Friday, December 07, 2012

Paris Regions

 Last night, thanks to reader Noelle Newell, I went to a program at the French Consulate
 On the latest fashion and home design trends determined by Paris Regions and based on research done by French company NellyRodi, advisers to big trade show organizations like Who's Next Paris, Objet et Maison.
 The setting was very grand and traditional

 Yet the presentation was lively and prescient - what's to come? what do people want? where are we looking? Storytelling, sense, fun, new cool and connectivity are the essential trends of the future.
 Ultimately we got a guide where to find the newest most fun in Paris
 At least I'm a huge fan of the musee des Arts Decoratifs and you've looked at chou at the Oriental Mandarin, so I'm not completely out of the what's-hot loop...
 I've taken you lots of times to MERCI but there are many others I haven't. This must be redressed!
 Colette you've visited inside and out but not Hotel Amour, Palais de Tokyo or Wonderlust...
 So much to do to keep you up on Paris' latest.

 Post-presentation we soireed
 On mini fusion bites like the much loved burger by the French.
 Wearing my macaron T-shirt I got a heads up from the wait staff not to leave before the macarons came out. They were worth the wait and fulfilled my need for storytelling, fun, sense and connectivity.
 Of course one must note what everyone is wearing...
 All I could think was 50 shades of buckles...
 50 shades of chain...
 Ahh...Minnie Mouse red suede shoes. Perfection
Waltzing down Madison Ave post event, there in Barney's windows Minnie Mouse dreaming of fun in Paris...
It's contagious isn't it?


  1. You do get about!
    Thanks for all the hot Paris tips!!

  2. 50 shades of really......too funny.

  3. Fantastic wait staff!! So now, when I go to Paris, I have to catch up on all that's history and try to be au courant, too!

    1. The wait staff was fantastic!
      Future Calvin Klein models-to-be?
      French too..

  4. How fun!
    Really enjoyed the video too.

  5. Oh, so many new places to see! When are "we" going back to Paris? Soon, svp?

  6. First, I have to say that when I read yesterday's post I laughed out loud -- and I was all by myself. Too fun!

    Second: Haven't humans been story-telling since we sat, shoulder to shoulder for warmth and companionship, around the Neanderthal campfire and grunted to each other about the strange goings-on with the Cro Magnon neighbors? Because story-telling is fun, and it's connectivity, and those who could tell a good story were ultra-cool...just goes to show you: everything old is new again.

    Carol, you are fun and can tell a story and you're way cool and you communicate the five senses with every "Paris" "breakfast". You trendsetter, you.

    1. Oh well you know how it is
      "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose"
      or something like that.

  7. Looks like a good people-watching event.
    I like your shots of the fashions but my favorite thing is the last shot, Minnie Mouse in the red shoes :)

  8. That was a surprising ending to a fun story, Carol! :-9
    Who'd have thunk Minnie Mouse was up to date on Paris Fashion? ;-)

  9. Lucinda6:01 AM

    So much more to see and do in Paris!
    Love the idea of mixing up fun and playfulness with the romance and history
    Bonne idee!

  10. Miranda6:05 AM

    I hope Minnie gets her dream come true trip to Paris.
    Useful information indeed!
    Barney's + Disney
    Quelle combo!

  11. Yikes those Spikes! You are SO in the loop, the périphérique of Paris, of course!

    1. Perhaps being inside the périphérique could mean something different than I thought..... What I thought: Inside the périphérique, = inside the actual city of Paris...and that, is a wonderful thing. But perhaps it is not the périphérique that surrounds Paris on the above map? Oh, the difficulties of not fully knowing other cultures & geographies!

  12. Mini mouse has more sense wearing comfy red low heel shoes, than all those with spiky high heel boots & shoes. Hope someone swept her off her feet & took her to Gay Paris. Love your humour.

  13. I must bookmark this post so I can consult your maps when I visit Paris in March! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Ahhh, those macarons... x Katie

    1. oui! so many places I haven't heard of
      Who knew?

  14. Je t'aime votre Blog Paris Breakfasts so so wonderful!

  15. Noelle3:27 PM

    Yes, you work the shoes on these ladies! Now, I know why they wear these eccentric shoes it get them attention.

  16. Hilarious, Carol. I can see that after you've had a macaron or two the shoe-watching starts up. That Minnie shot is fun. Thanks for the giggle; made me think I should really see a bit more of the Mandarin Oriental in Paris than just the loos!


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