Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I ate today in Paris

 Yesterday's record of what I ate.
 First stop - marche President Wilson near Metro Ilena.
 Why can't I leave the house before 11:30? Lunch time.
 I've had this before. A kind of pita with thyme + sesame seeds. On top brochette of poulet + taboule + hummos = Miam
 Then heated and rolled up like a buche de noel or jelly roll.
The dog of the day.
 Nearby a stop into the Palais de Tokyo
 The observers look like sculptures.
 Further on a bit - musee Guimet with a special exhibit on tea.
 At the end a sniffing display somewhat like The Art of Scent.
 On Champs-Elysees a Christmas marche is still going on.
 Time for a warming cup of chocolat chaud. Not Le Meurice but still good.
 Bus 42 to rue de Rivoli for a fast stop into the Apple store - this has become a daily habit.
 Browsing on Rivoli a look through the window at Angelina - just a look. Too crowded to go in.
 But not to crowded to stop inside Fromagerie Laurent Dubois.

 A petite piece de Roquefort - bleu de Laqueville for dinner.
Bleu + apple cider + grainy bread = heaven.
That was my day yesterday.Let me know if you want more daily reports?
Bonne Journee!


  1. Bon jour, Carol!
    I hope the sun rose in suchbeautiful pinks over your fair Paris as it did here in Vienna!
    Never having been to Paris, your daily meanderings are like a mini-vacation for me. I thoroughly enjoy following up on your adventures, sweet and all.
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday in Paris,

  2. please post more of your daily reports, look forward to sharing it every day!

  3. Cooooool you're in town!! And I'm in town too!! But off to the Alps today. Are you still around on the 3rd of Jan? Would love to meet up if yes!

    x Milsters


  4. Mais bien sür! Même si tes rapports me font mourir de faim!

  5. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Yes, please give us more daily reports, they are always interesting and beautiful and informative so always room for more ....

    So 'yes' from me (in Australia).

    Love the way the cheese is wrapped. x

  6. That's a yes from me too! Wish I was there to join in the eating and gallery adventures xxx

  7. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Love your sketching record of what you bought. Yes to more daily reports from me - in Canada.

  8. .. oh yes, keep them coming ... Happy New Year

    Karen in CT

  9. Are you trying to make me quite green and wild with envy?
    Buster and I wish you a most wonderful 2013.Maybe we will even get to Paris. You never know!

  10. Your journal du jour is so cute..

    What a great idea..
    Well I just had Fiber First mixed with yogurt and ground flax seed.Green tea..and Oj..
    Not as poetic at all.:)

  11. Carol, daily reports would be wonderful! I loved your sketchbook reporting. The tea exhibit looks very interesting, and your other photographs continue to show the wonder that is Paris.

    Merci! xo

  12. Love the daily reports, it's like being there in person! Thank you!

    Flora Doora

  13. Yes! Love the daily reports!

  14. Oui oui et oui! Please give daily reports. Where are you staying? For how long this time? What made you take the leap? Inquiring (jealous) minds want to know!!
    Bon dimanche!!

    1. I like Free Paris
      The offline version is $3 I think but with it

  15. Definitely love the daily reports! And I think everyone is waiting anxiously to hear the full details about the length of this stay.....

  16. Daily? I want them by the hour, Hahahaha! No, this is great, truly, & of course, I love the little picto-record.

  17. Yes, yes, yes! I love your daily reports from Paris!! Thanks for sharing. Riki

  18. LOVE your reports du jour, Carol!! Please keep them coming so we may be inspired to do the same!


  19. This daily report is one of my favs!! Please keep them coming!

  20. Anonymous12:25 PM

    y-e-s!!!! Your daily reports are fabulous !!!
    I LOVE them. They make my whole day and give me tons of ideas of places to visit when I finally get back to Paris. I really love your Blog! Merci! have fun! fan from rural Oregon

  21. More daily reports? Oh, yes, please!!

  22. Love the daily purchase journal you sketched, great idea!

  23. Love the daily reports! I am over here toggling back and forth between your strolls and a map of Paris tracking all your stops! It's like I'm there! And learning my way around Paris too. At least vicariously through you! Thank you!

