Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ines de la Fressange Lipstick

This morning I was sitting on the Metro browsing the latest free newspaper - STYLIST. I was coming back from my 7:00 am swim, when my jaw hit the ground.  OMG
Ines' lipstick big as life. A gloss from Guerlain called Frizzy Mango. Could this be the ONE? omg
Ines' mystery lip gloss! Was it Karmic destiny?
Btw please note Ines' gorge pale, pale pink diamond quilted bag...
It's the Prismick from Roger Vivier...Ines is their brand icon etc.
I decided to investigate further. Is Aimee Leduc having a strong influence on me? I run over to the Guerlain flagship store on Champs-Elysees to check out the glosses...
The vendeuse was totally stumped. She'd never even heard of 'Frizzy Mango'. Where do they get these names anyways? While she goes in the back to search, I paint a swipe in my sketchbook and grab a shot without getting caught. Turns out Guerlain has been out of that color for ages - last season's in fact. Oh no.
So the mystery of Ines' lipstick continues to remain unsolved...dommage
Detective Leduc where are you???
Quite a few PBers write and ask me,
"What's going on in Paris? I arrive 9:30 am on Thursday in June and haven't a clue what to do.."
I wish I could help but I don’t plan ahead. I am totally dependent on the FREE newspapers in the Metro to find out what's on. My fav is A NOUS PARIS - quite classy really.
I'd be up the creek without it. Plus the horoscope from the Metro paper is helpful. PariScope is what most people buy but there are no pictures and such small type. I'm lost.
Next you Must buy ELLE Magazine for serious research over the weekend of what's hot and what's not. French Girl's ELLE was sacred. I didn't dare touch it. Gawd forbid I ripped something out...oh well. Now I can regularly rip out and mark up whatever I want and just it's a 2€. L'indispensable and perfect reading while you're waiting on line to get into the Ron Mueck exhibit.
Your Paris sleuth-on-the-job got new specs yesterday. While passing a pharmacy I looked in and saw black frames exactly like my red frames at half le prix. Inside the darling pharmacist said I looked, "plus jeune"/younger in the black frames so I bought two pairs (30 euros) and felt immediately revived.
Don't worry too much about planning every second of your trip to Paris PBers and leave something to chance and serendipity.
Well that's what I think...


  1. Terrific post as usual. Love the bag. You are amazing.

  2. I'm no detective, I don't know how you came to the lipstick conclusion but it was a fun read anyway. I assume that A NOUS PARIS is in French so it wouldn't do me much good, unless they have an English translation.

    1. Yes it's in Fr but they have big pictures and addresses so its easy to figure out. No rocket science here

  3. I love your new lunettes. Europeans always have better eyewear than Americans. I know because I've been shopping for new frames and every time I see someone in nice glasses, I ask where they got them & it's almost always in Europe! If I find fizzy mango I will send it your way.

    1. Oh Connie,
      Yr such a card. The Fr govt pays for your glasses here so they really go to town with Fab design!
      Even the drugstore glasses are terrif

  4. You make me smile..:)
    You'll have to have another photo shoot w/ the black glasses..
    I'll never forget going into the Spa/Beauté place in back of my office complete wit awnings for a shampoo I had hear about..

    I bought it..and the owner then suggested a line of skin products for aging skin..

    The glasses thing cracks me up..we see German friends once a yr in Florida.. great taste.. etc..très belles personnes..beaucoup de style..they buy all their glasses in Florida!:)

    Not a good business tactic..
    Didn't even look at the line..way back then..because I had not even considered that I was aging.~
    No sale.
    Much prefer..Oh mais vous avez l'air plus jeune!!
    There's a sale !

    Love corals and mango colors for lips..too cute you were wondering..and no more? Boohoo.
    I am glad I don't bump into fashion icons as much as you do:)
    I would be depressed.
    Love you aquarelle~

  5. ok..complete witH awnings..
    I had hearD

  6. Carol, you did well with your detecting exploits. I think that you are destined to encounter Ines again and that she will help solve the mystery.

