Monday, April 29, 2013

L'Eclair de Genie, bus 67

It was rainy and damp last Friday when I visited L'Éclair de Génie 14, rue Paviée 75004

But inside all is bright and cheery. The éclairs are displayed like art objects in an art galerie and so they should be.
No kidding. Each one is a work of art. L'eclair caramel beurre salé is the top seller. The buyer in front of me cleaned them out.
L'éclair Vanille Noix de pécan is another top seller with caramelized American pecans and vanilla from Madagascar.
I was flirting with this strawberry creation...
But I fell hard for eclair de Maracuja. With passion fruit and a Brazilian name who could resist? Adding in eclair Rouge Framboise, what better way to beat the bad weather?
I got a little nervous when the vendeuse put my éclairs into a plastic bag imagining them arriving home battered and bruised. I was assured not to worry. Hmmm...
I was surprised to read the eclair was crowned France’s most popular pastry in 2012.
Please *note the ovoid arch-shape when you cut into any éclair.
All became clear when I boarded bus #69 to head home trying desperately to protect my éclairs from rush hour crowds.
Paris is chock-full of eclair-shaped arches! The bus #69 will take you past at least a good 10 éclair-arches.
There's no getting around it. Cross any bridge in Paris and how can you not think éclairs? It's a given...a fait á complet!
This archway at the Louvre.
Walk through and your brain will whisper subliminally,
"eat é éclairs..." 
That monster éclair-shaped arch - Paris' beloved Eiffel Tower. But of course the éclair is France's best loved pastry. No question about it! Is there any other choice dear PBers?
I was delighted to find my éclairs arrived home in perfect condition. And they tasted even better. Even after a couple of airborne somersaults.  L'Éclair de Génie are a bit shorter than your average 15 cm éclair. More like 11 - 12 cm of deliousness. I found this a plus. Some éclairs are too much of a good thing. They can be too heavy, too sweet. These were just right. Chef Christophe Adams has been creating les éclairs at Fauchon for 10 years before he opened L'Éclair de Génie, so he should know what it takes to make the perfect éclair.
Do try them out PBers.
And immerse yourself in a Paris arch or two while munching...
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  1. Splendid!
    I will now think of you when I look at those arches!

  2. I love this place!! It's just around the corner from me. Dangerous....

    x Milsters


  3. Love the way you do architectural geometrie!
    Buildings = pastry
    Way 2 go!

  4. Lucinda7:42 AM

    I think I would fall hard for the caramel beurre sale!!!


  5. Pistache et fraise je crois pour moi:)
    Wonderful that bottom links lead to your Watercolors:)
    I tried cupcakes yesterday..they are photogenic i thought they might paint well..they are more photogenic here:)

  6. I love your life: even a bus ride home in the rain is an event, with precious cargo and Paris everywhere you look and your eyes taking it all in.

  7. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Love the l'eclair piece still craving the l'eclair from Fauchon years ago. LuLu

  8. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Too weird I just bought an eclair and was making a cup of tea to go with it while I read my email. Now I will read your post. Ann

  9. They all looked so tempting, although I'm a choc o'holic, that caramel beurre sale would have been my choice. It's amazing how the assistant wrapped up your gateaux in such a way they didn't get dammaged even at rush hr on the #69. Love your bus journey.

    1. I didn't show the lush chocolat éclairs...
      Next time I promise!

    2. PS It is pretty amazing they arrived home intact.
      There wasn't even a sticker on the box!?
      The eclairs must be given special instructions not to turn over or else!

  10. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I HAVE TO go Paris for some days to visit (and eat) all the nice places you put on your blog!!!!
    Have a nice week.
    MLucia in Brasil
    Love that Maracuja éclair !

  11. Carol, it is such a joy for us to share in your Parisian feast. The eclairs all look so tempting, and those architectural arches are also rather splendid. Even on a rainy day, that bus route provides such inspiration.


  12. I enjoy seeing things through your artist's eye. I would never take it all in as you do. Thanks for another interesting post.

  13. cyndi from SD10:30 AM

    OMG...more amazing pictures.
    I love bus 69 for a fun above ground tour of Paris.
    you're the best

  14. Too funny--only Carol would look at bridges in Paris and think "eclairs." I love it. Works for me! xo

  15. Love it, Carol's seeing red, er, éclairs everywhere! ;-)

    I would have been so disappointed if the whole supply of éclair caramel beurre salé would have sold out moments before I had a chance to get one.

  16. The 69 bus offers *the best* ride through Paris.
    I love the arch collection, Carol. Your artful eye catches everything.:)
    x Katie

  17. Please stop doing this to us. :o) I love eclairs! And I've only had cheap American ones. I can't imagine how heavenly those made in Paris must taste.

    1. Dommage...
      they said they only last 24 hrs
      Then forgetaboutit so no shipping over seas!

  18. Mon dieu! New tempêtions beckon!

  19. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Well this was heaven.. I would have taken at least four home. To be exposed to all the desserts every day and truly works of art that is such a perfect way to spend every day

    1. Temptation
      Temptation everyday in this town is not easy to handle..
      I know why people smoke..hard to smoke and eat pastry!

  20. I come here everyday and I am never disappointed. I love your take on life, even a trip home from the bakery. I am amused that I can be amused over an eclair, but I am so craving one now.

  21. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Again another truly fascinating post with brilliant photos. I want to make 2 comments 1) for all the amazing fillings, I still prefer an Australian version which used to be made by many country ladies when I ws a child. The freshly baked éclair was iced with chocolate icing and filled with whipped, sweetened rich farm cream. Havn't had a home made one in decades!! 2) I think it's 'fait accompli' where accompli is the past participle of 'accomplir' or 'to accomplish, achieve'. Think that's correct. from Gwendoline in Australia

  22. Great photos, Carol; the eclairs look fabulous ( I like the pecan topped ones) and so does Paris!

  23. To be honest, I don't even like eclairs,but!
    these are awesome!!
    Your pictures are wonderful!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  24. You know...I didn't much either
    But that has changes after these babies!

  25. How can it be that I live here in Germany, a place with, well, let's just say, disappointing, pastry, and yet be so close to the source of such sublime pleasure! A political border is much more than just an arbitrary line. Even the "French" bakeries here pale.

  26. My husband is a great eclair fan, and is planning an eclair challenge for our trip (starting next month! woo hoo), he has made a list of 34 eclairs he plans to try on our trip. I can't imagine devoting myself to any one particular pastry- there are too many gorgeous things to try- but am looking forward to some. The Rouge Framboise from Eclair de Genie being a particular object of desire. How gorgeous is that? I hope it tasted as good as it looks. Once again I'm amazed by your eye- I love your eclair/arch connections. Were they happy for you taking photos? And are they cupcakes under the counter where the vendeuse is bagging your purchases?

    1. No problem taking pictures here but I had permission ;)
      And no cupcakes on the premises at all.

    2. What are those balls of colour under the counter then? Intriguing. I didn't think they'd be cupcakes but can't quite make out what they are.

  27. Another very good adresse you mention in PB! I fully agree with your taste Carol !

  28. Those are Christophe Adams chocolate truffles - they come in many flavors


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