Friday, April 26, 2013

Modern Art Desserts

The late Friday edition - I'm so happy for the 6 hr time difference...
Here's another Don't Miss PBers.
The Keith Haring exhibit at MAM - le Musee d'Art Moderne.
I can just hear you saying,
I am not coming all the way to Paris to see an American artist. No way.
I know, I know. I went reluctantly myself but got swept away by the enormous energy
So much vitality and downright positivity (I hope that's a word)...
It makes you feel extra proud to be an American - all that 'can-do' spirit is ever present in Haring's work.
And boy did he work - so prolific! I didn't know he painted sculptures and huge ones at that, plus murals everywhere including Paris.
And for very good causes - for AIDS awareness, stamping out crack cocaine, South Africa, you name it. And Haring supported the hip hop/rap movement as a positive change from crime and drugs. This guy was immensely pro-active in every possible way. Plus his bold color sense is riveting. You can't help feeling deeply energized when you leave.
So how does that bring us to these gorgeous tartes? In this town art and pastry are joined at the hip. Well maybe that's not the best cliche. My hips certainly feel the connection. But pastry chefs in Paris know their color wheel and their creations are works of art.
Even the Paris Opera chose American artist (and a big favorite of mine) Wayne Thiebaud to illustrate their posters all over town for Hansel and Gretel. What a clever and sophisticated leap of faith. I was floored when I saw these.
And isn't Caitlin Freeman (also from San Francisco like artist Thiebaud) a clever duck to come up with cakes that illustrate many famous tableaux!
Her table of contents is like walking through the best art gallery.
And it's all edible! What's not to love. I wish I baked. I wish I had an oven and not just a microwave...
You can make these arty cakes!
And don't miss Keith Haring when in Paris!
Bonne Weekend PBers!


  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    I love your colorful post for a colorful Friday!
    This fan from rural Oregon is enjoying all the colors of New York City and very proud they seem to have the "Can Do Spirit". I think people that live in this cities are amazing to be able to keep this pace. Paris is way more colorful in their foods I think. very nice today . Merci!!!

  2. Keith Haring - gone too soon.

  3. I love the Mondrian cake, but probably won't ever make it. Your review makes me consider going to the Keith Haring exhibit, too! Who knows? Someone might leave you an oven when they leave Paris! Jeannie

    1. Really energizing I thought
      I expected black and white and depressing
      Quite the opposite

  4. Anonymous1:52 AM

    Love the Mondrian cake too
    Wonder if the bits are different flavors as well as colors?
    Blue = blueberry for example?

  5. Love your Keith Haring sketch!

    Serendipity: I came across the same Mondrian cake, looking for something special for my arty daughter's birthday last week. We decided to bake it, as soon as we find the time to do it together. Lucinda's idea of using blueberry juice to flavor the blue parts sounds delicious. In my experience, blueberries tend to turn more of a raspberry red. Blue reminds me of the American red, white and blue Rocket Popsicle - and if I remember correctly the "blue" was supposed to be raspberry flavor. ;-)

  6. Art and pastry are certainly joined at MY hips........
    Yes, the Keith Haring looks energetic and wonderful.
    Do hope Paris is having some spring time bliss.
    Warming up here.

  7. I would do for the box of macarons...
    And PB vernissage. keeps writing macaroons..and I hate that.

  8. As soon as I saw the title of your post, Thiebaud came to mind. I am a huge fan of his dessert paintings, especially his cakes. This is such a natural pairing, now that I think of it. Mondrian petit fours! How wonderful. Think of the gorgeous Monet-inspired swirls of angel food. It's all heavenly. Edible and heavenly.

  9. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Again I am thanking you, I will make the Keith Haring exhibit a for sure during my 28 day Paris adventure. Set to take off at 1:30 pm from LAX. Your loyal fan. Ann

  10. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Awesome post! love the bright colors Haring used

  11. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Oh, PB, great post! Last summer I tested recipes for this cook book. (I am thrilled to have my name in the thank you section). I have made the Mondrian cake which is a little complicated but completely doable. The recipe does not include flavors in the colors of cake just the white cake base and a glorious chocolate ganache! Last week at the book launch at SFMOMA they created a version over 100 feet long set on a long table to slice for those who came. The book also includes a discussion by a curator at the Museum of each work of art. I think you would also like the Lichtenstein velvet, cream cheese frosting, and red DOTS! (Red frosting squished through a stencil). Food and art...the best! In my years as a 6th grade art teacher by far my most popular lesson was the day I would give my students red, yellow, and blue frosting plus 12 vanilla wafers. The task was to mix the color wheel, frost the cookies, and then eat. The next day I would introduce the art of Wayne Thiebaud and we would paint, mixing our own colors, of course!

    1. Thank you for the tips, I must get the book!
      Can't wait to bake the Mondrian cake.

    2. Lois,
      Amazing that you tested that cake!
      Love the story of the kids class project.
      Perfect for stuck artists...
      EAT yr ART!

    3. Anonymous11:15 AM

      After much research, I am convinced that frosting is the energy bar of creativity...

  12. What an incredibly gifted group of people!
    Thank you,Carol,for this wonderful post!

  13. Oh, wonderful Mondrian cake! Clever, these humans. Beautiful wc boxes, Carol! x0

  14. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Love it all.
    You have my favorite artists, foods, colors and art work, yours included

  15. I saw the Mondarian cake cookbook on my Amazon tease mail - you know the ones they send saying you might be interested in___ - and of COURSE I was interested! I went right to the description...but was saved from hitting the "purchase with 1 click" button by the question: When did I last bake a cake? Whew! close call! but I still love the cake!

  16. Bonjour Carol! What a nice way to start the day by reading your post! I'm going to go see Keith Haring rapidement! xoxox

  17. Bonjour a tous,

    I agree Veronique, what anice way to start a monday morning!


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