    I also like your new specs. You were wise to get a spare pair, too.

    NYC is finally warming up. It was super sunny in the Park today, and I did take my camera along.


    1. We've had near Summer weather here IMHO and I've been getting near-sunstroke so my decision-making process isn't always up to snuff...
      No one carries a parasol here like you see in NYC...
      Must get to Chinatown vite!

  7. I am too messy to be fashionable....light colored handbags get dirty around me! Love the new Black will look so chic!

  8. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Dear Paris Blogger

    No, no, please. Not “on line” again. That’s when you’re connected to
    the Internet, or on the phone. “I’m on the other line!” Or employed
    as a server.
    Sorry to be a language policeman, or a pedant, as you wish, but this
    has gone too far. Don De Lillo, Richard Ford have sinned here, and
    even The New Yorker has allowed it in bylined articles, so as to blame
    only the guilty. Mick Jagger was “waiting on a friend,” in one song,
    where he presumably was a waiter, maybe while studying at LSE, but no,
    it was New York, and the friend was Keith Richards.
    A quick Google and: "Waiting on line" or "Waiting in line" - Free
    English Tests ...
    The correct grammar is 'waiting in line'. Unless there is a line
    painted and you are standing 'on' it you are not on a line you are in
    So there.
    One is reminded of the futility of prescriptive grammar attempts, but
    one must try. You may recall Nero Wolfe tearing the pages of the New
    Webster’s and feeding them to the fire, abhorrent as book burning was
    to him. I fear another battle is lost.
    Although I do not use lipstick personally, I approve of it, and your
    daily blog.
    Thank you for an always charming and beautiful view of what for me was
    once, too briefly, home, Paris.

    1. Have you recently tried to post on iPad or Blogger?
      I think not...
      Loaded with frustration
      iPad replaces words constantly with wrong words
      It says clearly in the sidebar that I can't spell worth a damn and don't do accents
      Please retread (perfect example of Apple replacing the typed word 'reread')

      "Frankly my dear I don't give a damn"

    2. Damian: One should get out more. That way, one would be less parochial and less pompous and not mistake one's own small opinions as a larger truth. "On line" has been New York vernacular since looooooong before the internet -- you know what "vernacular" means, right? It's that thing that made all those French verbs irregular from daily usage, and stuff.

      On the other hand, maybe you were drunk when you posted your comment, and some people tend to become windbags when they are in the which case, one should look into getting a breathalyzer for one's computer keyboard to save one from one's own douchebaggery.

  9. You continue to brighten my day. Take a looks here:

    1. U R brill DD
      You have been reading Aimee too...

  10. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Thanks for sharing your Paris info sources!
    So helpful!

  11. Oh my android does the same thing:-)
    When I used to type Nite Nite to a wrote ...note note..
    I had to save the word....
    Like ..Nite would write note Do. in I toast you..was Thin..
    I crack people up:-)
    And sometimes..well I just type wrong like above..

  12. Anonymous3:27 AM

    Hi Carol
    I just had to let you know the fizzy Mango lip gloss is still available to buy in the UK. John Lewis still have 3 on their website. Maybe if you got a chance to hop over the channel you could get it? It is a fab colour and all the beauty blogs rave about the gold sparkles. Btw I love reading your blog and all the photos of the delightful patisseries! I don't often get to leave a comment due to clicking through on my ipod. Bon Chance x Hoi-Tse aka

  13. I first discovered Ines de la fressange on PB, maybe over a year ago. I wonder if she knows that you are a dedicated publicist for her? I do admire her beauty, long legs, hair etc., But without her her charm she wouldn't be as her video diaries she is so alive & playful! Qualities that one can have even without being born with long legs! As far as not knowing what to do in Paris, WOW. ... wandering & serendipity combined with research, yes. I like Internet & bood guides before trips tto.. Glad you're continuing to have great fun!

