Monday, November 11, 2013

Pari Fermier Parc Floral

I'd planned to visit Pari Fermier today, outside Paris in Rambouillet, Bergerie Nationale - a producteurs marche with milking cows and pigs and... But my ride fell through and the buses aren't running because it's a national holiday. I did go last weekend to the Parc Floral Pari Fermier at Chateau de Vincennes as a healthy break from the 6-day Salon du Chocolat.
Plenty of giant pommes and NO chocolate.

Their prune-pear jam was very enticing.
As always large and small animals decorate the stands though I would have preferred a few live ones like today at Rambouillet.
Many, many chevre made by
The same fromagere from Pari Fermier Autumn
Tastes of raspberries filled with raspberry syrup.
The berries came home with me.
So many kinds of honey in France. More research must be done.
Organic vegetables with long CVs to study over.
I'm always tempted by these snails. Next time it's a go.
Gougeres filled with goat cheese. Bingo. Into my bag.
I was mystified by Austrian sausages at an all French products marche?
Ah ha! Ostrich not Austrian sausage. Uh oh
Alsacien wines and apple juice. Yum
But I bought instead this nectar de groseilles/red currents.
Or that's what I thought I was buying. Chez moi it turned out to be Pomme-Cassis. Just as delish but one must take note of what one is buying the mad hub-bub of the market shopping experience.


  1. Real food vs. the sweeties
    Choices, choices!

  2. It's grand to see these seasonal displays of regional specialties. Please do look into French honey variations. Do the French bees favor different flowers than those of other countries?

    Gosh, Carol, I feel as if I have just posed an exam question. Not what I meant. Just curious, remembering a bit of what my country-raised grandmother would say about particular honey.


  3. I will have to consult the bees...when my French is better!

  4. Thought of you today reading this

  5. Yummy tomato watercolor patch
    More please

  6. These events always look astonishing. I did laugh at your Austria/ostrich sausages. Gougeres filled with chèvre? Yes please. I was surprised that raspberries were still about, I thought it would be too late in the season.

    1. I remembered you saying, "I bought the chevre sitting on a leaf and this fromager has dozens sitting on a leaf! Too funny ;))

  7. Poor baby. No chocolate amidst all those delicacies! I'm glad you found a wonderful way to survive, even if it wasn't quite what you expected. It looks pretty good to me!

  8. Patricia10:33 AM

    A day without chocolate? Mai non!

  9. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Une belle visite de notre terroir... Des pommes... du fromage à profusion... Hum ! de quoi se régaler !
    Une belle publication.
    Gros bisous

  10. Love that watercolor, Carol--beautiful! I haven't thought about Rambouillet in ages--I was there once years ago. Honey can taste so different depending upon what plants/flowers the bees are dipping into--and it helps you with allergies if you eat local honey, because it helps you develop a tolerance for things you'd otherwise have allergies to. I love that each local apiary has honey that tastes different for that very reason. Your foods have me drooling.

  11. Your reference to ostrich was very funny. Sounds like something that would happen to me. I had escargot and they were delicious, but since then I in a fight to keep them from eating my garden and they no longer have the same appeal. :)

    1. You are in good company with the gardeners at Giverny. Fighting the good fight for flowers and beauty!

  12. "Pomme-Cassis" A perfect opportunity for a Kir Royale!!!
    Santé, Merle

  13. Now that I absolutely must use reading glasses, I often bring home a "surprise". Imagine how many ore surprises I would bring home when shopping in an entirely different language!

  14. Thanks for sharing. I hadn't heard of this all-producers market before. I'll check out its next appearance, in the 15th, at the end of November.

    1. There's a MARCHE DES PRODUCTEURS event this weekend at bd de Reuilly 12th...very similar I imagine. 50 producteurs 9 - 20 sat/sunday
      I will get the snails this time!


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