Sunday, April 28, 2013

Picard 101

Listen up PBers. This could be an important Paris leçon. If you plan to rent an apartment in Paris, even for one week, you NEED to know about Picard. Who wants to eat out every night?
Granted I rented apartments in Paris short-term many times but Never figured out Picard. I used to go in, look around, always when it was empty(?) and think,
"What is this? A dental surgery? Get me outta here vite!"
But Bear and I have come to know dear Picard quite well these past months. We're in there almost daily. On occasion twice daily just to check the ice cream case. More about that later...
Here's a special fav of ours - Alaskan cod. Just pan fry it and add their Provençal roasted vegetables (microwave em) and you'll be sooo happy. Picard's frozen food is like nothing you've seen in the US or elsewhere I bet. They have canard if you've got an oven. The selection is humungous and pas cher de tout (cheap).
Tons of BIO (organic to us) stuff like these veggies under 2€ for a big supply of spinach. I'm addicted to their epinards branches bio.
How bad can that be for you PBers?
Clever Picard portions out the spinach and other products into these nugget-shaped things instead of one massive clump. They must love single peeps and couples. Personally this could be a good pickup place IMHO. I see lots of cute guys/beau mec shopping.
Picard is Paris' Trader Joe's (900 stores in France). They always have new tempting seasonal stuff like whole cooked lobsters from Canada during holiday season and Coquille Saint-Jacques in the shell! All kinds of deluxe mushrooms ready for the micro. It's well known many a fancy schmancy Parisian dinner party got their fare at Picard. Chef Marthe said she was eating at her daughter's and asked how she made the main course.
"Oh it's Picard. I tweaked it".
Oh and about their ice cream...ahem
It just may be the best on the planet. I kid you not. Please try the coffee/cafe (only 2.80 for a litre!!) and let me know what. Inquiring minds etc,
They have 'dixie' cups if you're watching your weight and don't trust yourself with a full litre (2 euros). The vanilla with macademia caramel is to-die-for. Darling Carla Coulson says all French moms-to-be are told to stock up for 6 months so they won't have to cook once the bebe arrives. I'm not enceinte but my freezer is jam packed...
Fancy pants chef Francois Theron is creating special flavors like Speculoos (!!!) for a mere 4.50€ - the same price as 2 bols de Bertillon you can hardly see.
Disclosure: I am not in the pay of Picard nor do I get any free ice cream (quelle dommage) so don't get the wrong idea PBers.
Bear's favorite bedtime reading is Picards latest newsletter and mine too. Good way to practice yr French non? Hmmm...
"Palette de rouges, de jaunes et verts. Les légumes bruts ont la part belle chez Picard. Cueillis au meilleur de leur maturité, bla bla bla


  1. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Oh la-di-da
    You've hit the nail on the head again!
    Hysterical and tres useful
    Merci Lucinda

  2. My personal chef is Picard! I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite main course---there are so many that are great! One hint---do go in different locations. They do not all stock the same things. :) For example, I must climb the hill to Pantheon to get Gateau Basque. However, it is so good that I'd do a lot more! The best! You must try!!

    1. Ah ha! I have Never seen Gateau Basque at my Picard.
      Too true indeed
      Merci Carolg

  3. I'm really surprised you didn't get caught taking photos chez Picard. Ever since the horsemeat scandal (they had some of the suspicious products--the lasagne) they have been forbidding anyone with a camera into the stores. Lucky you! We wouldn't want you to post about a Parisian prison!

    1. PS
      Bear took these photos
      I had nothing to do with it
      I wasn't even present

    2. You made my day ! So witty are you !

  4. As often as I have been to Paris, I have never entered these pearly gates but I will be back in two weeks and now I will venture in. Thanks for the heads up. I love the portioned servings. Great way to know when enough is enough.

  5. Bear takes great shots..and I love Bear reading..

    Looks like a good place to keep in mind~

  6. My friend Jerry introduced us to Picard several years ago when he returned to Michigan for Christmas and brought us some of their delicious mustard. Indeed, some of the best we'd had! When we visited last year he explained how he cooked from Picard quite often and whipped up amazing meals for us. We had to see for ourselves and weren't disappointed. I suspect the next time we visit Paris, Jerry won't be there, so I am glad for the reminder, as we'll probably do the apartment thing!