  14. oops...meant to say "book" guides "too"...

  15. Wow - I won't recognise you next time, or will I, Carol? Great looking lunettes and gosh, yes, that lipstick... funny names? Got my daughter some nail polish in Paris and it was called 'Glasgow'! You read horoscopes? I admire your willpower with your early-morning swims. Chapeau!

    1. The early-morning willpower soon dissolves into total weakness by gouter/official snack time.
      Not to worry!

  16. Like the glasses! Tres chic. That's actually the shape I prefer in all glasses--classic. I totally approve of heading out and exploring anew each time--well said, Carol.

  17. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Love the idea of free newspapers as a top source for activity info. My daughter worked with one in Manhattan for years, and it was a treasure chest of info.

    1. I agree?
      I think the free newspapers have to try harder to keep up.

  18. Detective Leduc is impressed, Carol! might soon qualify for undercover those Monop pink bensimons x Cara

  19. This is such a fun post, Carol! And I love, love, love that pink bag of hers...but not the price! I think your sleuthing is rubbing off on us PBers because I searched for the frizzy mango, too. Nordstrom carries it "on line"...;)
    BTW, I love Vivian's response to that dufus. Well done, both of you! x Katie

    1. Oh thank
      you thank you on all counts Katie
      Too kind
      Vivian is my hero charging into battle on my behalf (or is it behest?)

  20. I loved your advice on serendipity, Carol. Don't panic if your plane arrives early in Paris and you face an unscheduled morning or day. Make a beeline for a café, order a steaming café au lait and a croissant, sit back, read the newspaper and watch the people. Paris is all about the art of taking your time, hanging out, letting things happen without making them happen. It's what makes the joie de vivre.
    Harriet Welty Rochefort, author of (what else?!) "Joie de Vivre"

  21. cyndi from SD11:33 AM

    I am in total agreement with Harriet.Carol,your advice about serendipity is perfect.During my two week stay in Paris ( with some side trips),my friend and I had a couple of things booked.Other than that,we went where the blossoms blew.With the help of a wonderful book of historical walking tours we now have a new perspective and understanding of the very Paris streets that we had sauntered down many times.We had time this year to really delve into this beautiful city.But,there is always more to discover.
    One highlight was a reading of "Our Lady of Perpetual Donuts" at Shakespeare&Company (4/11).It also included wine.There is now a French version of the play in Paris right now.
    PS I think that all the beautiful young men and women must live in Paris.It is a feast for the eyes.
    I did keep half an eye out for a "Carol" sighting.That would have been fun. a bientot

    1. I LOVE yr comment Cyndy!
      I wish we had met up...
      Any hints as to that book of historical walks not that there arent 1,000 out there already...
      Love too Our lady of Perpetual Donuts!
      Great title...must get on their mailing list! Toute de suite.

    2. cyndi from SD3:02 PM

      Bonjour Carol,
      My friend has the book,I'll get that title for you.
      By the way,I brought Peeps with me (wasn't sure if you actually missed Peeps,or you were just commenting on the lack of Peeps in Paris).
      I gave them to the American "kids" at the Fat Tire Bicycle Store.They were thrilled.
      I should be back to Paris next year,and maybe I will see you,now in your black glasses.
      Have a wonderful evening.I miss Paris already. Cyndi

  22. So, you have Stylist also in France? Who knew??
    Happy weekend dear Carol!

    1. Stylist is a brand new freebie at the Metro
      Nicely designed and I think it's fun

  23. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I arrive 9:20 Sunday, now I will know what to do and what to wear. You will see me in my converse and jean jacket on my 28 day adventure in Paris. Again thank you for all this wonderful information. Ann

  24. Thanks so much Carol for yet another informative, and oh so entertaining post. Great idea with the free mags at the Metro and Elle- and I definitely agree about leaving some things to chance and serendipity.

  25. This post has so much Parisian chic, I love those spectacles!


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