Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Frederick Wiseman - Crazy Horse

 Crazy Horse, the indie film by Frederick Wiseman will be opening in New York at the Film Forum Jan 18 but I watched the dvd yesterday and was captivated.
Elegant perfect patterns make you forget you're looking at naked bodies in one of the most popular caberet clubs in Paris.
The girls performed in Galeries Lafayette's windows last Christmas for the opening topless and no one blinked an eyelash.
The scenes in Crazy Horse of rehearsals, backstage dressing (down?) are fascinating. They work a grueling schedule (2 shows a night and 3 on Saturdays, 7 days a week) created by the renowned French choreographer Phillippe Decoufle.
For multiples in New York you have to go to Radio City to see the Rockettes kick up a fuss.
Or 42nd street for a brief exhibit from the LION KING. Theatre is dependent on multiples for dramatic effect.
Saturday was the annual Santacon and the city was full of multi-Santas. Tina of Living Coulour shows that London is doing the same thing! Who knew?
Desserts always show off best in repeated patterns - these at Eat-ily on East 23rd street.
I got spotted in the subway by a ladybug collector. I didn't know I was a walking ladybug? Scarf c/o rue Vavin shop (10 euros).
Multiples of kids tooling around on new iPad minis. How I wish I was in their savvy shoes.
Back in Paris in the Crazy Horse movie, Paris scenes full of multiples. Is that what captivates me?
Every table gets Champagne at Crazy Horse. What nice pattern they makes. Will you be toasting with Champers this holiday?
It may be raining cats and dogs but this lone shopper looked very dapper in his yellow sou'wester on 23rd street.
If CRAZY HORSE comes to your neighborhood don't miss it!


  1. Kathryn9:30 AM

    I love this visual feast!
    thank you,
    your Owls Head friend,

  2. WOWZA!
    Somehow they don't even look nude
    another art form altogether though the guys might think otherwise ahem

  3. I really feel that you beautifully capture the essence of all things French !

  4. What a contrast between USA and France! Our local Arboretum caused an immense stir over this statue deemed by many unsuitable for children's eyes.

    1. omg!
      The director Wildman was noting in an interview the HUGE fuss made over the 2-second exposure of Janet Jackson's nipple
      Too funny!

  5. Carol S10:51 AM

    We may have to go to the CRAZY HORSE!

    Ou la la!

  6. I love the Crazy Horse in Paris. :) I know it can be strange for a girl to say it, but it's true! I just think the performance is so beautiful and sensual.

    Btw, I adore your ladybug scarf! I'm going to go hunting for this. :)

    x Milsters


  7. I can't wait to rent that one:) Thanks for the preview!

  8. Americans can be very prudish about some things. Fun post. Love the little dog in the rain slicker!

  9. Cute post! Looks like you're keeping busy watching DVD's! Ouh làlà!


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