Monday, December 03, 2012

New York Glitz 2

 We're still putting up our lights in New York unlike Paris...

 Maybe we're not as glitzy as Paris...

 But we try hard like this huge tinsel tree inside Bendels.

 Bergdorfs windows along 57th street full of...

 Glitzy dolls

 Diamonded up

 To the nines

 A guy and his doll

 Reflecting in Bergdorfs window that FAB Bulgari diamond cobra.

The 57th street star against the towers of power...

 Harry Winston is just a spit away

 Tiffanys is flashing comme d'habitude

 Speaking of flashes, take the pic and move on. We all want a peek at Van Cleef diamonds.

 What the New York dog is wearing

And the New York tourist on 57th Street.
Y'all come!


  1. Christmas in New York is special, indeed! xxx

  2. New York wonderland!
    Paris vs. New York
    Who cares? I'll take both.

  3. Lucinda10:56 AM

    Love those giant glam dolls at Bergdorfs!!
    so New Yorkaise

  4. I'm happy to feel again this special atmosphere... I'm sure in New York, Xmas lights are far more impressive than in Paris

  5. Tonight it'll be 60 degrees in New York, perfect strolling weather. I MUST get into Manhattan to see the glitz.

  6. French Girl in Seattle just showed us French pretties in NYC..and now all this.
    I think NYC suits you so well too:-)

  7. NY not as glitzy as Paris??? Say it ain't so!
    Surely Tiffany's is not flashing the Flashdancer's Gentlemen's Club on the taxi sign? How holly-golightly!

    1. Merci Sharpeyes!
      Only you spotted that :)

  8. Love the photos, Carol! The lights are great and the window displays, too.
    The last shot is a hoot :)

  9. Would love to check out the NYC Christmas displays one of these years. Skating at Rockefeller Center is on my bucket list!

    1. I have yet to skate on any NYC rink like Central Park or Bryant Park uch less Rock Center!
      Maybe some day I'll get up the courage to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower..

  10. Carol, those brilliant lights really start dancing after sundown! There really is a lot of glittering going on.

    On a totally different topic...hoping you've seen Lauren Collins' article about Apollonia Poilane in the Dec. 3 issue of The New Yorker.


  11. The city I live in just had a big donation to decorate a local park with holiday lights. It's really...bright.

    I much prefer New York and Paris decor!

  12. This is the email post I got in today's mail--I seem to always get them a day later or something. Wonder why--then I got here and saw the angels one, too. NY has the best holiday windows. always has...

  13. And we're not as glitzy as NY or Paris or Boston. So it's fun to see NYC through your eyes. Do you know the Eloise books & Kay Thompson's Eloise at Christmastime? In fact, I'm willing to bet you've met Hilary Knight. He's one of my favorite illustrators & through Eloise I also vicariously enjoy NYC. Merci.

  14. Well, glitzy in NYC but London is doing well this year on that front. Still love your storytelling as always x

    1. Everyone is on the glitz wagon these days
      New York doesn't own glitz anymore...

  15. Must be fun to be in NYC at this time of year. 'Just a spit away'? Och, love it!


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