mix of both?)

    Oh, almost forgot. Yes, Winifred was Ben's wife. Married in 1920, and separated in 1931. Both Nicholson's work was displayed at Kettle's Yard.


  7. What ever you buy at Le marche des producteurs is always much more exciting than from a grocery shop especially the basket with little bunches of Laurel. I've just picked a branch from the garden, some of that will go in my Christmas wreath, love the perfume of that in my kitchen. Loved your fab. sketch with the little man fishing from the snail shell... & I would have enjoyed a glass of 'le vin chaud' it looked very welcoming.

    1. Aren't you from the Corezze area?
      It took me a while to figure out the name stands for Limousine, like Gers for Normandy or Breizh for Brittany.
      Nothing simple here.
      What a feast in your region!

  8. you are on a roll!
    I've so enjoyed these past weeks of chocolate and cakes and tastes and vinaigres and pies and tarts and tartlets and sausages (I am a vegetarian...but I can admire them...) and the farmers and oignon doux beignet...and all the great divine.
    Never too much French food...never.
    Your reporting is witty and always totally vivid and charming and great.
    fondest to you DIANE

  9. Chestnut sheep yogurt! Oh, my word! I'll bet that is wonderful!

  10. This was wonderful, and do keep up with all the wonderful is such a pleasure to feast my eyes on...

  11. Bonjour,

    J'adore cette promenade au gré des produits du terroir et de leurs producteurs...
    J'adore également votre charmante et talentueuse illustration de ce qui vous a charmé... et notamment le cuiseur de saucisses !
    Un excellent moment en votre compagnie.

    Gros bisous

  12. I love the amount of foodie finds you post. I'm from Australia too and always get excited about food markets and all things chocolate of course. Being a chocolatier I lived vicariously through you when you were at Salon de Chocolat so please don't stop with all the delicious food pictures.
    I'd love to see what the chocolate stores have in their windows and in store for Christmas as I haven't been to Paris at this time of year. Always manage to get there in summer.
    Happy eating Emoji

    1. Bonne Idee!
      I'd love to do chocolate Christmas windows Miga!

  13. Hi, I am from NZ and lived in France for over a decade,I love eating all that food for breakfast and when its on PB it has no calories...Regards Morna

  14. WAIT until you try the vanilla from Madagascar…Although Tahiti is fabulous, Madagascar is FIRST. I am with you in regards to vanille de Bourbon, ordinary in comparison :) Great post!

  15. Your posts are mini vacations! Thank you for your beautiful work!

  16. glorious photos - could almost taste and smell the wonderful produce. merci bien.

  17. You make a good point about discerning palates and tasting lots of things at a young age. These markets are simply wonderful and yes, there is a lot of food lately. But really, it's just so wonderful to see!

  18. Puts my local farmers markets to shame!


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