Monday, April 08, 2013

Bresil at Bon Marche

Bresil week is coming to Le Bon Marche on Wednesday the 10th - I went to take a peek last Saturday
I am sooo saudage do Bresil if someone handed me a ticket today I would be off and away immediatement! I mean it...
I thought maybe this gorgeous scarf was part of the upcoming Bresil promotion but vendeuse L. said, non, not till Wednesday. I would have bought it (55€) but I didn't have my credit cards on me. More about that later.
L. Could easily pass as a Braziliera IMHO. L. said she was wearing L'Oreal eyeliner (which she says...shhh also makes YSL). Natch I ran off to Monoprix and bought it (see above) but so far I'm not looking gorge like L.
If you want to catch what Parisians are wearing walk next door to Le Grand Epicerie. Show up late on a Saturday when every chic chick does her shopping for some insane reason - the lines at the cash register are truly daunting. This is perhaps the chicest Parisian I've seen ever. This subtle jacket with the ruffled peplum is incroyable in my books. Non?
I'm speechless with admiration...
It's still chilly here and the BIG scarf is still in.
Another well dressed Parisian
Les mecs/guys are wearing terrif scarves too by the way
These two Bon Marche trainees had matching tuxedo stripes down the sides of their tights. Mignon non?
Leopard accessories will Always be IN in Paris and they don't have to match.
*Speaking of essential accessories here's the latest scam you should know about. Rick got 'skimmed' I think it's called. Someone on the street or anywhere can scan you with a phone-like gizmo completely without your knowing it. And boom, -$13,000 short 2 weeks later when the bank calls, you find out ALL of your info was taken. PIN numbers and everything. It helps if your credit cards are stacked on top of each other. Then the reading is a mashup. But for safety sake get a little metal box for your cards or use tin foil on cardboard like Rick did front and back.
Flight attendant D. got her metal box in Tokyo for 100 yen/$1.04. I looked and so far they're 25 euros and come from Spalding's in NYC. Amazon has one for $5 bucks. I'm not carrying my credit cards till I get one. Be sure and get yours before you travel. Better safe than sorry. Muji carries them too.
Will I see any PBers at Bresil at Bon Marche?
And the darling PB Braziliera who kindly offered to bring me a pair of Havaianas and I idiotically said no,
Size 9 1/2 any color any which way.
Quelle idiot moi :(
Bom dia + Tudo Bom


  1. You ought to write a little handbook for your USA compatriates.... titled 'How to see Paris, without being skimmed' you'd be rich. Love this post, how could you have said 'non' ! you will never forgive yourself ! Enjoy your 'jour de Bresil at Bon-Marche'

    1. I wish babara
      There are so many out there and how to keep up with the Internet and the scammers?

  2. Love the frill at the base of the jacket and the one you painted..I just bought a new pot of Oreal Eyeliner..Like..and Sephora crayon:)
    We read about that tinfoil trick in November I was diligent for one day..I don't see how through a thick wallet inside the grooves they can get the #s..?

    1. Of course they can get through.
      Did you ever swipe your Metro card in Paris through your handbag?
      OK maybe not..but I do it everyday.
      Works like magic.
      Welcome to the digital world bebe!

  3. OMG my sister gave me one of these card cases for Christmas by Umbra, just found it and will transfer all cards immediately. I thought she was maybe "loco" ... oy

    Thanks for the great fashion shots, while Parisians food shop .. in style. Loved them.

    Karen in CT

  4. Bonjour Carol. You have turned into a major spy! :-) Now, did you go on that stealth operation armed with your iPad or le compact camera? It definitely pays off not to carry those big DSLR cameras around, doesn't it? I smiled when you mentioned rushing to Monop to get the l'Oreal eyeliner. I used to do the same, but somehow, never ended up looking like the gorgeous salesgirls at les grands magasins. C'est la vie! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Hahahaha
      Ain't it the truth Veronique
      I'm a sucker every time.
      I'd probably jump off the Pont Neuf too if she said to do it to get those eyes..

  5. Loved the peplum jacket also. And Merci regarding the metal credit card box I will get two right away.
    Have you had tea at the Angelina at Versailles yet on the grounds there?

    1. Tea at Laduree in Versailles is a nonevent. Just a corner.
      It's at the very end so yr exhausted by the time you get there and will mostly want to shop for souvenirs.
      That's just my opinion...maybe they've changed it.