  24. Re-bonjour!
    A friend told me about this app and I downloaded it onto my iPad. I've played around with it and really like it. Maybe it will be helpful?

  25. What a day! Do you always keep track in your journal?
    Thank you for the Dog of the Day...I bumped into quite a few at the pet food store today (don't ask).

  26. Oui! More daily reports sil vous plait!
    That's all the French I know.

  27. Yes please, daily reports! Wish I was there....

  28. I'm in for the daily reports :)

  29. Yes, you have a voluntary captive audience!
    Your Winter in Paris sounds great!

  30. Bien sur!!!
    I love the daily living stuff....You are staying in the general area where we will be in May....the 'sniffing exhibit' looked interesting...and the Christmas marche...I've always wanted to see Paris during the holidays.

    Those euros add up don't they!
    ~a demain

  31. Jen in CT10:45 PM

    Yes - the daily reports would be a great way to forget about all the snow here in the Northeast. More please!

  32. Wow! You're in Paris.... Welcome, bienvenue....willkommen:)

    No doubt 2013 will be a fun and 'yummy' year for you and bear!
    Happy New Year Carol, I'm very happy for you xx

  33. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Chere Carol, I really enjoy PB each day if you have the stamina for it. I am reading La Seduction and getting such a kick out of it, especially after one visit only to Paris one year ago. What the book is describing matches with my experience in such an entertaining way. I really enjoy the art you share and book recommendations and travelogues. Delightful! Thank you for all the effort you put into this blog!

    Happy New Year!

    PS How do you say happy new year in French?

  34. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Yes, Please keep sending the daily reports!!!! I love, love, love them! This one, with the photo of your sketchbook and the coordinating photos of the actual places/objects was one of my favorites. Your blog in my e-mailbox makes my day! :-)

  35. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Dear Carol,
    Love the daily reports! Love your blog so much! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing Paris to us. We were in Paris and November and saw the Printemps Christmas tree with its pink roses. Now to see it here is magical and keeps Paris close. Greetings to dearest Bear, and a wonderful new year to you both!
    Merci merci merci!
    Patricia and Eric in Minneapolis

  36. Love your daily reports -- they give us the old You Are There experience. But I also love the processing reports, when you convert your sensory intake to art -- art is long, they say, takes I like both the fast and the slow information you give.

    Have a wonderful Eve -- to you and Bear, many adventures and mucho art!

  37. So funny..they were showing pre-NYE reports on the news re Paris..and I thought:"My friend is there"~Ahh..blogging..:)

  38. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Oui! I want more daily reports please. I am living vicariously through you especially with a knee injury which is keeping me house bound. Thanks for all your time on your wonderful blog.
    Merci beaucoup!
    Margo H

  39. Elaine6:05 AM

    Absolutely we want more.

  40. Elissa6:07 AM

    Every morning I check your blog. I enjoy it so much your photos, sense of humor and your wonderful way of bringing Paris into my home. I hope to be in Paris this fall. It will be my third time. As I am an avid knitter, I like to stop at a place called la droguerie across from St. Eustache on rue du Jour and behind Les Halles. Very nice people own the place and dye their own yarns. I also stop at Bon Marche as they have a huge selection too. Last time I went I took the book, True Pleasures: a memoir of Women in Paris by Lucinda Holdforth.
    Are you familiar ?
    Thank you so much for keeping Paris alive for me until my next trip.
    Happy Holidays,

  41. Yes, love your daily blog posts.
    And your paintings.
    Thank you for bringing a bit of Paris to us all.

  42. Your daily reports are fabulous- keep them coming- we have to live vicariously you know! Your mezze sandwich looks fabulous. And that blue! Fromagerie Laurent Dubois now in the plan too.

  43. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Oh! I spied a Westie in one of your photos, the dog of the day. Have you ever done a watercolor of a Westie? I have one and love him so much. Almost every day I ask him, "Tito, do you want to go to
    Paris." He always says "oui!"


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