Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Foucher Chocolat

 If you pop into La Bon Marche or Le Grand Epicerie just around the corner is the inimitable Foucher Chocolat, 134, rue du Bac 75007.
 Founded in 1819, fortunately not a lot has changed and that's why I love it.
 The graphics and type fonts are all charmingly period.

 As is the founders picture, Nicolas Aubin Foucher looking decidedly like...

 Marcel Proust. Or did everyone have their picture taken in this pose.

 But what's inside Fouchers chocolate boxes is what counts.
And tablettes/choc bars. 
 Pralines are the specialty of the house from early days.
 Traditional French candies are all present:ganaches, pralinés, truffes, caramels, pâtes de fruits, pâtes d’amande, nougats, macarons.
 And dragee of course.
 Plus the well loved sucette or lolly pop. I'm still trying to figure out the popularity of that one.
 In the back of the shop an intimate salon de the.
Tea leaves is traditional in French chocolate shops as are macarons.
Bonjour Foucher Paris


  1. What an utterly charming shop, Carol. Makes me miss Paris even more! xo

  2. Oh my gosh that looks absolutely delish! I've never been there, but I will definitely make a stopover after this post. Mmmm you've also now got me craving chocolate at 8am in the morning :)

    x Milsters


  3. The colors of the place draw me in. I love those boxes with the pictures on them. Is there Chocolate in side them or is that something else? Love them what ever they are. You are always finding something fun to share.

    1. The old fashioned drawings are on all the candy boxes and chocolate bars.
      On that place

  4. You must be tempted by so many emaballages when in Paris:-)

    1. Hahahahah
      It's what's inside the 'emballages' that's tempting Monique

  5. Lucinda4:05 PM

    Love the period graphics
    What a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds
    What did you eat?

  6. Everything looks delectable
    I would like to be a kid in that French candy store!

  7. Such a expert in French pastries and French customs…
    We read your blog everyday and it brings a little Parisian breeze in our office everyday

  8. Why do I see a balloon over Proust's head with madeleines dancing in it...?

  9. Great little store, I wish there was something like that here!
    I love the chocolates on display.....

  10. Love the storefront!!! And the graphics! Imagine an American product of the same age surviving without one or more major "facelifts"!

  11. Oh I love Fouchers!

  12. You have to admit that the extortionate prices in that store are justified with such surroundings.

  13. Oh my goodness, so many amazing places to try. We're only staying for a month next time- how on earth will I fit them all in? How on earth will I fit into my clothes when I've finished? Happily we'll be staying near Le Bon Marche, so this should be conveniently nearby.


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