Monday, April 22, 2013


Dimanche 21 Avril Hier/Yesterday
Yesterday the weather was glorious in Paris in the 70's. All the cafes were packed.
Yesterday everyone was out wearing their KEDS and stripes.
Yesterday Bear and I went to see the new just-opened hot, hot Ron Mueck exhibit at Fondation Cartier. We thought we got there early (45 minutes after opening). Ha! We waited 45 minutes but watching the constant Parisian fashion show of others getting online time flies.
Inside the Ron Mueck over-sized sculptures were strangely moving and thought provoking.
Definitely a Don't-Miss experience.
We went upstairs to browse the great art books at the Fondation and got inspired by Issey Miyake's Pleats Please to go looking for pink desserts!
Off to Saint-Sulpice pastryland.
Does anyone do frais better than Gerard Mulot?
More Mulot fraise/strawbs...
Yesterday we wandered further down rue de Seine to see again Arnaud Larher's macaron tower of power all pink and yellow.
Over to rue Bonaparte to drool again at Pierre Herme's Celeste collection. Celeste, je t'aime!
All we got was just one Celeste macaron...
Yesterday Bear browsed bears on rue de Seine...
We both admired the brand new dandelions.
Yesterday we went home dog-tired.


  1. I admire how elegantly you found a path from Ron Mueck to pink desserts - masterly, actually! ;-)

    1. Clever you to notice that!
      Paris desserts are always on the brain ;)

  2. It wouldn't be right not to see a dessert. Lovely to see, but heavy on 'la poche' as my daughter said, she was there last week, I can understand why you have to be strict with the cents/euros.
    Enjoy your sunshine, nice to see Paris has it's share of dandelions :-)

    1. I'm resisting post-piscine viennoisserie for a weekend splurge on something really worth it Barbara!

  3. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Love following in your footsteps through Paris on a Sunday
    The best!

  4. Anonymous4:52 AM

    1 dessert in Paris = your 5 fruits a day!


  5. Thanks for the intro to this famous sculptor..
    I much prefer summer shoes:-) Have a nice day Carol.

  6. Wow. Fascinating pieces. Was he influenced by "Gulliver's Travels?"

  7. Love Gerard Mulot, but missed Arnaud Larher last time. Adding it to the list... x Katie

  8. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Will the good weather hold?
    I am arriving Sunday to spent 4 weeks in Paris. I will know the answer soon. Ann

  9. Another wonderful post!
    Had to laugh at that final picture in the metro, those pointy shoes.
    Really retro to someone in the troisieme age. My gosh,everything old IS new again!

  10. Yes! The pointy shoes! So, funny.
    How in the world do you find all these shows and exhibits? The places you "take" us are just amazing.

  11. Oh so much to see and do. One could literally never sleep while in Paris because of all of the culture, exhibitions, music, "eye candy" in the windows and more.

    I am so excited for your move, did I miss where you said, is it for good or temporary?

    Take care, Elizabeth

    1. I didn't say E
      I'm here as long as they'll have me ;)
      Qui sait?

  12. I love that last photo. Am I the only one who thinks there's a whole story there, told in shoes? Hipster dad, chic wife, precocious daughter, all up to something...

  13. I wish I was there!
    We really haven't warmed up a lot here in RI - plus we don't have those pastries here :)

    1. I'll bet you don't have those pastries...
      Almost nowhere does but here it's on every other corner
      It's torture worse than water boarding
      How not to look and go inside for a closer look?
      Trial by fire everyday

  14. Anonymous11:08 PM

    I feel like I am living vicariously through you during your Parisian adventures.

  15. The sculptures are really strange---I think I will go take a look at them. Love the "fraise" season.

  16. LOVE how you take us with you. The everyday life is so interesting. Thank YOU!


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