Monday, December 24, 2012


 This is the season of gifting...
 I gave myself these red Repettos a while back (they were on sale bien sur!) and I was soooo happy.
 But (it's a big but) these shoes are rain makers. I should have sent them to the Mid West during the drout. I wear these red shoes and $#@!, if it doesn't pour cats and dogs.
 They're in very sorry shape. Sad and decrepid would not be an understatement.
 Looking at old PB posts a bell went off. Why not cover the tired red suede with a black permanent marker?
 Easy peasy if you have lots of time to kill and are a risk taker ahem.
Trouble is, after completing one shoe I didn't much feel like doing the other shoe...
 And wouldn't a nice new fat bow be an improvement like these Jaime Mascaros?
 TA DA! I did it.
Re-gifted/revised Repettos.
They don't look half least from a distance. I even got a compliment in the hair salon. Could this be an improvement?
 I tried to get my 'new' ex-red shoes into the picture but it was no go. The Plaza Hotel's magnificent Christmas tree is cordoned off with a velvet rope.
Meanwhile Bear is enthralled with Bergdorf's poodles.
Dear PBers, I hope you get all the gifts of your hearts desire.
Thanks for coming along for the ride.


  1. Merry Christmas Carol!

  2. I love this ride:)

    The shoes look cute:) You are a shoe artist too.
    Warm warm wishes..Thanks for all the joy you bring!

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    The shoes look great, and you can smile a Mona Lisa smile as you continue to get compliments :)

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the macaroons!

  4. #26Acts has been gift enough for me this Christmas. Have you done any?

  5. So, do I see a new fad storming Paris? Red repettos packaged with a black marker? (in a pretty transparent bag with ribbons). The Plaza is where Eloise lived (& Kay Thompson as well...) Someday I'll be an Eloise Pilgrim, stopping in the lobby. Meanwhile, I'm just about to put on my hiking boots, a little less graceful than ballerina shoes, n'est-ce pas?
    Hope you'll have some moments to relax, after pre-holiday busy-ness, Carol. Bonne fêtes de fin d'annêe (I've been practicing that) or Happy Holidays!

  6. Cher Mme. carnet de croquis errance
    Bonne fêtes de fin d'annêe a toi!

  7. You should never copy me! I left out the "s" on bonnes! But seriously, do have good holiday times. In Polish there is a greeting about "may all your dreams come true in the new year."..(I'll spare us both from writing it in Polish :o)

  8. Lucinda11:48 AM

    Luv the re-newed shoes
    luv all the stories you give us thruout the year
    Mucho Merci!

  9. Super cute and a great idea!! I love it when we can find a way to avoid throwing away stuff we bought. (I'm also one of those people who tries to finish everything off my plate!) :)

    Merry Christmas to you!!!



  10. So very clever. Inspired by YOU, I am treating myself to a pair of red shoes as soon as I find a pair that I like and I will keep a marker on hand for maintenance! Happy happy Holidays to you and Bear!

  11. I'm really enjoying my image of you sitting there colouring your shoes with your fine-point marker! They look great. (Of course, if you lived in Paris, you could just pop over to Repetto and buy new shoes. Just sayin'!)

    Merry Christmas to you and Bear, and best wishes for the new year.

  12. They look adorable, but I hope the weather gods don't recognize them and send rain. Inky toes wouldn't be much fun.

  13. Absolutely brilliant! Love your recycled black & red Repettos! Have a merry Christmas!

  14. I like the opening watercolor, and of course, the red shoes!
    You're quite handy :)
    Have a great Christmas, Carol!

  15. Mabrouk on your "new" Repettos! Merry Christmas! Kull sana wenti taiba!

  16. Soon all the rage: White Ballerina with a box of permanent markers in rainbow colours plus black. Ribbons for bow making included!

    Beautiful water color.

    Merry Christmas,

  17. A bold and brave move with great results! My xmas wish for you is a Repetto and macaron-filled year in Paris xo

  18. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I heart your shoes! I want a pair! I haven't seen them on the Repetto site...but seeing them every time I visit your blog makes me very happy indeed!

  19. jessica caffe11:04 PM

    Carol try to buy a impermeabilisant spray ... i did with all my ballerinas, and thats helps well... of course in NY ull find easyly!!! lovre repettos! And u re a REAL ARTIST!!! Why u can make a ballerina with your owns dessins??? IF U DO i BUY ! =)

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  21. How much time did you have?

    I'll send you some of my shoes...

  22. Genius! I think your black and red shoes do look even better!


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