Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Ze Kitchen Galerie

Jeudi 28 Mars Ze Kitchen Galerie
More and more food in Paris looks to me like exquisite abstract paintings and Ze Kitchen Galerie is the perfect place to eat a painting. Darling PB readers J. and A. took me last Thursday and it will remain one of those meals I can't forget. Chef William Ledeuil is a true artist, constructing colors, textures architecturally with an Asian twist that hit your mouth like a flavor bomb.
We each ordered the Formule - an entree/starter + a main/plat.
Of course none of us was getting dessert. Oh no.
My entree was Coquillages & Viandes Marinés. Huîtres-Couteaux-Oursins Agrumes-Jus curry-Cresson
A. had the Boeuf Wagyu-Papaye-Mangue Verte Vinaigrette Mostarda-Citronnelle
J. had pasta with seafood something or other. All entrees were out of this world nonstop.
J. and A. got the duck - Canard de Challans Foie Gras-Jus Teriyaki  
My main was Saint Jacques Condiment Piment-Sésame.
When dessert time rolled around two of us could not resist. A. had Glace Chocolat Blanc - Wasabi, Condiment Mangue, another choice I would have passed by easily. Ha! Simply Heavenly.
I had Glace Poivre du Népal Gianduja-Confiture Miso, which frankly I didn't think would be my cup of tea but was I wrong. Bring on the Nepalese pepper ice cream with Miso anytime and I'm yours completement. The flavors melded so subtly who even knew Miso was in the mix? It's near impossible to describe what these dishes tasted like but I'd do it again in a flash, foam or no foam. Altogether a unique experience and the service and staff could not have been nicer. *Just don't show up at the door without a reservation.
I called just the day before by the way.
Ze Kitchen Galerie
4, rue des Grands Augustins
75006 Paris M° St Michel / Pont-Neuf
Tel : 01 44 32 00 32
After lunch you'll feel quite artistic so why not walk around the corner to the art store Charvin (since 1830). Fun to browse only. Very pricey and the paints, sadly were chalky.
You should be sufficiently inspired after ZKG...
To create something equally beautiful
59, Quai des Grands Augustins 75006
Big Merci J. and A.!
I would love to paint like Chef William Ledeuil creates at Ze Kitchen Galerie. Ledeuil has a cookbook (in French)...I wonder if it's possible to make this magic at home?
Don't miss out on the experience of eating here!


  1. Anonymous1:20 AM

    The food looks just great! So lovely. I love that you showed both inside and outside of Charvin. That was one of my favorite finds in Paris. I love that they are sweet about letting one take photos. So beautiful and colorful AND orderly! SO many wonderful things to buy and bring home...You need to eat dessert to be able to keep your pace.
    merci~ fan from Rural Oregon

  2. Exactly! You're so right. I need dessert to keep up with myself :)

  3. A gorgeous & healthy dining experience! Aaah, your fluid fields of color and the art shore, they make my heart beat fast!! True love! I do remember stumbling (with wonder) on Charvin from just one year ago...

    1. Fluid field of color...
      if only I could create chef Ledeuil's artistry...
      if only

  4. Ze Kitchen Galerie sounds wonderful, all tempting dishes, and who could resist a dessert, strange ingredients but I'm sure were delicious. How nice to meet up with friends, I'm sure you had plenty to chat about.

  5. that meal looks so beautiful... almost too good to eat! lol Grace

  6. I love that place Charvin..must ask Nancy if she has been..My Max has been painting Monets..he is 5..he will take after my mom and you:)
    You brave girl..I collect sea urchins..won't eat them:)
    Love your washes..

    1. I dont think I ate any sea urchins did I???

    2. oursin is a sea urchin:)

      Oh you just cracked me up:)

    3. Ooopla...
      Sometimes it's better not to know what you're eating ahem

  7. Carol, this is one of my favourite restaurants in Paris by far. I'm a huge fan of William Ledeuil and have his cookbook and love his recipes. The only downside is that sometimes it's difficult to find the ingredients in a hurry but the flavours he produces are incredible. Looked like you enjoyed that banquet!

    1. OMG Jill, you never said...
      I was flirting with his cookbook this morning.
      There are links at the end to his videos shopping daily I guess in Chinatown.
      He is quite marvelous!

  8. How I wish I had discovered Charvin while I was in Paris. Probably a good thing -- I would have blown the budget!

    Just yesterday at Easter we were discussing the artistry of Parisian (and maybe French in general) plating and presentation. Truly, it is a work of art.

  9. Oh, I am smitten, your washes, the food, feasts for the eyes!

    Have you ever come across Sophie Mascatello's "Edible Palette"?

  10. Defintiely looks heavenly.
    Lucky you..did you pick it out too?
    Love the segway into the art shop..
    How appropriate!

  11. Carol, I am definitely making notes about both of these places. They certainly offer feasts for the senses!

    It's grand that Charvin can be traditionally seductive with all those beautiful paints and brushes and chalks, etc., and Ze Kitchen Galerie can be imaginative in a very contemporary way using surprising combinations of fine ingredients. Each place seems to have a delightful atmosphere.


  12. The food looks more than scrumptious but what really whets my appetite is Charvin! It's on my list of must-sees!

  13. The White Chocolate Wasabi sounds amazing...Did it knock your socks off?! :))

  14. That lunch looks delicious!
    Nice photo, inside looking out at the art store, too.

  15. Wow,Carol, this whole experience is quite amazing!
    Your photographs just captured everything perfectly!

    1. That's the iPad mini shooting these days
      Bye bye Canon in the drawer gathering dust
      I Love my mini iPad!!

  16. What a great restaurant, the food looks amazing, particularly the desserts of course. I love that you combined the restaurant and the art shop.

  17. Oh my! The food looks wonderful, but the little art store really has me drooling! So charming. How wonderful it must be to live in Paris!! You truly are in your element.

  18. Beautiful, Carol--sounds divine! Love the oozy colors up top here!


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