Monday, December 10, 2012

Musee de la Chasse

 Biff move over!
This weekend I met Buster.
 And it was a coup de foudre/instant love (at least on my part). Buster is a rescue dog and gawd knows what breeds made him, but he is noble and reminds me of hunting dogs of yore...
Surely Buster could have posed for Velasquez.
 His bearing is regal.
 And he looks like he could easily fit into any good French chasse/hunt.
 Have you been to the ever playful Musee de la Chasse et de Nature, a too well kept secret on 26, rue des Archives 75004. Just recently renovated. You can visit free on Wednesday evenings.
 They have a special room as an homage to hunting dogs with a few contemporary pups thrown in. Note the porcelain Westie on the left.
 A cousine of Buster's?
 Of course Buster would never steal shoes like some dogs (Biff has a penchant for shoes and hats ahem).
 Buster, noble lad keeps his natural, organic stick at the ready next to his leopard poof.
 There are dog's poof paintings at the musee. Who knew?
 By the indication of a charming thistle neither dog nor man is welcome to sit down on this dog-embroidered chaise dans le musee.
 You can take all the photos you want at Musee de la Chasse. The guard showed me this witty trompe l'oeil/fool the eye painted mouse lurking in a corner.
 Here's a bit of information author Karen Wheeler, Biff's owner passed on while driving in the countryside. I assumed the gorgeous landscape was due to astute French sense of aesthetics, with its stratigically placed perfect clumps of trees breaking the monotony and making a landscape artist's heart beat faster.
Not at all the case!
The French government pays farmers annually to maintain these green hedgerows so local wildlife (boar, venison etc.) can live here and provide a source of food a table.
If only New Jersey with it's surfeit of deer and bears roaming people's back yards would take heed...Hmmm
The French dog fetching merely a glove/gant on rue du Bac. Looks a bit like darling Buster non? Buster has his own blog,
Svp don't miss charming Musee de la Chasse!
26, rue des Archives 75004


  1. Lucinda11:10 AM

    omg! I don't blame you!
    a very handsome dog indeed
    Must be of royal stock somewhere down the line
    He has that look

  2. Buster has everything a dog needs....especially that laser-like piercing look!
    You might enjoy "Buster's Diaries" the true secret diary of a British dog who got into a spot of bother when he - ummm - killed one of the Queen's swans! The author and owner of Buster is Roy Hattersley. One of the best books ever written by a dog!

  3. My son in laws would love that museum..Love the idea of the government being involved in maintaining such pretty vistas..

  4. That is the cutest thing ever!!! I just opened his blog also - how neat! I am a big dog-lover so absolutely adored this post. :) Thank you!



  5. The mouse just goes to show, someone had a sense of humour!

  6. Aww, you've met my favourite blog-hound - I'm jealous! Just love how you've illustrated Buster's noble lineage through art - what a lovely post.

  7. The mouse, the thistle - this is what would keep my girls interested in going round a museum! Clever. Great idea with the thistle too... must remember that one as our Scottish symbol, hehe.

  8. This is a delight
    Buster is very flattered!!!!!

  9. I'm a cat person but your blog makes me wish my cats would let me get a dog.

  10. Be careful ! Bear will be jealous !

  11. Buster is adorable. Annie gets that look on her my face.. when she wants something and is trying to get me to pay attention to her. I have to go check out Busters blog. Love that the Guard showed you the mouse. He must love his job.

  12. Carol, to know Buster is to love him. He is handsome, cool, and very debonaire. And also, has done some rather wonderful conceptual art.



  13. What a cute Buster boy! Woof.

  14. Beautiful dog & the musee looks great.

  15. Wine Writer2:20 PM

    You have truly gone to the dogs. Love the little mouse

    cheers/ Larry

  16. Buster is beautiful. I just met my son's newest dog, but she's only 5 lbs. Teeny. Sweet thing, and very affectionate...and not a yapper, thank God.

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  18. Jessica Caffe11:00 PM

    =) One of the qualitys from french people are they prefer rescue dogs than buy dogs... My lola Is a rescue dog... now Im a expat with a French dog =) They are so kind and just want a lot of love! =) Buster is sooo cute =) love dogs!!! (and Paris !)

  19. Hello Carol, it's been such a very long time since I've come visiting here...Anyway, I saw mention of you and your meeting of the charming Buster over on Elizabeth's blog and came by. While I have not met Buster in person (yet) I know he's a dog of very noble character, and I enjoyed reading all about him here.

  20. NormaJean3:52 AM

    Buster is gorgeous!!!!
    Wonderful photos!!

  21. chez Lindy3:53 AM

    adorable post

  22. love this post! Buster looks just like my childhood dog, Max, whom I loved dearly. (i quite miss him!)

    We never knew just what mix Max was... he was supposed to be a mix of golden retriever, poodle, and sheltie. Does Buster's owner know what he is? (besides very regal and very cute!) :)

  23. My Dad is a hunter and 3 years ago got a French Brittany spaniel puppy. He took my advice and named her Sophie.

    She could take some lessons from Buster. Sophie is a beautiful dog, but she harbors the devil at times, I do believe...

  24. You always find new and interesting places. Something else that goes on my list. Merry Christmas to you sweet Carol!

  25. I am a big fan of Buster and I enjoyed your post a lot
    lovely photos and wonderful witty narrative

  26. What a beautiful post!
    Love Buster and he is a lovely friend of mine!


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