  6. O´my... I have to find that card case I used to have... It is now somewhere. But I`ll find it I promise: It will have a better use from now on! Thank you: You are such a brilliant Lady!

  7. Wow -- I'd heard of some scams but that one is a nasty one. Thanks for the head's up -- if it is in Paris, it won't be long before some naughty person brings it stateside.

  8. Great, get the word out. You made it even more scary not telling people we weren’t responsible for the money, but then if they go to the link.

  9. I'll look forward to going to Bon Marche.
    I had many followers on my dress blog from Brazil.
    What were your 3 favorite things about Brazil?

  10. 3 favorite things about Brazil? Impossible to limit what I loved in Brazil
    The beach
    Eating on the beach!
    The music
    The casual clothes
    The jetinho (sp)
    The people and their WARMTH! Everybody hugs.
    The fruit smoothies on the corner long before anyone had them!!
    Churrascaria and I don't eat meat
    Oh everything...

    1. I heard on the news that it's not safe there, that American tourists are being attacked. Sorry to be a wet blanket.
      Also, I have a friend who found a wonderful card case at Bed, Bath and Beyond, it holds more than those flat metal cases. She traveled to Paris with it.

  11. I purchased a few of the metal boxes over the years (I use them to carry business cards) in different thickness size from Muji in Paris...should also have then at the NYC stores, for much, much less than 25euro...
    I read your blog always.
    Thank you, Mark

  12. Good evening! Thanks for the tip! It is always something isn't it?

    I love the Bon MArche and the Grand Epicerie is my FAVORITE place to shop. Although it is a little expensive it is a beautiful place and filled with the most fabulous foodie treasures. I think i prefer it over Galleries Lafayette.

    I hope you have a great week! Thanks for sharing all of your adventures.


  13. Oi Carol!

    It is never late to get a new pair of Havainas! ;)

    I'm not in Paris anymore, and the ones I brought with me were already handed to my friends here in the South of France where I'm staying until late this month.

    However... I can still have some shipped to you by mail... ;)

    Amei o seu post "Saudade do Brasil".... Lindo!!!

    1. That's very sweet of you Priscilla,
      I lost my window of opportunity I think...
      I should just go to Brazil...
      You should come up to samba at Bon Marche !
      Um beijo

  14. I am speechless: skimming means they also get your pin numbers? How does that work? Would a silver business card holder work? I'll wrap my cards in some heavy alu foil immediately. Merci for the info, invaluable!
    (Good thing that in Vienna you don't have to swipe your yearly pass. It is not even a problem when you forget it at home.

    I really loved your post, your sketch especially, and that first scarf is marvelous!

    1. Put the foil on cardboard 'bookends' so to speak...
      check Ricks links...more info there
      The chip has the info

  15. I love the opening sketch.....:)
    I also love the Braziliera, and the chic chick with the jacket and tights.
    I've yet to see tights with racing stripes here - I'll hope that they make it over here.

  16. jessica caffe6:47 PM

    Carollll!! Thanks for the Advice ... but if u go to to do some visit cards (free or 10euros for 500!!!) u have a metal box like your friend's box for free !!! Im so happy cause I win one and now i can use to avoid someone stole my pin card =) THANKS SO MUCH!!! u have always a great tip =) bisous jessica

  17. Beautiful drawings and pictures,Carol!
    That scarf is a knockout! (especially love how it's tied!)(my downfall)(sigh)
    Wonderful information!
    There is a shoulder bag (purse sized) here (US)named PacSafe that is made for the prevention of skimming credit cards.
    Mine was a gift but I believe it costs around $80

  18. Anonymous12:35 AM

    This week I read about 'skimmed' mayby I have a solution for you.
    It's a little metal case, it can hold 6 cards and they pop out.
    I have it and it's really handy. And I think it's protective too.
    But where to buy in Paris, you have to look it up. I got it for Christmas.
    A lot of stores!

    1. Very handsome Stephanie
      Thanks but both Amazon and Muji have them for a fiver $5

  19. Carol, not only do you show us how to wear our scarves so stylishly (if only I could), but also protect us from wireless credit card theft! I never knew such a thing existed. I did know that leopard uggs existed, but have never thought them stylish, and have never associated them with Paris either actually.


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