Thursday, April 04, 2013

Colette - Keith Haring

Yesterday there was a 3-floor party at Colette!
Upstairs an homage to Keith Haring (before the big retrospective opens at the Musée d'Art Moderne 19 April) with loads of vintage Haring - an exhibition conceived and currated by the French artist Maripol showing original drawings by Keith Haring, his first fanzine (gallery 213), photographs by Louis Jammes, Ricky Powell, Maripol and Roxanne Lowit and pieces from Vivienne Westwood, Patricia Field, Comme des Garçons, Swatch, and most recently, Jeremy Scott x Schott, Nicholas Kirkwood.
I was always a huge fan. I know I had this Swatch or one of them...
I remember, early days, seeing Haring in the 42nd street Times Square subway station chalking up a small black board with just plain old white chalk...wish I'd taken a photo back then.
The show at the Moderne is very political in nature but this exhibit is a celebration of the joyousness of Haring.
The joy is contagious and who doesn't want to own this fab paintbox? You can pick one up at Colette and loads of T-shirts and other stuff.
Polaroid photos upstairs by Maribo
Downstairs Maripol (in the red shirt) with Jeanette Montgomery Barron signing her new book, SCENE. Remember her divine book, My Mother's Clothes?
Jeanette with SCENE surrounded by pink champagne...
Her pics are all over the 1st floor at Colette
And simply gorgeous...

Also present with a line around the block the hot hot rock group Ed Banger.

Of course the best party of all was downstairs for the under six gang celebrating Babar meets SOULLAND! If only I'd RSVP'd in time!!!
I got this super cool Babar bag by Danish SOULLAND...I painted the back a painting for the day.


  1. I'm just gasping at the joy of it all! It makes me feel so happy and what a wonderful start to the day! Now I want to leave my office and go home and paint!

    1. Haring was such a positive spirit! And inspiring. It's good to look at him a fresh.

  2. Love your colored-in bag and the Haring paintbox!

  3. And merci, Carol! It sounds perfect! I hadn't heard of Soulland. It must be a line that has the rights to Babar....Fun, the bag you colored!

  4. That bag!!! I bet you haven't had so much fun since you colored with crayons!

  5. OK, it's official: your life is exactly like an episode of Absolutely Fabulous. Are you taking applications for a Joanna Lunley sidekick? Can I send you my resume?

    1. No resume required
      Yr hired...I could use a votive of reason as a sidekick!

  6. I loved seeing this! Carol I am a big Haring fan. When we lived in Florida and my son was small, I paint Keith's dogs all over my son's room. two of the walls were just a light blue, then the other two walls were 1/3 lt blue and the bottom 2/3 was a rolling green ..then I painted different sized and colored dogs along the 'landscape' Then over his bed I made a large red canvas with a white dog as a sort of headboard. I remember was so sick with the flu when I did that but i was obsessed with finishing.I would stop and lay down every half hour LOL. He was at a camp for a few days and i determined to surprise him with a 'new' room. He loved it. J is 13 now and still has the canvas over his bed in the bedroom he has now:) Thanks for this great post and bringing back a fond memory.

  7. Carol, I remember the fun of taking a subway ride, back then, and as the train pulled in an out of stations, seeing what K Haring has drawn on the black blank poster spaces on the night before.

    And, there were also the graffiti sayings of SAMO (aka Basquiat.) It all was long ago.

    Thanks for taking me back in time.


    1. I was not the only one of course
      Yes it was a fun time...very creative...

  8. It was so much fun to see you last night and thank you for this post on your wonderful site. So glad to know you have moved to Paris. Enjoy it!
    All my best,

  9. Looks like so much fun Carol you obviously had a ball on every floor!
    Carla xx
    Have a wonderful weekend

  10. How did I miss this?

    Ooh did you buy the paintbox? IC'est trop cute!

    I once had a Swatch..100 yrs ago:)
    This looks like so much fun and the Babar bag you spiffed up is so cute.
    Is that where you picked up Li'l Red?

  11. Oh, love Colette and LOVE Keith Haring. What a great party and I LOVE your BARBAR bag. x


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