Friday, December 28, 2012

1st Day Impressions

 Carol is in Paris...
 Yes I am
 Voila on rue Royale
 As usual/comme d'habitude obsessed with boxes and ribbons in pink natch
 Pink roses on Printemps' trees
 Pink, yellow, blue new perfumes from Guerlain - Les Parisiennes
 Proof positive I'm in Paris - I ate a paille framboise and made a mess down my front. miam
 I looked. Didn't taste. Not after that paille thing!
Bonne nuit Paris and PBers!


  1. It's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful
    good luck cher Caro, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful!

  2. Yay! Love the selfie on the red ornament!

  3. I guess we're all waiting to know what you'll be sharing with us now you're back in Paris again so soon. Looking forward to seeing some more of Paris through your eyes.

  4. I will sit here and wish I were there, wiping crumbs off my face after a paille framboise !
    besitos, C

  5. I'm sooooo excited for you and Bear! And I'm looking forward to living vicariously through you in your adventures in Paris.

  6. Enjoy it all.. Happy for you. Look forward to hearing more about it all.

  7. Love the Carol..and AM here..
    It will be so much fun to see everything that grabs your eye..and palate...and plate..and bag.. and bow.

  8. Carol is in Paris and Paris is in Carol. Enjoy!!!!!

  9. You can take Carol out of Paris, but you can't take Paris out of Carol....

  10. Cristina Speluzzi9:00 PM

    Hi Carol!! this is Cristina, from Buenos Aires. How good you are back in Paris and how I wish I was there, having coffee with you and Bear. Look what I found looking at the site of a wonderful boulangerie we have in our neighbourhood...
    Well carol & Bear, have a fantastic 2013 full of plans and travels!!!

  11. Suzanne1:24 AM

    Salut Carol~
    which arrondissement did you choose???
    your move is so exciting to me
    By May, you will be a true Parisienne.

  12. LuLu Loulu1:47 AM

    Carol, So happy you are in Paris!

  13. Carol, so happy for you. I am very jealous as I try to figure out how to get back.
    Take care,

  14. Such a great time of year to be there. Your joy shines through.


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