    1. Can I have Jerry's number?
      I'd love to know a few of his tricks too!

  7. I knew it wouldn't be long before you had sussed out THE place to shop. Sounds like a good place to shop & impress your friends when you put on a gourmet meal !! It's a good job you have bear with you, then he can take all the blame for spying !! Have a good weekend.

  8. cyndi from SD10:38 AM

    It's on my list for next year

  9. How timely!! We leave for Paris on Tuesday AND there is a Picard practically next door on St. Didier.
    Thanks for the is nice to 'eat in'...occasionally. Always need recommendations for ice cream, my dietary necessity.
    Merci, merci!!

  10. I shopped there once in 2009 .. as I was in Paris for 2 weeks , looking after a friends cats and the apartment ,, used the markets more .. but always handy.

    1. One can not do without the marche especially for strawbs, radi, asparagus

  11. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Yes I love Picard and have been fascinated by it for years and it is wonderful to see what the French sell frozen. I have bought various Christmas glace cakes for the children. I might have a few of their sale books saved. Been enjoying your adventures. LuLu

  12. I wish there was a Picard in the UK, it would be such a help as l can't stand for more than two minutes and l clicked on the name to have a search of there products and there was just lots of brilliant things. I don't eat any red meat like you and there's lots of fish products and the sushi looked so good. Salads were a delight to see as well. Tell them to think about coming to the UK there is nothing like it here.

  13. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Very helpful. I love your blog!

  14. Anonymous12:02 PM

    ah oui, je sais Picard! and a really clever aspect of Picard is that they have shopping carts lined with insulated padding so your food won't defrost while you shop! why can't American supermarkets taeka lesson?
    am trying to come up with a Grand Plan that might allow me to live in Paris for a year . . . aren't there any foundations that will pay to let someone do that just because she wants to??

    1. Hahahaha
      Let me know when you find one.
      But a year goes soooo fast don't ya know.

  15. oh god. beam me over scottie!

  16. Who knew? All of your visits to Paris and you just fill us in on this??
    Thank God, Bear got hold of the camera....

  17. You and Bear make quite a team!
    This post (once again) left me drooling!
    What a place!
    The least they can do is to give the two of you your favorite flavors of ice cream!

  18. Vanilla ice cream with macadamia caramel?????

    I don't even like ice cream but I HAVE TO HAVE THAT.

  19. Anonymous9:02 PM

    This is so great! We are in Aix now, and there is one around the corner!
    I am so ready to eat at home!

  20. Picard! My heart is already lost! Will they franchise one in here?

  21. Anonymous9:29 PM

    What a fantastic find. Looks sooo convenient and delicious. Is bear a vegetarian? Mine is.

  22. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Uauuu , look at Bear wearing a “Senhor do Bonfim” ribbon!!! You go Bear!!!
    Uma semana maravilhosa para voces!
    Beijo grande,

    1. Bear can Samba like nobody's business too!

  23. Anonymous9:40 PM

    We have booked an apartment for our stay this Dec. 22-Jan. 2. I will save this post so we can stock up, and also try the ice cream!
    Merci :-)!

  24. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Great info on Picard.
    I printed it out for future use.
    I certainly will try.
    Tried the exhibit at the Hotel de Ville
    as you say long line, gave up.
    Oh my.
    Please keep it up.

  25. The French have such patience waiting on long lines
    I do not...
    My impatience saved me yesterday from getting a caramel crepe at the jardin d'acclimation Bretagne fair ;))

  26. Great post! I wandered around Picard a couple of times, but couldn't bring myself to buy frozen food in Paris...I'll try it next time for sure.
    And Bear is such a clever little bear. x Katie

  27. Awesome that you posted on this. I love love love Picard. I think they need to roll it out in the US. High-quality frozen food for the single/couples only out there!! Can't wait to "make" some incredible meals with mon mari this summer! ;-)

  28. I've been shopping at Picard ever since my friend Bette moved to France in 2003. Je l'adore!!

  29. Just tried Picard for the first time after 6 visits to Paris. Awesome! Why can't we replicate this here in the U.S.?

  30. Yet another fantastic post. I knew of Picard last time, but never found a store- I will have to search harder next visit- I need that speculoos ice-cream.


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