Monday, April 01, 2013

Poules et Lapins - Paris

Chickens/poules are very Big in Paris especially at Easter/Paques.
The windows are simply full of them no doubt about it.
And in every material possible including the Very In fabulous Hay at the au courant don't ya know. 
Cafe Pouchkine has gorgeous very Russian chocolate onion-dome-shaped hens on display if any are left on Easter Monday which I seriously doubt.
Ligne Claire Decoration - 6, bd Garibaldi has dozens of adorable chickens in their window in all sizes and materials.
Here's a slew of them in full view.
Meanwhile neck and neck the almighty Easter Lapin/rabbit is in the race to top the Paris chicken.
Who will win top dog for Easter is the big question? Here's a set of Lapins nestled in a 'carrot' bag at Ligne Claire.
Brentano's on Avenue de l'Opera always has numerous rabbits in their windows if you're into rabbit hunting. It is the season after all.
Printemps has their giant flower bunnies out again this year.
Boissier has bunny cookies tied up with a bow, almost too pretty to eat.
I did say the race was neck and neck. I've been flirting with these basket bunny/chicken at Ligne Claire but which one to get and what to do with them when Easter is over? Or is that too practical a question? Silly moi.
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  1. Lucinda3:39 AM

    What a delish post to wake up to
    Big Merci from Lucinda

  2. Are you as astonished as I am by how much some of these Easter chocolates cost? We saw a chocolate egg in a catalogue for over 400 euros!!!

  3. Yes it's crazy nutz!
    I don't get it either unless someone has had a big affaire to make up for but then I thought fleurs were the gift of choice...the size of these eggs is astounding too! Bigger than a small child...

  4. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Loved your Easter posts, Carol. I have been ranting about them to anyone who takes an interest in chocolate.

    I reckon the 'fried eggs' could be healthier than the real thing!

  5. I vote for the bunnies. I can't decide which part of them is cuter: their dear little noses, those velvety ears, those adorable eyes on the side of their heads, THAT COTTON TAIL. And they hop!

    I gave up eating bacon and pig in any form ten years ago and I gave up eating chicken in 2010 but I never ever ever considered eating a bunny. Nope. Couldn't do it. I might as well have contemplated gnawing on a tabby cat.

  6. They are truly adorable...Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.

  7. I've enjoyed the posts too and the aquarelles:) Do you do plein air there?

    Today I will put Nana's Easter decorations to sleep in the attic..until next year!

  8. The bunnies are so dear! But I think our real question for you on this day is: "Did you pin a fish on anyone's back today?"

  9. This is just so cheery it makes me smile! happy Day-after Easter.

  10. Paques, I have never been able to figure out how to pronounce it. Your posts make me smile each time I receive one in my inbox, but don't often come over to leave a comment. Have a good week.

  11. cyndi from SD11:17 AM

    I hope that you had a wonderful Easter.
    And I really hope that the shop windows will sporting the Easter theme when I get there.Eight days away !!!
    merci beaucoup

  12. I have several rabbits I would like to SEND to Paris....but you've already painted them! Seriousy, yesterday in the garden one of the long ears FOLLOWED me around! I think he knows Ozzie is gone.
    Would it be unpatriotic if I say the French hens are way better than Peeps?

    1. Unfortunately there are already too many rabbits from Kansas City as is. In fact that's where most of them hail from.
      Try being kinder to your Lapins Jeanette.

  13. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I love the selections you chose and the art work is fabulous, and very hard to chose which one.

  14. Carol, each one of your posts takes us on a wonderful tour of Paris and I can't imagine anything more pleasant! MERCI!
    Easter time and so much chocolate! Sweet dreams are made of this (who am I to disagree?)(anyone else remember that song??)(LOL)
    And since I don't have any French hens, perhaps another addition might be Peeps, (nearly gone and just as well!)
    Happy Easter Monday!

  15. Love your hens around the Tour, c'est chic.

  16. That Brentano's bunny is my favorite.

  17. Perhaps because bunnies are so much more common place here I really love the Parisian Paques poules. Particularly those at Cafe Pouchkine. Glamorous chickens! Who knew?


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