Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Collants

 Tights(collant) are big in France.
 Particularly patterned tights - in a book how to be more French for Frenchies.
 Wear Botticelli on your ankle..why not?
 Or cupids?
 The constitution on 'collant ancien'?
 Pawprints? Of course.
 Dotty socks
 To wear with dotty shoes by Louboutin
 Bunnies for bebe. Everyone gets to wear patterned socks in France.
 Today I got an email for DIY shoes and clothing, but no DIY tights.
 Still I would like to wear cerise(cherry) tights and Vichy checks too.
 Macaron collants (tights)? A must do!
No time to whip up your own tights 1-2-3? Just follow Lanvin's example and Elmer glue a few black bows on your legs. Parfait!


  1. Love te bows on the red sofa too!
    Crazy socks in France

  2. There's so many to choose from. I tend to stick to black, but I thought of you when I was in Gallerie Lafayette, I saw some purple ones on a model, so just for fun I bought some, & my lovely grandson told me I looked cool for a 'Meme'.

  3. Like a flashback..I wore patterned collants:-)
    I have worn collants all my life kilts as a small girl..then with my tunics..then with hot pants..yes I wore those..and minis and maxis..never a nylon these Carol..

  4. I am the proud owner of a dynamite pair of tights with big black dots! They will debut this weekend at a holiday party! Thanks to your diligent reportage, I will now enter the room feeling oh-so-chic!

  5. Cute! Lacey black tights worn with a black sweater dress and black boots is as daring as I get when it comes to patterned legwear.

    Chicken, I know.

  6. That opening shot got my attention :)
    I like this fashion trend!

  7. Wow - macaron tights? Now that IS mad! You certainly have the eye to spot these things out, Carol!

  8. Spotty tights ....would I be that brave? or Macarons on my legs ... I'd rather be eating them.

  9. A fun post. I love macarons but not sure I'm brave enough for the macarons tights!

  10. Sissypétrovna6:08 PM

    Nice shop I agree, but new in France ; it comes from Italy.

  11. Laura G5:15 PM

    I love your blog
    it feeds my Paris addiction!

  12. Lollipop7:47 AM

    Have a wonderful celebration for Christmas

  13. Love the pawprint and, of course, the polka dotty ones:) Terrific pics from Paris - thanks! Love your take on the everyday shops/people. So inspiring.

  14. jessica caffe11:16 PM

    Carol take a look at the site they are doing a ties boxes !!! =) love this site, a lot of tips from Paris ! im sure u already know ... but if not take a look! I cant wait all months to open my letterbox to see what my box will have to me =)
    bisous jessica


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