Friday, November 15, 2013

Miss Dior Grand Palais

The announcements were up in the bus shelters, one of my best source of what's on in Paris.
An exposition of works by 15 women artists, an homage to Miss Dior perfume at the Grand Palais from 13 to 25 November. Don't ask me why just 12 days and such an elaborate exhibit. I hope they extend it.

Dior's gorgeous textures and patterns.

The source of much inspiration.

First day visitor combs her hair and arranges sunglasses on top of head in the mirrors. Look at the painting by Liang Yuanwei, silly!
Dior's sculpted gowns. He longed to be an architect.
Close up, the tiniest of flowers.
A mutual love affair between screen stars and celebrities and Dior.
Bows and ribbons.


The exhibit is in the back, in the rotunda of the Grand Palais. The restaurant is there as well.

This massive bow by Joana Vasconcelos lorded it over the others.
The mirror placed behind helped spread its message.
Lights placed inside perfume bottles of J'adore. Meanwhile on the audio tape we hear Dior pronounce his great love for bows in any material.
So be it. A bow chair you can sit in, in A Room of One's Own by Nika Zupanc, honoring both Virginia Wolf and Dior.
The Dior pied-de-poule/hounds tooth pattern of the cage-like room is repeated on a tapis on the floor by Polly Apfelbaum.
Design sketches of the original perfume bottle.
The bow again worn aft.
And at the waist by Dovima with the elephants famously shot by Avedon.
I'm a big fan of illustrator Rene Gruau, perfectly suited to get out Dior's message of grace and elegance. Note the bow.
Rene Grau painting swans for Dior
Swanlike Natalie Portman is Dior's face of the brand. She stars in a film especially made by Shirin Neshat
Along with other artworks there is Dior's own private collection of Picassos, Dalis, Buffets on a landing up his signature filligree staircase. 
The Miss Dior exhibit is FREE.
Bon Chance!


  1. Lucille7:56 AM

    Hope they will extend it!!

  2. I have my tickets ahead of time for the major exhibits but the Miss Dior one which I didn't know about until you mentioned it--can't find the ticket purchase on the Grand Palais site--maybe it is sold out? Any ideas where I can look for tickets for that.?

  3. It's FREE.
    11- 8
    Until the 25November

  4. She's so pretty that NP..

    I love bows..
    I have a mini mini Dior bottle w/ bow..a gigt about 8 yrs ago in a mini set..too cute to throw away.
    Cute swans too:)

  5. Vous avez de la chance!
    Moi que je ne suis pas à Paris j'aurai pas la possibilité de les admirer de près.

  6. I'd love to see this one! Beautiful Dior....

  7. Hi Carol - LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your email of the blog is one of the first things I see each morning, with my cup of tea and you just make my day with your beautiful images. This is beautiful! xo

  8. Bonjour Carol. Long time no talk to... Now here is an exhibit I would have rushed to, but I guess I'd hardly have time to pack my bag before it is over... Dommage.... You must have enjoyed the break from all the tempting exhibits and places you usually feature here. Clearly, there was nothing to *eat* chez Dior... but, certainly, a feast for the eyes! Hope all is well in Paris. A bientôt, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. yes, yes a feast for the eyes, lovely thank you for the 'visit' with you

  10. Oh my - Dior and photos and vanilla and pastries ... what an amazing week! I'm loving it as much as you are!

  11. so chic so french Dior I adore him..but sorry miss Dior its not nice for my nose..I prefer Poison the red version ,the first one..but my personal perfume is Habanita not so commercial

    1. Now that you mention it, there was absolutely NO Miss Dior perfume sprayed at the exhibit.
      Too many allergies i would guess.

  12. Love Dior & would love to see that exhibit -so femine & classic & stunning & way too many words to describe Dior creations & your beautiful pictures.

  13. Bonsoir,

    Quel chic avec cette excellente publication !...
    Gros bisous à vous "Miss Dior"... ☺♥

  14. Great photos and your opening sketch, Carol.
    The red bow is a real standout.
    I like the early sketches for the bottle, and the vintage B&W photo, too!

  15. Please tell them to extend the exhibition until at least December 18, the day I will come to Paris...

    1. YOU tell them!
      Maybe you & others can make a difference Vreni ;))

  16. This was wonderful..the bows are breath taking..what fun..

  17. Chef Ann3:50 AM

    Stunningly beautiful Carol!
    Merci beaucoup,
    Chef Ann

  18. That looks such a magnificent exhibition. Such a shame it is so fleeting. I'm so glad that you were able to go, and that you shared it with us. Those bows are lovely. We recently saw an original print of Dovima with the Elephants in an exhibition in Canberra. I love those frocks.

  19. Beautiful exhibit.

  20. Hmmm. I don't think that comment too because no captcha came up! Love it all -- it could turn me into a fashionista -- at least one who would admire, even if I couldn't wear it! Love the swan and Avedon especially and the giant bows! I can hardly believe they'd just leave it up so short a time...

  21. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Same place as the Chanel exhibit that you told us about in June?? (no sprays of perfume there either!) Love the black and white hounds tooth check rug and sketches of the early perfume bottles. Carolyn

  22. No no that was the Palais de Tokyo but this perfume expo seems to be a trend...

  23. Such a great exhibit! But the thing I find most interesting is "pied-de-poule" for what we call houndstooth….houndsfoot?


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