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Murder at the Lanterne Rouge

Vendredi 12 Avril Murder at the Lanterne Rouge
'She ran across the boulevard into the medieval quartier, still an ungentrified slice of crumbling hotel particulars, narrow cobbled streets lined by Chinese wholesale luggage and jewelry shops. Red paper lanterns hanging from the storefronts shuddered in the wind. From a half-open door she heard the pebble-like shuffling of mah-Jong tiles. This multi-block warren comprised the oldest and smallest of the four Chinatowns in Paris. Few knew it existed'.
I may be following in Aimee Leduc's footsteps but I definitely do not want to meet her. Too many encounters with dead bodies cross her path plus the multiple attempts on her life have scared me off. In this book a missing blue folder holds the key to the turret...
The clock is ticking...
What did Meizi know?
How to solve Pascale's unfinished 14th century formula that could revolutionize fiber optics as we know it?
A whole slew of puzzles present themselves in each book. Author Cara Black tells gripping tales. I can't leave the house without one in my purse. Fortunately a caste of eclectic characters reappear in each book with the spotlight moving from one to the the other and Aimee ties it all together. The musee Arts et Metiers is the center of this conundrum. You can depend on it. At least one museum will show up in each mystery.
The tower or turret in question at Arts et Metiers, a science museum fromerly a Romanesque church.
Sweatshops pouring out faux branded goods with illegal immigrants at the tredle sewing machine in Lanterne Rouge.
The story opens in restaurant Chez Chun, perhaps a not too distant cousin of Chez Shen on rue Maire 75003
Cara said, The crevette/shrimp dumplings get my stamp of approval.
I got the soup of crevette raviolis with home made noodles. YUM!(5.80)
Aimee checked her Tintin watch. The DST contact was late. She stood at the counter in Cafe des Puys on rue Beaubourg. The cafe was near rue Saint-Martin, the old Roman road, and had been a cafe in some form for several centuries, owned by successive waves of immigrants: Auvergnats,Chinese, and now Serbs, as evidenced by the Serbian national soccer pennants plastering the wall. 
I'm crazy for all the chunks of historic background Cara Black throws in throughout her books.
Poor Aimee is constantly stepping in puddles wearing her designer boots and she trips constantly. Maybe she should wear some sensible shoes like Adidas (like other Parisians) instead of Louboutins for sleuthing?
As the end of the book draws to a close Black knows how to tighten the screws. There's no way you can leave a Cara Black book at home on the reading table. No way. I didn't expect to be enthralled with Murder at the Lanterne Rouge but I was. And I discovered some terrific Chinese restos in the process. You don't know exactly where you'll end up but the ride is always fun. Here's what Soho publishers sent me to tackle. Three down and three to go.
So much more of Paris to discover.


  1. I got the cast at Amazon:-)
    And will get a book soon..must be addicting like Spiral:-)
    Love l'aquarelle..gorgeous
    That soup is right up my alley.
    Made macaroons today during the snow..
    Happy Feet and all..thought of you.
    Have a great w/e.

  2. It's so much fun to see the places in Cara Black's books. Thank you for posting all the wonderful pictures of a part of Paris I'll probably never get to. Do read some more of her mysteries and investigate all the territory. I'm reading the Montparnasse book now.

  3. Oh I love a good Murder Mystery. Love those paper lanterns!! Fun post.

  4. Great photos to accompany the text. I love mysteries, maybe it's time to grab a Cara Black!

  5. I love the Cara Black books, too. So nice to see your photos! (And, of course, I'm always delighted to see Bear. He's been so quiet since you moved! Hope he's enjoying being back home.)

  6. Carol,your glasses are most becoming and you are quite glamourous indeed!(ditto for adorable bear!)
    Just wish I had your willpower for desserts! (alas, NOT a chance!)
    Your book reccomendations are absolutely wonderful!
    I loved Paris,A Love Story and am now working on Murder in the Marais.
    THANK YOU!!!
    PS The Chocolate Poudre L'Ancienne is DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous1:06 AM

    and bear is , obviously, a fan, as well of Cara..Foodwalker

  8. Carol, your painted red lanterns are are those red-soled stilettos!


  9. I'm behind -- I still have to read Murder in Montparnasse, and then this one. I am a huge Cara Black fan -- love everything she has ever written and during my last Paris visit kept an eye out for all of Aimee's locations! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think it still may be Murder in the Marais -- I just loved the locale and story. I really like how the characters have evolved in time. I'll have to check you other posts on this from before I found you!

  10. Hoorah! I was hoping you would do a blog on this book. I just finished it yesterday, after having read Murder Below Montparnasse. You have hooked me on Cara Black's books. Love being able to see the locations.

    1. And it's such an adventure seeking them out.
      So many newly discovered areas of Paris, historical background, architecture tips.

  11. Carol so glad you tried the crevettes raviolis!

  12. Anonymous11:42 AM

    great post!! I just discovered Cara's books with her very last, but definitely plans to read the whole series. see my review:

  13. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Carol, Please,
    Where is that wonderful clock pictured in the posting below?
    Thanks, Merle

    1. Many, many beautiful clocks at the musee Arts et Metiers

  14. Anonymous4:04 PM

    This sound like a wonderful mystery-running out to find it now.
    xo, Lissy

  15. What a fun read. It must be great having a novel show you new things- that shrimp and noodle soup looks fabulous. I've never had any Asian food in Paris- I want to, but my DH never wants to eat any there, he wants to eat French food in France.

  16. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Carol, Tres interessant.
    J'adore votre chaussures-noir! I need to read Cara Black.

  17. Anonymous11:46 PM

    I do so love the Aimee Leduc books, and have read all of them except the latest (will be downloading this weekend). All are a great read, loaded with so much info about Paris. No matter how many times you have been to Paris, I bet you are still introduced to new things by reading Cara Black. I know this is going to make me look like a real nit-picker, but, when Aimee rides her Vespa, she is always "Pushing it onto the Stand", and "Pulling it off the Stand". I ride a Vespa.....and it is actually the other way around. You have to pull it onto the stand, and push it off. I know, I know it's trivial. But I had to say it. :0) (....and I do so love all the books!) Best regards, Rebecca.

  18. Carol,
    I just finished Murder in the Marais. Thank you for your recommendations. I willl be visiting Paris again (for the 4th time in 7 years) in June. I was wondering if the Cara Black books should be read in order? I just got notice from the library that the Isle St Loius book is available to download and not sure if I should wait to read others first.

    1. I certainly haven't read them in order...
      I love all the nuggets of Paris info throughout and I love the Suspence
      Addictive IMHO.


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